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Britney/K-Fed Divorce -- Nasty Turn

11/8/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Kevin Federline may fight Britney Spears for custody of his children. Federline has not had much time to react to Spears' decision to end the marriage, and that's because she didn't tell him in advance that she was filing for divorce. Federline was caught flatfooted when TMZ broke the story Tuesday that Britney filed legal papers in L.A. County Superior Court.

Spears has asked for sole custody of the couple's two small children. TMZ is told Federline is thinking of challenging that, even though Spears has functioned as the primary,Brit and Kevin: Click to launch if not sole parent, as Federline tours the country hawking his CD.

Federline almost certainly cannot challenge the prenup. Sources say hotshot divorce lawyer Laura Wasser drafted an air-tight prenuptial agreement before the couple married. So Federline's only chance of cashing in is by mounting an ugly custody fight, trying to force a more lucrative settlement. But friends of Spears say Britney will fight a holy war to prevent Federline from getting custody and, given his track record -- or lack of it -- with the kids, it would appear Spears has the clear advantage.


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I personally think that they are both losers and that they both need to grow up.Britney knew what she was doing when she married him...she knew what she was doing when she spread her legs for him and he knew what he was doing the whole time.In a way...I hope he gets something out of it,and maybe she will learn that marriage isnt just for the camaras.

2885 days ago


Good Luck, Brit. I'm glad you're dumping him. Be tough for yourself and your baby boys. You're doing the right thing for them.

2885 days ago


K-Fed is only "fighting" her for custody to save face. My ex did the same thing. I won and he hasn't seen the kids (by his own choice) in over a year.

2885 days ago

Rob Hunnicutt    

Thats what that dumb B*tch gets for marrying him,like she wasnt told a million times...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2885 days ago


Now the lil wigger can go back to his OTHER baby-mama. I'm just surprised it took this long. Can we all say White Trash?

2885 days ago


Lets face it, Brit is in love with the idea of marriage, she's starting one hell of a track record in the love deptment!

2885 days ago


It's bout time, Brit!!! You are a lovely young mom, and a talented young woman, and we all know your come-back will be grander than ever, with your life experience as a mom under your belt. Walk away from the loser, and know that EVERYONE makes mistakes. You'll be better, brighter and wiser from here on out! Looking forward to hearing from the new-and-improved MS. Spears!

2885 days ago


Don't forget that Brit is no saint. All the bad stuff that has happened was her karma coming back and biting her in the butt for luring him away from a women that was pregnant. That said I am so happy she has finally seen him for the scum he really seems to be. I think her life is going to improve in alot of different ways now.

2885 days ago


I bet Shar is having a good laugh! She deserves to! Kev is finally getting what he deserves....the curb! He's such a joke,no mater how much $ he gets according to the prenupt...he'll go through it like water. I hope whatever Britt sets up for her kids is iron clad too...he's just the type of slime that would live off his kids money too! Hey Kev, I hear Burger King is hiring!

2885 days ago


Who is going to get the TRAILER??

2885 days ago


Britney--you made your bed when you screwed someone who had a pregnant girlfriend and another baby already! People tell you who they are, girlfriend! Why didn't you LISTEN when you saw the way he treated Shar? Because you are a self-absorbed narcissist who is now going to get to see what guys want to date her with 2 babies at home. Guess what? Your field of available men isn't going to be what it was before you made this huge mistake and joke of a marriage to the countrys biggest, and most obvious l-o-s-e-r.

2885 days ago


you reap what you sow.She should of known it comes back harder when it comes back around

2885 days ago


He is under some serious recreational drugs! He never took care of those kids. He would be such a bad influence on them. All those kids would learn from him is how to get by in life with someone elses expense. He makes me soooo mad I want to bitch slap him, seriously. He reminds me of my loser ex-husband musician wanna be. Haaaaaaaaaaa! I hope he gets his! "He" meaning my ex and k-Fed! Haha!

2885 days ago


Stupid ass!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! She is going to PAY OUT OF HER DUMB ASS!!!!!!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Kev hit the lottery~

2885 days ago


Everybody wants to down Kevin, BUT...Britney's the one that WANTED ALL THIS!
She knew DAMN WELL he had a girlfriend that was preggers!!! Com'on, it's ALL A JOKE REALLY...You can actually TWIST IT AROUND and say BRITNEY USED KEVIN! LOLOL Just look at Flav Of Love's DEELISHIS, She wants Flav AND FLAV'S Got another Girlfriend PREGGERS!!!!! I'm Afraid To Say THIS HAPPENS ALOT OUT THERE IN THIS WORLD! STOP pretending that BRITNEY'S an innocent VIRGIN already! YES, she has more $$$ for Nannys! :)

2885 days ago
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