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Britney/K-Fed Divorce -- Nasty Turn

11/8/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Kevin Federline may fight Britney Spears for custody of his children. Federline has not had much time to react to Spears' decision to end the marriage, and that's because she didn't tell him in advance that she was filing for divorce. Federline was caught flatfooted when TMZ broke the story Tuesday that Britney filed legal papers in L.A. County Superior Court.

Spears has asked for sole custody of the couple's two small children. TMZ is told Federline is thinking of challenging that, even though Spears has functioned as the primary,Brit and Kevin: Click to launch if not sole parent, as Federline tours the country hawking his CD.

Federline almost certainly cannot challenge the prenup. Sources say hotshot divorce lawyer Laura Wasser drafted an air-tight prenuptial agreement before the couple married. So Federline's only chance of cashing in is by mounting an ugly custody fight, trying to force a more lucrative settlement. But friends of Spears say Britney will fight a holy war to prevent Federline from getting custody and, given his track record -- or lack of it -- with the kids, it would appear Spears has the clear advantage.


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Puh der Baer    

I'll bet he's just as good of a "father" as he is a "rapper".

2906 days ago


I'll bet he couldn't even tell you all 4 kids' birthdays.

2906 days ago


To Post #1-FrogLevel ('Sup!)

Love the sarcasm. By the way, did any of these news announcement say K-FAG retained an attorney? Should he even bother? Heh, heh, heh, HA!

2906 days ago


why is everyone only naming him a loser?she is just as bigg a loser than he is. why would she marry someone who was involved with a baby on the way? i cant wait and see when karma kicks in for the both of them

2906 days ago


#6 is right -- Does this mean he also wants custody of his first 2 kids? ... Oh. wait; no ... Shar isn't rich like Britney ... There's nothing in it for Vanilla Fed ...

2906 days ago


Yeah, Lulu,he needs to go smoke another doobie and start looking under "Attorneys" in the yellow pages. He won't win and he won't have the money to pay for a long-term court battle.

2906 days ago


To #12-FrogLevel----
I'm LAUGHING SO HARD AT THAT COMMENT!!! I can picture all of it:

K-Fag stumbling around in a MOTEL room looking for the phone book, trying figure out how to SPELL attorney, not knowing what time it is or what day it is, and just spliffing away and ooopps, realizes that DAYUMM my sweet world has come to an end!!! SH*T!!

2906 days ago


I LOVE this!! Especially how Kevin released an album talking about being in a "whole new tax bracket"..... whatever will he rap about now?

I hope the prenup included him not being able to write a tell all, like JLO's first husband.

2906 days ago

Kyle & Missy    

Please, IF he does decide to take this action ITS ONLY FOR MONEY...He knows, no court in hell is going to give that fvcknut custody of them cute kids...He is only doing it to milk Britney and her $300million fortune, because he knows she loves them kids to death and will do anything for them, including paying Kevin money to drop his case and crawl back under the rock she found him under...ITS all about getting the maximum amount of money he can and he is going to use the children to do that, and thats SAD! Good ridence Kevin, Britney is/has/will always be to good for you, and now your true colors are about to be seen, and they're even uglier than your face man.

2906 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

you know K-fed is working on rapping out his side of the divorce, which will be on sale at the dollar store! HHAHAHAHA HEEHAW JACKASS!

2906 days ago


He'll be lucky to HAVE a motel room after he piffles way all his settlement on attorneys to help HIM win custody of 2 SMALL CHILDREN. (LIke that's EVER going to happen. ROFLMAO.) Lawyers are gonna get paid -- and after the money's gone, so are they. A word to the wise is sufficient, Vanilla Fed. Shut up and take the money and don't make waves -- you wanna go back to 'back-up dancing' or whatever you called it?

2906 days ago


No judge would ever give him custody. He couldn't even take care of the kids he had before he met Britney!! Please.

2906 days ago


BuhBye Fed-Ex. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, you fucktard.

2906 days ago


He's the father and has as much right to see his children as Britney. If there is any evidence that he is just after Britney's money let's see it first before coming to any conclusion.

2906 days ago


To Post #18-FrogLevel,
Good advice to K-loser: Take whatever amt of $$$ that's offered, shut up, disappear, and don't make waves.

And to post #17-Little asian girl,
LOL about the fate of K-FAG's CD going straight to the $.99 Stores or the Dollar Tree Stores!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He is a Jackass!

2906 days ago
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