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She Walks! She Talks!

She Breaks the Law!

11/10/2006 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashlee Simpson: Click to watchAshlee Simpson was definitely in a chatty mood last night while bombarded by photogs, and jaywalked across a busy Los Angeles street to get to her ride.

After a night of partying at Area, the younger Simpson sister led a parade of photogs through the streets of L.A. as she walked from the club to her car -- luckily for us, she parked almost a mile away and gabbed the whole time.

Surrounded by her posse, including sister Jessica's tresser, Ken Paves, Ashlee slurred comments like, "There are other cool people leaving, so you should probably go there quick," and, "You guys are having so much fun right now, this is like the highlight of your day, that I had to walk."

Simpson, just back from bouncing the London boards in "Chicago," is taking some time off, and apparently getting some exercise.


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Oh the poor little christian girls!!

2857 days ago


"Other cool people" WHATEVER! She is too funny...what a joke!

2902 days ago

stephen s    

This just in... Lindsay drinks coffee in the morning and takes a sh*t once daily... I haven't been to TMZ in a week b/c it's become so banal and guess what, nothin's changed... maybe I'll check in in a month...yawn.

2902 days ago


Who gives a f***? Just another Joe Simpsons Ho!!!!!

2902 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

The fact that she can "WALK" and "TALK" at the same time is amazing!!!!

Poppa Joe must be so proud of her! I am sure he was waiting at home to give her a big sloppy kiss..

The Simpson girls = Overrated

2902 days ago

spinning is great    

You are kidding, right? TMZ is reporting on jaywalking?? I had to read the article three times to realize that the "broken law" reference in the title was indeed jaywalking.

2902 days ago

duh...totally !    

stephen ! LOL

freaking classic !

TMZ and the weekly tabloids are getting plain ridiculous!!

"stars, they are just like us...they can eat at the IVY, take a shit at Home Depot, pump gas at Circle K , be underage at HYDE......"


2902 days ago


Let me get this right, she slurred when she was talking but walked to her car to . . . . drive?

2902 days ago


Funny how #2 and #6 are complaining but yet they are on here giving comments...what's up with that? You're addicted the first step is to admit it!

As for Ashlee, whoop tee f***in do, she can't sing worth a shit and she had to have a face job to make her look better....What the hell?

2902 days ago


iiihhhhhh!!!!! ashley simpson, i hate it that she has the same 1st name as me!!!!!!! however, i must admit, getting a nose job was the best thing she's done so far!!!!! and "there's other cool people leaving????" ARE U SERIOUS???? im glad at least SHE thinks she's cool!!!!

2902 days ago


I have noticed her compaired to the Tara Reid as the new train wreck..and I have to agree after watching this...between Ashlee Reid and her sister Jessica Nicole Smithson...I don't know which one is more of a white trash drunk.

2902 days ago


Does anybody else hate the way she talks and laughs???

2902 days ago


Oh come on! We're not that gullible! This was such a Publicity stunt. She hasnt' been seen or missed so she needs to get herself visible. It's odd too because she looks so different, it's hard to even relate the old Ashley to the new Ashley, which isn't good for her either. Now she's just another pretty girl starting over.

2902 days ago

duh...totally !    

My complaint has to do with too much tabloid crap ! too many shows, too many gossip sites and weekly mags !~~~ and the totallt stupid thing is....they ALL report the samething! "breaking news...Nicole Richie went to Starbucks ".....

WHO CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not addicted to this crap....I'm making fun of it.....I use to subscribe to US and People back in the day when it was it's just plain weekly garbage, mostly the Enquirer !!

"so and so took a sh*t ! wow !" from a close, personal source LOL

2902 days ago


Damn, that video's quality is worse than anything on YouTube.

2902 days ago
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