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K-Fed's Money Ploy

11/9/2006 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kevin Federline was speaking to his lawyer about divorcing Britney Spears more than a month before she filed legal papers to end the marriage.

Sources say Federline was communicating with attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, talking about divorcing Spears and angling to cash in on her fortune. Federline's right to money is extremely limited because of the prenup. TMZ knows the terms of the prenup, and they are not good news for K-Fed. We're told the only thing he'll get is less than 20% of the value of the couple's Malibu estate, valued at approximately $10 million, and spousal support for one year. We're told the support he'll get is less than $250,000.

As for reports that Britney e-mailed her hubby to inform him that she was about to file divorce papers, it simply is not true. Sources tell us that the couple has not been speaking for weeks, but e-mailing each other. She did not, however, talk about divorce in those e-mails. K-Fed learned of the divorce at the time TMZ broke the story that Spears had filed.

Sources say that at least for now, Spears will not comment on K-Fed's plan to fight her for custody of their two children. We know, however, that Spears sees K-Fed's move as nothing more than an attempt to score some money. He's banking on Spears forking over dough to avoid a fight; an unlikely outcome -- given the fact that she's represented by legal pit bull Laura Wasser. Also, if K-Fed got custody, he'd be entitled to a significant amount in child support.


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No comments on the loser.

As per Britney...She was smart enough to get an iron-clad pre-nup. She was smart enough to file for divorce first. Now watch the rest unfold....

2903 days ago


IRON CLAD PRE-NUP!! This guy is going to be back in the dumpster soon, and that is exactly where he belongs. Waste of space!! Brit's momma should have told her to stay the hell away from him in the first place. No talent loser!!

2903 days ago


Britney is continously covered by the media because she went from hick to riches but continues to hold that trailer trash demeanor. She absolutely lacks common sense. She has emotional perhaps psycho issues. This is continually reflected in the poor choices she makes. News continues to cover her driving with her son in her lap! She was also viewed walking with baby SPF in one arm and a drink in the other... almost tripping and dropping SPF. (uugghh! did her mom not teach her a thing about babies?) Kfed is a poor boy, well known for seeding the planet, neglecting the seeded ones, and is most famous for getting into Britney's pants without any effort whatsoever. No pity here for either dirty douche bags.

2903 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Maybe K-Flatline can get a show going "Dance With Douchebags".
The sad thing is, he probably reads all this and thinks it's great.

2903 days ago


Somebody needs to kick is ass for real, not this phony wrestling nosense. I hope Brittany's lawyer fights so he gets nothing. He needs to get a real job, because he can't act, sing, dance or what ever else he does. If he is ever on DANCIN WITH THE STARS I will not watch it again.

2903 days ago


la-la-la- loser!!!!!!!!!

2903 days ago


You know 250 thousand and 20% of the mansion really is way more than he should ever get. He should be happy he is getting that....maybe he could get an education with that money and get a job. Maybe he could go to a vocational school...and learn a know there is more dignity in flipping burgers than to try to use your own kids as bargaining tools in a divorce. $250,000 is more than he will ever make on his own. And Brittany if he would leave his girlfriend while she is pregnant....he is no good, no morals, no integrity...and you should have known he would treat you like dirt too. Brittany girl you have got it all, and you need to find a man who is worthy of you.

2903 days ago

Someone probably told her about his visit to his lawyer

2903 days ago


The only people I feel for in this sorry fiasco are the unfortunate offspring of these two pieces of white trash. Britney, honey, there's such a things as karma, and you're starting to get a taste of it now. See, it's not a good thing to take up with another woman's man (even when she'd be better off without him) when she's got one kid by him and is pregnant with his second child. Did you really think that just because you were the Pop Tart of the Month back then that K-Fed would miraculously reform into a star-quality husband and father? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Kevin, you're the world's best argument for euthanasia, hands down. You know your self-love psychosis has gotten bad when narcissists look at you and go, "Dang, man, you are WAY too full of yourself!"

So, you two crazy kids, what I can't understand is-- why divorce now? Who else in their right mind would possibly want either of you???

2903 days ago


Speaking of White Trash losing battles...

George Allen (sen-VA) is planning to concede to Webb.

This means that the Dems have officially swept the House and the Senate!
Dumbs-feld was sent home.... and all you white trash republicans can read this and feel like failures.

K-Fed is a douchebag dont get me wrong-But so are all you a**holes who voted republican. Sucks to be you!

2903 days ago


Tattoo.........I do not think we have to worry about him ever being on Dancing With The Stars............He is not liked well enough for that. ABS knows he will send the show down the toilet.

2903 days ago


What a disgusting excuse for a man he is. I hope someone kicks his ass.

2903 days ago


He deserves some of Brit's money for putting up with her as well...I bet there are two sides and we only know one side...she is the star and I am quite sure she reminded him of that on a regular basis...a guy can only take so much vain...I like Britney and all but she should have known least they have two beautiful children which is the most positive that came out of the relationship/marriage

Britney fan/Federline fan

2903 days ago


This is all Britney's fault so don't feel sorry for her. Was it not Britney who moved in on a pregnant woman's man? Yeah, I thought so. And wasn't it pathetic, desperate Britney who asked Kevin to marry HER? Yep, I think that is how it went down. Stop hating everyone but Britney. She knew full well what Kevin was about when she went after him and it was her dumb ass that allowed herself to get pregnant.. not once but TWICE. Britney is the dumb ass here who wanted to be a big girl and play house so it is on her. She is an immature, selfish bitch who only thinks about herself and being in the spotlight. I don't feel one bit sorry for her and Kevin is doing exactly what everyone knew he would do...taking her for all he can.

2903 days ago

in the know    

When K-fed was in Chicago and announced he is single ladies, what a joke, he is not even closed to divorced!!!! Does he know what single is? Who would want a man who is 28 with 4 children, no job, everyone hates him, is he nuts???? It just shows you the real person he is. He has acted like he was single for months now. I can't believe this bum asked for spousal support, it just shows you what he was after to begin with. He said he would have been successful with his music if he wasn't married to Britney. Doesn't he know without her money or name he would still be an unemployed dancer? He does not want to be a father to any of his children, and Shar should be worried because the big support checks are over for her too. Hey K-fed, Paris is waiting !!!!!

2903 days ago
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