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Britney & K-Fed's Exes ... Talking Marriage?!

11/10/2006 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander got together to dish their famous exes this week -- she's Fed's baby momma, and he's the dude Britney married for 55 hours on that wacky weekend in Las Vegas.

During the interview, Shar and Jason explained that their "special" bond was purely platonic ... and shot down rumors that they were a serious item.

"We were contemplating going to Vegas," Alexander joked. Jackson playfully interuppted, "...and going to the same little white chapel that you went to!"

The two also sent their best wishes to the newly-split couple, while explaining their own odd relationships with them.

Shar and Jason were asked if they'd ever get back together with their exes, now that they're back on the market. Their replies: no!


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STUPID BICTH STUPID BICTH how came shar dosen't work what is she going to do when kfed has no money

2912 days ago


Shar is hoping k-fag will get a chunk of Brit's money! After all Britney was the one paying k-fags child support!

2912 days ago


Shar Jackson is an idiot! She should be thanking Britney for the life that she has now! We all know that the Moesha show didn't do anything for her!!

Shar and Kevin deserve each other.... and they make f***ing ugly-ass babies together!

2912 days ago


Shar does get Alimony from Kevin, but it comes from Britney-Because there is a clause in their prenup that states she no longer has to support his other 2 children upon divorcing-Shar should pray that they stay together if she wants a steady flow of money. Now she is going to have to wait for 2 settlements for her next check. The divorce settlement from Kevin and Britney, and the new Alimony arrangement that comes with K-fed's new budget as a single guy. Shes on a meal ticket too!

Also, Britney bought Shar a house as sort of a guilt payoff. She masked it as caring about the other kids in his life, so they will have a safe haven that he would love to visit. I dont know if she stands to lose it, but I think Shar made out well.

How many "the other woman" chicks buy their husband's scorned lover a house????

2912 days ago


When are these pathetics nobody going to stop leeching off Britney for their 15 minutes of fame. It's no wonder Britney can't trust anyone. People are just trying to associate with her for their 15 minutes of fame. Britney was dumb enough to marry K.fed and he got fame and a music label sign him. Now, he's out smooching other girls right after the divorce. Shar Jackson wouldn't even be asked for interviews. When this thing dies down, Shar Jackson, Federline, and Jason are back to their trashy ways and no career. Look at Shar pathetic attempt at a tv show ex-wives club that went nowhere.

2912 days ago

Lenn K    

Shar Jackson is an idiot. To say that Kevin is a nice guy now after all this sh*t. I feel a con-artist and a bad liar in one. Maybe these two set this up from the start. Who can trust who at this point. I believe the only stupid and innocent person in this is Britney. Jason doesn't count. We have seen some of the biggest con-jobs in this lifetime. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't one.

2912 days ago


WOW!!! Shar is dumb, she will be back with K-fake sorry ass. that's why she made it clear that she is : "SINGLE" and I like it that way...yeah right she been waiting on them to break up.. she is a sorry women I hate to say that but it is so true.. he left u bearfoot and w/child and he a NICE GUY!!.. I feel bad for the kids that did not have a choice in picking there parents.

2912 days ago


I think Shar Jackson is being a decent person. It serves her well to say that Kevin is a "nice guy". If she went off spouting about what a POS he is, it would make her look bad.

And you know that all sorts of press were knocking at her door the minute the news about Kevin & Britney broke...How can you just assume she is using it her advantage?

2912 days ago


check out the body language with them....(in the video) Jason says he's "with someone very special to him" th ebody language is there and they can deny that they aren't/weren't together, it sure doesn't look that way though.... Jason get ready to pack your bags baby! Now that Fed Ex is single baby momma will be movin his ass right back in!

2912 days ago


What kind of private school would a 4 and a 2 yr. old going to? That doesn't make sense. SHe's just trying to get in good with him, so she can share some of that divorce money. I'm sure that she will take him back. When people call her on it, she'll say that she did it for the kids.

2912 days ago


Shar Jackson is an idiot if she takes him back!

Briteny was stupid for getting with him in the first place!

The only one who seems to walk away scott free is Kevin. He really made a fool out of both of them. They both have children they have to raise all alone because its obvious he could care less about his children.



2912 days ago


I think Jason's "special someone" is Shar...did you see their body language? He was soooooo close to her and there was enough room on his side of the bench to put another person. They NEVER did deny the dating rumors.

2912 days ago


look kevin i have big one's to just like britney come back to meand the kids i love you

2912 days ago

Down To Earth    

I think this has been the plan from day one! Kevin new how bad Brit wanted to have children. So kevin said Shar I will be back in a few with some bucks and she said Ill be waiting! LOOSER!! Another fine video of Shar using Brits name for publicity for her own walk of fame. again LOOSER!!!

2912 days ago

John C jackson    

What the hell is point of paying for private school for a 2 year old? Especially when the kid probably will be going to a public school when it actually counts. I'm sure child support would make more sense than paying for private school for 2 and 4 year olds.

2912 days ago
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