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Ashley Judd: Sexy Makes Me Sick

11/9/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fact that people find her sexy is icky to starlet Ashley Judd. She was interviewed Wednesday on "The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show," on KDWB in Minneapolis. When Ryan and his crew asked her about being one of FHM magazine's sexiest women alive. Ashley's response: "Gross... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" Well, actually, it's nicer with it, Ash.
Ashley Judd audio

Later in the interview, Ashley bungled one of the key components of a good radio interview: knowing the city where you're being heard! She thought it was Detroit. Not so De-lovely.


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The majority of these comments are so ignorant--is it insane to believe that a woman, God forbid, doesn't appreciate being made into a sex symbol by an explicit and degrading magazine? Or is what FHM stands for true? Women are simply sex objects to be used at men's discretion and nothing more...whether you like Ashley Judd or not, at least she's true to herself and as an American I believe she has the right to freedom of speech just like the rest of us. Shame on all of you for judging her--and personally I believe the world would be a better place without FHM as well! :P

2901 days ago


yes .im agree

2868 days ago


I know her husband Dario (race car driver) and his life is hell putting up with this wack job. Her whole family is a mess mentally....

2913 days ago


I'm not buying it for one second TMZ...Ashley is all about sex, that's how she markets herself and always has. Only satisfaction in this is she will get old and she will lose her looks...let's just see how much plastic surgery she gets then. She IS vain. As vain as they come. And I think she is jealous of her mother and sisters relationship.

2913 days ago


#1 Good point. I never gave it much thought, but I would be willing to bet she is a righteous PAIN IN DARIO'S ASS.

2913 days ago


What a huge bitch, I will look at her a lot differently now that I have heard this awful side of her.

2913 days ago


ummm people that ain't her!!!!

2913 days ago

Adrienne Humphreys    

She is notoriously rude. What kind of questions did she expect from a radio interview. Her take on the impact of Feminist Art and Post Modern Anxieties?

2913 days ago


At least she has the guts to say how she really feels. She's entitled to her opinion and she was asked for it. It's pathetic that she gets attacked because she won't conform. Typical.

2913 days ago


How would you know if she's rude? You guys are full of it. And by the way it's really really lame to pretend like you are a "friend of a friend" or know a "friend of a friend" that has the inside skinny. WE DON"T BELIEVE YOU. And if you were any kind of the real friend you would not be posting about them on TMZ. That would make you a loser friend! Nice try.

2913 days ago

KDWB fan    

Vicki - Don't believe it? Go here:
Scroll down almost to the bottom and you can listen to the audio clip.

Twee - Nobody is attacking her for having an opinion. She's being attacked for being a snot about it. Listen to the audio clip (see above) and tell me you still think she's still a big ball of sunshine.

2913 days ago


She definitely rubbed them the wrong way....must be mercury in retrograde - it effects communication--yea, that's a good excuse ;p

2913 days ago


#7 Who said I was her friend moron? I know Dario because we run in the same professional circles. I know you believe that everyones life must be as empty as yours but maybe not oh lame one!

2913 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

Stupid wanker bitch!

2913 days ago


That's not even her! It sounds like a MAN impersonating her!

2913 days ago
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