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K-Fed Battles Britney for Custody

11/8/2006 9:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline has responded to his estranged wife's divorce petition.

Federline is asking for legal and physical custody of the couple's children. Sources tell TMZ that Federline will fight Spears on the custody issue. In the response, obtained by TMZ, Federline is asking the judge to award Spears visitation.

Federline is also asking the court to award him spousal support.

KFed court doc

Federline's lawyer, Mark Kaplan, filed the response Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In her petition, Spears asked for sole physical and legal custody of the kids.


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Wow! I started feeling a little sorry for him, but not anymore!! What an ass he is! He is f-ing nothing and he never was!! He should pay BRITNEY for making his name known! LOSER, that's what he is..

2884 days ago


fed-ex anyone?

2884 days ago


There was no prenup. This guy has finally got what he conned her into marrying him for. Too bad it took down her reputation to a new low being married to him.

2884 days ago


Spousal support? What a little bitch! He is no longer welcome at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas! They only gave him a free ride because of Britney! Now he is just another paying guest! HA! HA!

2884 days ago


What a waste of air and skin. He'll never get custody.
He just wants to be taken care of the rest of his loser life.
Nice choice Brit. You dumped Timberlake for this??????

2884 days ago


umm so wait? k-fed wants legal custody? wth is he smoking?

he's angry and this is what he comes up w/ lol. oh k-fed, what will we do with you.

2884 days ago


I f*cking hate this guy...Its pretty sad he is using his children to maximize his payday...WHAT A F*CKING LOSER. KEVIN I don't hate anyone but well I HATE YOU :bow:

2884 days ago


What makes that piece of sh*t think he should EVER raise a child. All he is good for is leaving his sperm all over Hollywood and 4 kids at this age. Two I bet, his oldest, that he does not even support.

Does the fool think kids can raise themselves in bars?

Let's face it, he is just pissed because his meal ticket is all punched up and he night actually have to get a job. He may have to look the word up in a dictionary though.

And the sad part is that it is not only his fault the way he is. Britney took him away from a woman who was yes, pregnant with his second child. Britney thought giving him everything his hillbilly heart desired, that she could keep him.

Now we are know Britney is from the South, and she might think stealing another woman's man is OK, but then for her to spit out 2 kids within 2 years to keep her man is utter stupidity. For her to give up her body and her class and join him in looking like white trash was pathetic.

So now there are 4 children not being raised by both parents. 4 children who will grow up needing and wanting a father's love and affection. Words Kevin probably can't spell, knows the definitation of, nor could he rap the words to create a song.

Face it, you can take the person out of a trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the person.

Any judge who gives this piece of sh*t custody of his off-springs, should be shot on sight.

Let him work for a living instead of living off women. But then again, he will probably find some other trashy thing to support him and bear the fruit of his loins.

He makes me vomit.

2884 days ago


#6...I am a law student and by legal terms NO HE DOES'T. No court in their right minds would give custody to kevin. Britney never hurt her children, nor is she an unfit parent. She, along with your mom, grandma, hell maybe even you MAKE MISTAKES as a parent. The media are the ones that blew the situation into a whole frenzy, and DCFS excused the cases cause there was NO LIBLE situations for there to be a problem or signs of neglect. So no Britney is set no matter what. She is a parent but unlike you, I , and the rest of the world don't have media and photogs tracking our every move and wathching us and putting us on their covers every other day...So your statement, though might sound valid, is well, COMPLETE BULLSH!T!


2884 days ago


If 'K-Fed' claims to make his own money, why on earth would this man need spousal support?

2884 days ago


I think Britney was fair in her papers---each pay for your own lawyer and no support. You read his and not only does he think he can get the kids (yeah right) he wants support and for her to pay for his lawyer!

2884 days ago


Not to mention no jury is going to give a guy more concerned with his career and freeloading off his wife, custody of 2 children in which he barely knows himself. He was never with them, Britney is. Trust me BRITNEY has this in the pocket, but He knows she will give him anything he wants to back off their children. HES A SICKENING INDIVIDUAL

2884 days ago


I don't know who's more pathetic...him or Anna Nicole.

2884 days ago


OMG!! I cant beleieve he would even dare file for custody? he doesnt even have a job? WTF!?!?!?!?! i hope the judge that hears this case has good sense not to give him those kids and money..K-FED GO TO HELL YOU LOSER!!!!! YOU SUCK ASS!!!

2884 days ago


Whatever on the legal antics. It is all par the course. Kev's trying to stay relevant in the media

By the way....FedEx the company would like their name back.

2884 days ago
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