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Ashley Judd: Sexy Makes Me Sick

11/9/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fact that people find her sexy is icky to starlet Ashley Judd. She was interviewed Wednesday on "The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show," on KDWB in Minneapolis. When Ryan and his crew asked her about being one of FHM magazine's sexiest women alive. Ashley's response: "Gross... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" Well, actually, it's nicer with it, Ash.
Ashley Judd audio

Later in the interview, Ashley bungled one of the key components of a good radio interview: knowing the city where you're being heard! She thought it was Detroit. Not so De-lovely.


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patty cake    

I know people who have worked on set with her and said she's nuts...doesnt wear underwear,flashes crew members and acts out a manic mess. Supposedly she just got out of a mental hospital to get treatment for her behaviour problems which she described as depression...she's probably bipolar and needed meds all this time. Her family is literally trailer trash.. but she is a beauty and I loved Ruby in Paradise and this ne wfilm is supposed to be good. I think she is good and maybe the meds will help with her problems...maybe she;s just trying to put her sexually emabarassing past behind her...b/c she was a mess and a laughing stock.. but she is still on double secret probabation...for a while....

2869 days ago


Yes it is her. I live in Minneapolis, and heard the interveiw live. If you go to KDWB's website it sounds a lot clearer and you can tell her it is.

2868 days ago


Why should she care to know who she's talking to? They didn't care enough to know anything about her. If anyone here knew anything about her they wouldn't be surprised by what she said about FHM and her interviewers wouldn't have been either. It's not like it's the first time she's expressed these opinions. Their shocked stupidity made it awkward, not her.

She is not against being sexy, she's against men's mags that distort and manipulate women's images and sexuality for their own use. The anger directed at her for not liking FHM is beyond comprehension.

AND I know Dario and he stands by her 100%. He gets where she's coming from and loves her because she's not a sellout.

2868 days ago


I was at the AFI film festival on November 11,2006 at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood. I was from Nebraska.There was a movie at 10:00 P.M. that Ashley Judd was in. She was there in person. I went up to her to ask for her autograph. She said a loud No.And she was a little rude.She do not care about her fans.I used to be a fan of Ashley Judd but not any more.I will never see another one of her movies. I met her sister and Mother and they was both very nice.Ashley Judd is not nice.

2867 days ago


Ashley is an actress, a real one . She is smart ,complex and beautiful. She has great respect for her craft and her demands are high.Her manager would be well advised to keep her in the studio and away from talk shows. Be as it may,we are lucky to have her. A class act, shes the closest thing to Miss Hepburn(Audry Hepburn) that we have in todays theater.

2863 days ago


You people are idiots. Ashley Judd is one of the best actresses around. So what? She doesn't exploit herself with sex and she never has. Get over it. Everyone who likes her knows what an outspoken, smart women she is. You people are so lame.

2863 days ago

Mary Anne    

Ashley Judd is a beautiful and gracious woman ~ and obviously, there seem to be a few "holier than thous" who feel THEY always say the right thing at the right time. She is only as human as you and me. She just may be a bit more "authentic" and honest than many of us who feel they have to say "the right thing" at all times to please everyone. Impossible. Obviously. Give her the break you would wish kindly extended to you when people misunderstand or judge your words... I listened to the interview and the male interviewer was the one who was RUDE. He seemed to enjoy punishing her for her mistake on the city...I'm not sure what kind of satisfaction he got out of that, but he's the one who needs to do a bit of "soul-searching" for a sense of tolerance...

2862 days ago


To Jennifer,
You must have missed the cover of marie claire.

2862 days ago


It's easy to mess up the city when you are doing about 50 interviews an hour and there's a technical glitch. Detroit was the city she was suppose to talk to next but ended up skipping to Minneapolis. If you listen to the interview, she did catch herself and apologize. She also tried to apologize for the interview starting off on the wrong foot but she was rudely hung up on by the djs.

2861 days ago


Being from the same area of Kentucky that these ladies come from....I can say that they are very honest and down to earth......Ashley is entiled to her opinion and to down her work in the hitting below the belt....She is a very fine come on people....cut some slack.

2858 days ago


From one Kentuckian to another..........Go Ashely......The people of Ashland are proud of you Hon

2858 days ago
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