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Baldwin Bro Busted


11/8/2006 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the Baldwin brothers has had a lot of bad luck when it comes to cops and alleged drug use.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Daniel Baldwin was arrested Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif., after allegedly stealing a car.

We're told the owner of the car called OnStar, reporting the car stolen, and a rep from OnStar in turn called the Santa Monica P.D. to report the theft. Cops found the car at a local motel and saw Baldwin getting inside the vehicle.

We're told a disheveled Baldwin was taken into custody for grand theft auto. Officers conducted a search of the motel room where Baldwin was staying and allegedly found narcotics and paraphernalia. Baldwin was also booked on charges of possessing illegal drugs.

Baldwin, the brother of "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin, was booked at the Santa Monica jail and held on $20,000 bail.

Cops tell TMZ that the car in question, a 2003 GMC Yukon, was stolen in Orange County. The Santa Monica P.D. transferred Baldwin to the Orange County Sheriffs Department, where he was booked on grand theft auto charges.

This is the second time Baldwin has been busted in Santa Monica for drugs. Last April, Baldwin was arrested at another Santa Monica hotel after a woman called the cops claiming she had been threatened there. Cops claim when they arrived, they found cocaine on Baldwin. That case is pending.


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This saddens me. I hate to see anyone down, even Paris ;)

Hope he finds peace and help.

2905 days ago


ITMZ Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2905 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

Okay, which brother is this one? He's not the Jesus Freak, and he's not the "working" actor, Hmmm...must just be another loser like the rest of us.

2905 days ago


What in the hell is up with these Baldwin brothers lately? This is the second felony arrest for Daniel, grand theft auto for stealing some lousy GMC Yukon for Christ's sake, at least it should have been a Bentley! Lay off the crack pipe Dude! Stephen Baldwin has recently turned himself into some cilt-like religious Jesus freak or whatever and Alec continues to be embroiled in an ongoing ugly legal battle with former wife Kim Basinger over her refusal to allow him court-ordered visitation with their daughter...

2905 days ago


This poor Baldwin brother will wind up DEAD, just like the Penn brother--unless, he gets help for his addiction.

2905 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Say Leonard, wouldn't you agree that the Baldwins are just plain ghetto, I mean with all that money he catches a felony over an '03 Yukon, he could at least have tried for something nice right? Look forward to hearing from you, bud!

2905 days ago

Jan M Hayes    

All the Baldwin boys are individuals...Why is it, one does something wrong, the media ALWAYS incorporates the rest...I do not believe they are all bad. I do believe that Kim B. has a screw loose...She has always acted irradically...A caring father deserves to see his child...I am a mother and regardless of the parents problems...The child needs to know and bond with both parents.,..When old enough he/she will make up their own mind as to what the story is....Daniel may need a few months in jail to get clean and SMART...

2905 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

A real turd, like his brothers Alex and Stephen.

2905 days ago


Where's William?

2905 days ago


I agree--Jail Time is a MUST for this Baldwin Brother. These guys all have at least one thing in common--STUBBORNESS.

2905 days ago


Hey White girl: It's good to finally hear from you again here - I thought that maybe you had bailed on me! I really miss your 'authoritative' comments. Let's see, no I don't believe it would actually make much of a difference to Daniel Baldwin at this point whether or not he stole a crummy '03 Yukon or an '06 Bentley Continental GT, but since his is facing multiple felony charges anyway, and will ultimately end up pleading to at least one felony (if he's even that lucky considering the previous pending charge for possession of a controlled substance) he should at least "go down in style", don't ya think? Maybe you should consider giving him a call since he will be needing a defense attorney pretty quick like and you could offer up your services, maybe even take the case pro bono to help boost your fledgling legal career...

2905 days ago

beth c    

Hey #7..what makes you think we need you to outine his career..I can google as well as the next person. None of his acting gigs means jack if he can't stay clean enough to stay out of a jail cell. As for lumping the brothers together, they have done that to themselves by each having a bizarre personal issue that gets played in the press. I imagine life with Alec Baldwin would rattle anyone's marbles. Daniel has all the potential to be a great actor and a possible star but he has futzed up from the word go when he was unreliable and manic on the set of Homocide.....I'd like to know more about the parents of these train wrecks.

2905 days ago


Stephen Balwin is a very special person. He has been down a road that no longer impressed him. He has rose above the Hollywood lie that us empty, vile, and reprehensible. And therefore, he decided to change his life. And, the lives around him. He is a testiment to virture. His inspiration and example has been a blessing to many. I'm sure he will make himself available to his brother in need. For those of you who call Stephen a Jesus Freak, thank you. He is, and proud of it.
He is also a success, kind, loving & forgiving person. He truly is enriched and empowered. But Stephen can't "save" his brothers.

2905 days ago


#6 Don't forget Bobby Baldwin

2905 days ago


CRACK IS WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2905 days ago
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