Ashlee: She Walks! She Talks! She Breaks the Law!

11/10/2006 1:15 PM PST
Ashlee Simpson was definitely in a chatty mood last night while bombarded by photogs, and jaywalked across a busy Los Angeles street to get to her ride.

After a night of partying at Area, the younger Simpson sister led a parade of photogs through the streets of L.A. as she walked from the club to her car -- luckily for us, she parked almost a mile away and gabbed the whole time.

Surrounded by her posse, including sister Jessica's tresser, Ken Paves, Ashlee slurred comments like, "There are other cool people leaving, so you should probably go there quick," and, "You guys are having so much fun right now, this is like the highlight of your day, that I had to walk."

Simpson, just back from bouncing the London boards in "Chicago," is taking some time off, and apparently getting some exercise.