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Ashley Judd: Sexy Makes Me Sick

11/9/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fact that people find her sexy is icky to starlet Ashley Judd. She was interviewed Wednesday on "The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show," on KDWB in Minneapolis. When Ryan and his crew asked her about being one of FHM magazine's sexiest women alive. Ashley's response: "Gross... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" Well, actually, it's nicer with it, Ash.
Ashley Judd audio

Later in the interview, Ashley bungled one of the key components of a good radio interview: knowing the city where you're being heard! She thought it was Detroit. Not so De-lovely.


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#8 - that is too her. Go to this site and hear the version with the normal voices

2869 days ago

Dee Dee    

go to and listen to the whole thing!! Its for real, and I listened to every uncomfortable second of it. What a crabby little snot... "UHHH, GROSS"

2869 days ago


Did anyone catch her on the View? She came off extremely condescending during her interview. Strange personality....

2869 days ago


ok, yeah that is a real interview...and she is a b****..I won't be watching any of her films...I totally agree with the previous comment...what a condescending little wench....what would she do without radio interviews and fhm her mom and sisters little shadow>???? grrrrr go DAVE

2869 days ago


I've read a lot of interviews and seen a good number of interviews with her. For a long time now I've thought that she was an extremely rude person. Condescending and rude - that sums her up perfectly. I was disappointed in that about her too.

2869 days ago

Mad Balls    

Ashley Judd ?!?!?

I think you are mistaken ....

put the Tv0 on pause .....

.......that looks like Elron from TLOTR THE lord of the rings trilogy .....

.......whats' he doing out of the Shire???

.....He did seem kinda sexdrained at Moldur !

2869 days ago


I listen to KDWB as my main radio station, and I know they wouldn't have made that up. Dave and his co-anchors can get rude at times, but that's the funny part of the show. They're great people and produce a wonderful radio show. Ashley Judd was a total wench to them, and I don't blame them for being rude. How could you not know what city you are talking to? Great job KDWB, I will continue to listen to you even more for this one.

2869 days ago


its deff. her i heard it yesterday. I love dave and Corey. haha Corey poor girl her voice so don't sound like that.

2869 days ago

Hello Kitty    

While I do like some of her films.

ENOUGH with the false modesty already!

Actors & Actress work out and keep their looks up and push their projects through the press, and then have the nerve to try and act like they really don't think they are sexy or they don't live in their gym.

For a woman who wore a dress that was next to nothing, I'm not buying that she thinks its weird that these magazine's think she is sexy.

2869 days ago


To Vicki who "can't believe" that Ashley Judd did this....she did. I live in the Minneapolis area and heard the entire, uncomfortable interview. It was truly awkward and Ashley Judd was really quite the whacked out chick..she didn't even know what city she was interviewing in. Dave Ryan in the morning is the funniest morning show in the Twin Cities and even THEY couldn't find anything funny in the interview or find anything else to talk to her about.

2869 days ago


I've always liked her & she seem to have a close relationship especially with Wynona & her mother. I usually like her movies.

2868 days ago

lady mcbeth    

I for one think the whole mother/daughter Judd trio is wacko. I watched the mother on one of those reality find the star crappy things and she was as nuts as the day is long. So those apples don't fall far from the tree, righto?

2868 days ago


You are right about the whole Judd family being whacked. A good friend is a musician and he was on tour with Wynonna Judd, her sister. The show was about to go on and they couldn't locate her. Someone finally found her hiding under the tour bus eating an entire bag of snickers. What a hoot.

2868 days ago


Oh sorry "racer" must have pushed your buttons. My point being no one believes you.

As for "empty life", I blog here once and while, but everytime I do I see postings from you. So who has the "empty life"?? I guess that's up for debate.

2868 days ago


I've been a loyal KDWB listener for almost 8 years and I was completely FLOORED w/ Ashley Judd's interview. I can't believe how much she messed up!

My opinion of her has gone down considerably.

2868 days ago
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