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K-Fed's Money Ploy

11/9/2006 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kevin Federline was speaking to his lawyer about divorcing Britney Spears more than a month before she filed legal papers to end the marriage.

Sources say Federline was communicating with attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, talking about divorcing Spears and angling to cash in on her fortune. Federline's right to money is extremely limited because of the prenup. TMZ knows the terms of the prenup, and they are not good news for K-Fed. We're told the only thing he'll get is less than 20% of the value of the couple's Malibu estate, valued at approximately $10 million, and spousal support for one year. We're told the support he'll get is less than $250,000.

As for reports that Britney e-mailed her hubby to inform him that she was about to file divorce papers, it simply is not true. Sources tell us that the couple has not been speaking for weeks, but e-mailing each other. She did not, however, talk about divorce in those e-mails. K-Fed learned of the divorce at the time TMZ broke the story that Spears had filed.

Sources say that at least for now, Spears will not comment on K-Fed's plan to fight her for custody of their two children. We know, however, that Spears sees K-Fed's move as nothing more than an attempt to score some money. He's banking on Spears forking over dough to avoid a fight; an unlikely outcome -- given the fact that she's represented by legal pit bull Laura Wasser. Also, if K-Fed got custody, he'd be entitled to a significant amount in child support.


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Gabriele Pentland    

she picked him

2904 days ago


#28 -- LOL -- That's pretty impressive -- You ought to get into the biz --

2904 days ago


Personally Kevin didnt do anything wrong, stupid ass Britney was the one who wanted him and she knew he was a dead beat dad!

I dont see anything wrong with anything hes done, if you had the chance of marrying the dumb blonde you would to, and you would juice her since you know shes a ho!

All of a sudden everybody is a Britey fan again, YOUR SUCH 2 FACED ASSWIPES the man doesnt make a woman so shes the same person with or without him!

2904 days ago


There is something to that song I'd bet $ on it.

2904 days ago


Britney's lawyer is one of the best for star divorces. I so wish he would shave, he doesnt even have a decent beard. LOL Dancing with the Stars, that IS hilarious OMG, LMAO< ROFL

2904 days ago


OHHH poor 4real, hes a looooooooooooooooooser, get a grip and Britney is better than him bottom line, take it and go away with your silly defensive and DUMB comments.

2904 days ago


How did ya'll hear that song? I can not seem to find the one you all are seeing. Can someone post the link?

2904 days ago


i am not surprised by this divorce news, i'm surprised it lasted as long as it did! i have no sym for Brit.

She knew he had a pregnant girlfriend & karma came back around and bit her because when brit became pregnant with the 2nd child there was trouble for her too.
Who in their right mind would hook up with a guy with a pregnant girlfriend? You get what you get! I feel sorry for shar and her 2 kids not britney or kevin.
Why do you people have so much anger at Kfed? A man will only do what you allow him to do and they both started the relationship out wrong to begin with.

There's no sense in getting mad at Kevin...britney is the one you should be mad at, she put herself in this she's gotta fight to keep her money and kids and that sucks!

2904 days ago


#67, First of all idiot Im a she not a he....second I only speak the truth if you to stupid to face it that aint my concern!

Britney is trash and most of you agreed with me about 2 days ago when she was still married to the so called looser!

This guy pimped her and he sure has more than he wouldve ever had without her so get off his back just cause he got what none of you can get!

2904 days ago


I agree in some way with 4real, Kevin got with Brit just cause he can, and she was the ho that got with a married man to begin with! Hes still a lowlife though!

2904 days ago


#70 lol!

2904 days ago

Mike V.    

I guess Brittney got tired of sucking Fed-Ex's dick. His CD only sold 6000 copies and debut at #151 in the Billboard Charts, plus to make matters worse he' s a f***ing bum. I know she's gotta be pissed at Fed-Ex because all of Sony Records Managment f***ed the taste out of her mouth so they would distribute his suck ass CD. Good bye Fed-EX , your 15 minutes are now up. You can't even give tickets away to your concert. You're a bonafide LOSER. But hey, you did get to f*** that trailer park trash Brittney.

2904 days ago


he's getting over $2 million and he's mad?! she should have had the prenup give him one dollar. maybe 25 if she was feeling generous.
she made him a name and gave him the only career he'll ever know. he's a talentless loser. and ugly to boot!

2904 days ago


#63..oh yeah baby i about to hit the studio today! SIKE! naw i was just having fun and showing the world anyone can write a lame ass rap in 2 seconds...hahahaa if it took me 2 seconds to come with that, how long did it take him to write his whole cd..a whopping 45 seconds!...hahaha here is another one..

You were playing with fire, got your ass burnt, damn MF'er know it's gotta hurt!,,everyones dissin ya, you little silly bitch, thought pok'n britney would make you silly.silly rabbit tricks are kids, you dumb ass wigga u bout to hit the went coo coo for coca puffs thought you had brit's money, but what you found is you anint gettin' a dime honey! now your freaking out giving tickets away for free,with only 6500 in record sale i doubt that where you thought you'd be, begging for an audinece, beggin' for a crowd, now everyone chime in and say it out loud!... Wigga, stupid wigga,...wigga, stupid wigga, wanktsa wannabe ganksta

Hey k-fed i am about to take over!! i can write them in seconds too!!
But you'll be gone in 60 seconds, and everyone on this board will still be reading my jacked up rap having a laugh at your expense!!

Peace fool!!

2904 days ago
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