"Back to the Future" -- Mad Props!

11/10/2006 6:26 PM PST
In the Eighties, before we cared who Michael J. Fox voted for, we cared about was his prowess with a DeLorean pimped out with a flux capacitor. Let's relive those apolitical time-traveling days with two cool eBay auctions:

Marty McFly's adventures in "Back to the Future II" created the sort of time-space continuum issues that nerds argue about for hours. A perfect example of this is Biff's text-changing matchbook. From the look of the prop, both sets of text are printed on it. Let the lucky auction winner figure it out.

The best callback to the first movie is the scene in episode two, where Marty escapes the town goons on a hoverboard. How cool would you be with the hoverboard suspended in your living room, right next to your Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor?! Waaaaaay cool.