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Ed Bradley Dies of Leukemia

11/9/2006 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary CBS newsman Ed Bradley passed away earlier this morning at the age of 65.

Sources connected with CBS tell TMZ that several days ago, as a result of leukemia, doctors removed Bradley's spleen and subsequently his body shut down.

Bradley, who won 19 Emmys during his 25-year stint with "60 Minutes," had been ill for some time and underwent heart surgery about a year ago.

Bradley first joined the staff of "60 Minutes" in 1981 when Dan Rather left to replace Walter Cronkite as the anchor of the "CBS Morning News."


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To post #16: hey Freddy Jr., you really shouldn't have stopped taking your meds dude!

2906 days ago


He was such a class act and an outstanding journalist. He will be missed by all of us. Our heart felt sympathies to his family during this difficult time.

2906 days ago


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2906 days ago






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2906 days ago


Mr. Bradley was such a cool yet classy guy. I'm so sad to hear this news and send my thoughts and prayers to his family and those that loved him. He seemed like a really approachable, honest man with a killer sense of humour and well-timed wit!

2906 days ago


Freddy Jr, you are obviously the one who is in hell or you wouldn't be posting ignorant crap on a tribute page to a great man. All the people you attempt to smear in your post are praying for you from heaven, asking the Universe to help you get a clue to be free from suffering.

2906 days ago


What a huge loss...he was a great journalist and human being. He'll be missed for a long time to come.

2906 days ago


I watch 60 minutes faithfully! i will miss Ed and his cool earring (i always thought he was cool) 60 minutes really is one of the last "news" magazines out there.
Ed will be missed.
Rest in Peace Ed Bradley.

2906 days ago

MommaT have the right to voice your EVIL opinion.

I have that same right as well.

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This site is for “intelligent” people to comment on and from the sounds of your rantings, you are not one of them.

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2906 days ago

Mad Balls    

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2906 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

I think it's a damn shame that this truly good man had to die, yet so many miserable Republican Fundamentalist Right-Wing Taliban correspondents continue to thrive

2906 days ago


Hey Freddy Jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2906 days ago


Mother Freddy jr.


More hatred displayed while people are trying to pay homage to Mr. Bradley. Shame!!!!!!!!!!

2906 days ago


ed was a great journalist, and will be remembered. but dan rather joined the cbs evening news , not the morning new as was reported on this website

2906 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

Please TMZ posters...
I know it's diffcult but lets ALL try and not respond to that WBC idiot guy, just read it or better yet scroll right past it, why bother according to him we're all gonna go to hell which is okay with me, if I don't have to spend the hereafter with crazy, hateful f***s like him!

Good gosh, I didn't think that TMZ would bother with reporting this sad story. After all, Ed Bradley didn't hang out, toot up, whore out or otherwise make a spectale of himself. He just worked to report the news. I will never forget when he was reporting on the boat people trying to escape from Vietnam and he and his crew were on some beach in Cambodia filming when this overladen boat started to flounder in the surf. They stopped what they were doing to go into the surf to help the people ashore.
Class act all the way!
All them 60 Minutes guys are really getting old!

2906 days ago
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