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Borat Lawsuit

High Five!!!

11/9/2006 9:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for the beginning of a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court? -- "Sacha Baron Cohen is a prankster."

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Two anonymous plaintiffs are suing 20th Century Fox and One America Productions, claiming members of their college fraternity were interviewed to become part of the smash "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" film.

The plaintiffs -- listed as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 -- were allegedly assured the film would not be shown in the U.S. and their identities would not be revealed.

They were both selected to appear in the movie and, according to the suit, taken "to a drinking establishment 'to loosen up' and provided alcoholic beverages." They claim they signed the movie releases after "heavy drinking."

The suit claims both men were then taken to a motor home where they were filmed, all the while "encouraged to continue drinking."

The movie features a scene in a motor home where Cohen gets drunk with three frat boys who go on a racist rant about how they wished they had slaves and how minorities in the United States "have all the power."

According to the lawsuit, the frat boys only received $200 for the controversial appearance.

The plaintiffs claim they suffered "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community..." because the movie was indeed released in the U.S.

The suit asks for unspecified damages.

Calls to 20th Century Fox were not immediately returned.


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EVERYONE ON ANY SIDE OF THIS: Please remember this is a movie! Meaning it has been edited, cut, and paste back together to show whatever the producer, director and Borat himself what you to see! Who knows what ANY person really said! I am not defending anyone in this, including the so called "racist frat boys". But think people, of course it makes for a bigger movie if they edited what people said and did to appear this way. Look how much attention they get on this blog alone for the movie. Now my opinion is that this movie is just a newer more extreme version of those "Jack@ss" idiots MTV gave us and just like them hopefully sooner than later his fame will fade! Obviously Borat is doing anything and everything to reach fame and fortune, even if it means destroying peoples lives. Look at all the other normal people that are suing him for the way they were betrayed and portrayed besides the frat boys. One is an elderly father, grandfather, devoted family man and so much more. That poor old man, whose quiet life was uprooted, deserves every penny Borat's lying @ss makes. By the way who turned this whole thing into "stereotype our college kids" reader section? Not all are the same! Seems like some people just have the miss fortune of being related to or knowing some screwed up students. Try surrounding yourself with better people, it usually works!

2897 days ago


I get so sick and so tired of Hillbilly and KKK trailer park Americans whining about every single thing involving their pathetic culture. It is o.k. to portray every other group in a negative light but as soon as something is shown about whites or Protestants in the bible belt and South-the whining starts. The U.S. Senate even wasted time on whining about Jerry Spriger due to its showing of poor white trash. As long as it is blacks or hispanics on talk shows-the government didnt have anything to say, AmeriKKKa is one big trailer park that is all glitz and illusions but one scratch of the surface reveals the nasty underbelly od reality. I am glad Borat gave the U.S. a reality check.

2897 days ago

That Guy    

I hope that lawyer made a fortune off those idiots parents, they won't be getting a penny of it back. If they were so drunk, how can they possibly 100% recall that they were told the movie wouldn't show in the USA. I know exactly what those dummies were told the film would be "Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan". Just because you infered it wrong does not mean you were told wrong it means mommy and daddy's old money was a horrible waste on college. Someday these two may be very greatful for the lesson Borat taught them. Yes you are responsible for your own actions, life is HARD for people who don't have to achieve anything on their own.

2897 days ago


wow the first comment I read and its by an ignorant "liitle asian girl", while the guys did make a$$es of themselves and added to the stereotyping of Fraternities.

I believe there is indeed some truth to what these plaintiff's claim

2896 days ago


I don't think it matters, these guys are ashamed of being racist, they should be. just because you have some booze in your system doesnt mean that you start being an idiot, that comes from your upbringing, if any body should be suing anybody, it should be borat suing these racists for even using our air. f***ing morons i hope they lose whatever case they think they have.

2896 days ago


Bunch of losers who I'm sure knew exactly what they were signing and ONLY because the film is now a box office hit, do they come out the woodwork like F%^&ing rodents. And I'm sooo sure that they were "made" to go to bar to loosen up. These were frat guys who, quite honestly looked like a bunch of losers, and they probably drink and make fools of themselves all of the time.

2896 days ago

While I love Borat (heck, I was even Borat for Halloween....Great success!), I don't think it's fair to lie to those guys. Though I'm sure they got *some* cool points for being in the movie, they likely had a LOT of answering to do!

2895 days ago


Poster #54: as a college professor I can assure you that you shouldn't conflate proper grammar usage with a post-secondary education. Although I've not seen samples of their writing, I suspect the plaintiffs in this case would bear me out.

P.S. that is very poor (improper) use of a semi-colon

2895 days ago

Annoyed With Stupid People    

I think anyone who Sues over dumb ass stuff like this should be stuck in a Stupid Prison.. I also think any one who sues 'cause they bought a coffee, and they spilt it on themselves 'cause they're a dumb ass... deserves to go to this prison too instead of suing McDonalds for serving a beverage which is SUPPOSED to be hot.. WOW>. what a news flash! Maybe they should hand coffee cold to everyone and they can heat it up themselves...
What has the world come to!!!!

Does anyone know these guys email addresses? 'Cause I would like to see these dumb asses go to this stupid jail.

If they said these nasty things in the movie, when they were drunk, they probably said them to people in real life.. and i think those people should come forward and sue them for sexual harassment!! How's that for KARMA!??!!?!

2895 days ago


I saw the movie, loved it and those frat boys were just saying exactely what they think. Oh, yeah, they were FORCED to drink! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! The only thing I could think of was "I can only imagine what their parents are going to think when they see their college boys acting like they probably do most nights!" Just like Mel Gibson saying what HE really feels when he was boozing, those young men said just what they meant. They are only pissed now that they didn't get more money. I'll bet that if they had been paid a couple hundred thousand from the start, they'd have signed over anything and been thrilled to be shown in that movie. Words and all. GO BORAT!!!!!!!! HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!

2895 days ago


Let this be a lesson to those braindead dickwads. Read before you sign and don't sign drunk. Waste of the taxpayer's money and the court's time.

2893 days ago

Dr. D    

I find those comments supporting the frat boys very comical. Of course those guys are humiliated...they looked like complete jackasses in front of millions of people. It would have been smart of them to have not said anything and just play it off like they were part of the act. I'm sure others would have believed it.

Also, to those who say others are just jealous of those who belong to a frat...come on now! Some of us don't have to pay to have friends. Those who go Greek are afraid to independent in the REAL world outside of high school. And FYI...I have a grad degree...I am not a hippie; as a matter of fact, I am very far from it...I went to frat parties and I hung out w/ a few guys who were in different frats while I was in college; however, I got to say, they were the few who were actually intelligent.

2892 days ago

Dr. Drew    

I think it's so funny how these frat boys are all butt-hurt. They are the type of audience that would love this kinda movie, and perhaps help make it a cult classic.They need stop taking themselves too seriously. Im sure somebody thought they were a**holes before they participated in this movie! haaa haaaa...

2892 days ago

Kelly T: Bill Hicks Fan, TMZ junkie    

Here's a hint: if a stranger buys you drinks then has you sign something THEN drives you in an RV where you fake picking up a hitchiker then you deserve what you got whether it's being in a hilarious movie for scale pay (or less) or ending up on "Gilrs/Guys Gone Wild". Until people learn this there will always be hilarity to be seen.

2891 days ago


I personally never saw the movie, but I do think those frat boys are lame for taking him to court,they are just mad cause people saw them in the movie being their usual racist, sexist, ignorant jack a$$ selfs, and those other people taking him to court are probably just trying to see what $ they can get.

2891 days ago
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