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Borat Lawsuit

High Five!!!

11/9/2006 9:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for the beginning of a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court? -- "Sacha Baron Cohen is a prankster."

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Two anonymous plaintiffs are suing 20th Century Fox and One America Productions, claiming members of their college fraternity were interviewed to become part of the smash "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" film.

The plaintiffs -- listed as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 -- were allegedly assured the film would not be shown in the U.S. and their identities would not be revealed.

They were both selected to appear in the movie and, according to the suit, taken "to a drinking establishment 'to loosen up' and provided alcoholic beverages." They claim they signed the movie releases after "heavy drinking."

The suit claims both men were then taken to a motor home where they were filmed, all the while "encouraged to continue drinking."

The movie features a scene in a motor home where Cohen gets drunk with three frat boys who go on a racist rant about how they wished they had slaves and how minorities in the United States "have all the power."

According to the lawsuit, the frat boys only received $200 for the controversial appearance.

The plaintiffs claim they suffered "humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community..." because the movie was indeed released in the U.S.

The suit asks for unspecified damages.

Calls to 20th Century Fox were not immediately returned.


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Kyle McGuire    

The kind of people who hate "frats" are hilarious. They're an amalgam of losers, half-wits, outcasts, and other pretentious weasels.

Borat is a ghoul who makes money by humiliating people through deception and stereotypes. I for one am glad to see these guys get sued. You can get anybody to say any number of ridiculous and/or horrible things after plying them with booze.

I'm in a fraternity and I've never seen or heard of date rapes or public urination at my house. In fact, as much as I find other chapters on my campus to be annoying I'd have to say that their reputation in regards to the treatment of women is no worse than the average 21st century college man.

The "frat boy" and the non-homosexual white Christian male are the last two archtypes of people you're allowed to make fun of without the PC patrol coming down on you and Borat takes good advantage of this.

2905 days ago


What a couple of candy-asses.

2905 days ago


These guys are ridiculous! They, not Cohen, made asses of themselves. They made the anti-Semitic, racist and sexist comments. Those three assbags in the film and the guy driving should have their pictures on the cover of every periodical in the world with the title, RACIST, SEXIST, ANTI-SEMITES! What everyone has seemed to miss is that these are not good people, and Cohen brought that out in his film. In this %u201Cgreat%u201D litigious society in which we now live, those two assbags will probably win something or the studio will settle with them, that my friends is the unfortunate thing. I say f***%u2019em and way to go Sacha! By the way frats are not elite social clubs, they are for douche-bag, elitist-in-their-owned-warped-mind, followers who don%u2019t have a mind or original thought of their own.

2905 days ago


#65 is right on the money. Sacha/Borat didn't make these guys say ignorant comments THEY MADE THEM! As someone who has seen the movie and enjoyed Sacha Baron Cohen's brand of comedy since his Ali G days, he makes the people he interviews think they are dealing with an "idiot" in this case a foreigner who tells them he comes from a place that is very different from America. Sacha Baron Cohen sets them up to hang themselves. I'm sure certain things in the movie were staged and set up but the dialog from the "victims" is their own. As well even if they thought that the movie would never be released in America why say such things? Perhaps because they believe them?
Lastly, the Borat movie has had months of PR, they had a good 4 months to file a lawsuit and prevent the movie from coming out, but they waited to see what the box office take would be.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

2905 days ago


I noted the motor home types were from SC; small wonder they're suing, given dismal the job prospects they'll face if they manage to graduate. But that's no excuse for being a puss.

2905 days ago


Wait.. the drunken frat boys were pissed at being portrayed as drunked frat boys? Poor little thetas.

2905 days ago


The answer to the complaint should begin: "John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 are a**holes."

2905 days ago


Before all of you proceed with your clever attempts at cliche fraternity bashing, realize that not every frat boy conforms to your ignorant stereotypes. I neither agree with the racist and sexist comments made by the Chi Psi members, nor do I think that they deserve any compensation. They are responsible for their own actions during their fifteen minutes of fame, and I don't feel bad for them at all. I do feel bad for all of you who are still holding grudges against those Frats that either didn't give you a bid or whose members screwed you over in a relationship.

2905 days ago


I saw the movie.......NOBODY made these guys act like douche-bags, they did it to themselves.

2905 days ago


Can you really sue for being stupid??

2905 days ago


as someone who used to be in a fraternity I can say that was far from teh first time any of those guys has acted like that. sue away. its no ones fault but your own you that show your true colors while drunk.

2905 days ago


No matter what you say, while that scene was pretty funny, these guys were just a bunch of biggots. I'm not against frats, although never actually being in one, I managed to succeed. The issue is, these guys are racists, knew they were drunk when they signed the papers, and their true beings were let out. If we went to a bar and got hammered and drove home, we couldn't sue the bar for our DUI could we? Probably not, unless it was a sleazy decision. Legally, these guys probably have a leg to stand on but that doesn't take away from the fact that they're a bunch of a**holes that deserved what happened to them.

2905 days ago


James Taylor: "Considering the poor grammar and spelling, I doubt that many of the posters here ever attended college. " Hey, smarty pants? Hearsay is one word. Pot meet kettle.

2905 days ago


I have mixed feelings about this ...
I think it is callous (although hilarious in retrospect) of Mr. Cohen to take advantage of people's trust.

However, how you act in front of a camera during an interview is your own choice. The two plaintiff's are mainly filing suit after the fact that this movie has become a success. Their complaints stem from what they would insinuate as being shown in a false light, being misrepresented. Being a drunken a**hole in front of a camera is what it is. They are adults and made their own decisions.

Interesting enough, after reading through the law suit, one of their arguments was that the "plaintiff's" thought their clip was only being shown in Europe. Does that give them even more license to act a fool in front of a camera? And do you really think that these "plaintiff's" would really be suing if they thought they looked execptionally cool in the movie?

This will definitely be an interesting case.

2905 days ago

Peter S.    

Look at the movies "Girls/Guys gone Wild" Those movies have been getting away with having drunk young people signing releases and exposing their bods...

Nobody made those guys say racist things... I'm just waiting for the rodeo bigot to sue, considering he wasn't drunk at all

2905 days ago
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