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K-Fed Battles Britney for Custody

11/8/2006 9:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline has responded to his estranged wife's divorce petition.

Federline is asking for legal and physical custody of the couple's children. Sources tell TMZ that Federline will fight Spears on the custody issue. In the response, obtained by TMZ, Federline is asking the judge to award Spears visitation.

Federline is also asking the court to award him spousal support.

KFed court doc

Federline's lawyer, Mark Kaplan, filed the response Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In her petition, Spears asked for sole physical and legal custody of the kids.


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hes probably filing for custody knowing that britney will do anything for the kids, and that includes paying him a large amount so that he will drop this whole thing and leave her with full legal and physical custody

2907 days ago


He doesn't want ANY of his kids. He wants money and publicity period.
He does not want to work. He has zero talent. He needs someone
to support him. What reason would Shar and Brit go for this loser?
Could it be he's such a sensitive, caring, terrific person and dad? Ya think?
I can't figure it out. This guy is ugly, drugs, drinks, smokes. parties and doesn't work. WTF girls?

2907 days ago


Why should anybody be surprised? This was the same loser who left his pregnant ex-girlfriend for a new rich one. He was in it for the money right in the beginning and with him now asking for spousal support and using his children as pawns to extort more money just proved that! I always rolled my eyes at Britney's choice of men but at least she's finally doing the right thing and dump his sorry ass. Good for her!

2907 days ago

Cool chick    

What a total f***ing loser...

2907 days ago

Pink Rocks    

He is just trying to get her to pay him more money to go away. No Judge on earth, let alone the universe will even consider it. I hope her laywer has informed her he doesn't have a snowballs chance in h***, let alone ANYWHERE.
Such a pathetic loser, if only she saw him earlier as everyone else did, she wouldn't have to listen to this crap now. I'm not even a fan of Britney, but come on if I stepped on him, I wouldn't even scrap my shoe off, I would burn them.

2907 days ago


All I gotta say is ... his mother should have swallowed. Some peoples kids. I'm sure his parents didn't raise him to be such a rat bastard. He is a waste of human flesh. Did anyone ever read that he tried for custody of his children with Shar Jackson? Yeah... me either!!!! Britney is a bigger meal ticket. What comes around goes around. WTG Britney on "FINALLY" kickin' the loser to the curb.

2907 days ago


His fight won't last for long; he's paying his own attorney fees!

I think they'll end up with joint custody.

Britney has assets but she's also an entertainer, CA Family Court might award custody on those "popstar" days.

This isn't the end of KFed, we'll see him snake his way between the legs of someone D-listed. Isn't Whitney Houston clean and sober right now? =D

2907 days ago


Oh and Britney hasn't made much money in the last 2 years which is a smart move IMO.

2907 days ago


they are his kids too no matter what you people think they will get joint custody because of the fathers law if k fed won't his kids he will
get joint custody not full but it is the law brit should looked before she leap i am a law student too brit know who he was when she met hhim he will get joint custody of his kids sorry to upset you all.

2907 days ago


He has been smoking way too much pot or some cheap pot because he is delusional.

He wants custody of Britney & his boys and spousal support.

When was the last time he spent any time with his first two kids?

And to ask for spousal support, why, what did he contribute to the marriage? He is a big time rapper and movie star, he does not need spousal support. Let him work for a living life us commoners.

What a loser this guy is. He lived the good life with Britney, now he has to come down to earth. No more spending all of her money, but then again, how dumb was she to give him whatever he wanted just so she could hold on to him.

He brought her down to his level and I don't really care if she can ever climb out of the gutter she was in with him and seemed to enjoy it.

See Britney, you steal another woman's man while she is pregnant, you let yourself be dragged down to his level of no class, you looked and dressed like a filthy dirty pig and now you have two sons without a father.

Pay back Britney, is a bitch.

Someone should castrate him so he is never able to produce again.

2907 days ago

Just me    

As was previously stated in many comments, this is just a ploy on kfeds part to get more money out of Britt. He knows he has no chance!!! I always said he was in it for the money (and booty). Bet you money he ends up back with his ex!
I think he knew from day one he wasnt going to be married to her long.
He has 4kids and no way to support any of them. Ok maybe a regular
job with WWF or whatever it is called. I am not a huge fan of Britts she got involved with a loser that had a pregnant girlfriend. But I am sure Britt will get the kids.
All I have to say is KARMA BABY!!!!!!!!

2907 days ago


How funny is k-fed. Sure did't take his other babies mom to court for custody let alone give her child support. Yes we know his ex was on the show Moesha, but her moneis earned is no where compared to Brits big pockets. So why not fight just Britney for sole custody, why because that means he would get child support and then he's funny to ask for spousal support. He's trailer trash, and came in with no money and has used her for her money since he married. Britney should have never said I do and being that he sucks as a dad i know the judge is NOT going to grant him sole custody of the kids and 2. He signed a prenup that means he gets a one time paycheck and THANK GOD she didn't stay with him more then the 2 years cause the cost would be more. Doesn't K-Fed know that even IF the judge were to grant him spousal support that it isn't 4-ever support. The support is based on the years paid and once that up NO MORE MONEY! He has no education, no brains, not skills and sucks all around!

2907 days ago


Surprised it lasted this long - I gave it about 6 months!!!

2907 days ago

Tom Eng Sweden    

Custody the 2 kids he has whit the other women at first . Responsibility come whit fatherhod. As a man lm ashamed what he have done to the both family. Britney dont give him anything, maybe he start working :) [that will be the day]. And Kevin U sux as a person, drop daed will yeah. Over and out from the North.

2907 days ago


The only video to back up that Britney is a bad mother also shows her being CHASED by men with cameras to the point where her child and her can't even move....under normal circumstances most mothers don't have to make choices becuase of that situation.

2907 days ago
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