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Clooney: Obama Didn't Drop Presidential Bomb-a

11/10/2006 10:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

george clooneyGeorge Clooney is disputing an OK! magazine story that Senator Barack Obama told the actor he's a go for a Presidential run.

Stan Rosenfield, Clooney's publicist, quotes Clooney as saying, "I said I talked to the senator and begged him to run. And I hope he does. There's no news scoop from me. He'll make up his mind on his own schedule."

The OK! website quotes Clooney as saying, "I just spoke with Barack and he is going to run. I just hung up the phone with him."

Clooney says, it ain't so.


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Does he have an eating disorder like the girls of movies? He looks awful.

2901 days ago


In response to #3 - nasty boil - you should deal with Parkinson's disease and you would not be joking about it. It certainly is no joking disease.

2901 days ago


George, keep your politics to yourself 'cause no one cares.
Do what you get paid for, ACT. You and Ben Affleck and any other celebrity can shut the xxxx up about politics, otherwise freaking run for office yourself.

2901 days ago


#8 you HATE George? Hate is a strong word. I mean really...perhaps you should get a friggin life.

I would LOVE to do more with George than drink a few beers.

Come on people...the buy has it least to me he does.

Do you think he really is gay?

2901 days ago


Yeah i dont think that he is with the nigerian govt .. but i do think he may be the anti know he has the pied piper thing going .. that is what scares me.. and I am afraid he would be another kennedy brother.
Yep say something

2901 days ago


To think that a black person can be elcted to a higher office is ludicrious.Obama should carry his message to Ghana or South Africa or Mozambique, where he's needed. Only thing he does here is cheat people on property deals cause its politically correct for a black person to do that!

2901 days ago

Danny the drunken dwarf    


clean that white residue off your chin!

2901 days ago


I like to watch George Clooney in movies. What I don't like is him using his celebrity status to tell people to run for office or telling me who to vote for. It's disgusting. he thinks because he is famous his political opinions are the best.
A word to the wise should be sufficient--George --stay the heck away from political discussions if you want to keep your career from tanking.
Plenty of people will just stop going to your movies.
But go ahead, you'll find out the hard way. Take a lesson from the Dixie Chicks. and keep your opinions to yourself.

2901 days ago

Allison's Mom    

Doesn't George Clooney look like George Michael? Hmmm.........

2901 days ago


George is a pile of dog crap. Overated and old.

2901 days ago


I do not understand myself...I am no way gay and there are soo many men I find attractive but George Clooney is not one of them I think he is ok looking but I just dont feel that OMG he is so fine thoughts. My friends think I am crazy as they see him as one of the most gorgeous men ever. Do I need therapy or am I the only woman that feels this way. Ok looking guy...but he doesnt do it at all for me.

2901 days ago


I'd beg Barack to run for President too! Get this country back on track. Funny how George says that he has done too much in his life to run for any politial position. Has that stopped any of the rest? I say "Go for it George!" I just hope your middle initial isn't W! Oh and by the way, George are you done "dating like crazy to shake up the paparazzi?" I haven't seen much about that lately, I think you're starting to bore them. I know a nice lady in Chandler AZ for you.

2900 days ago


Prnzez...keep your opinions to yourself 'cause no ones cares. Do what you get paid for (whatever that is) or what you do best (mindlessly read TMZ). You and all you other posters shut the xxxup about your opinions, otherwise start up your own celebrity web page. case you hadn't noticed I was placing YOU in your own post. That's right...just because your line of work (or free time activities) falls into one category doesn't mean that you are not allowed to hold any political opinions (or OPINIONS at all, for that matter). It's called the United States of America bonehead. If you want supressed opinions...I hear North Korea is a nice place to live.

2899 days ago

Mad Balls    

He 's just old and eating too much read meat , heard it gives you cancer 'cause of the antibiotics and method of death deal . They kinda shock the sh*te out of the Moo Moo Meat and if they (cow) don't die they slilt their throat or have a machine that breaks the neck . That makes me think That Obomo , not general powell , will split the vote . The dems seem to have it wrapped up in 08 and its' their to win or lose . Of cours Ms. Clinton is as hated by Men as Tom Cruise per say , is hated by Women . If you want to win Iraq ---general powell will do it --he knew how to win the war along time ago but got a kick in the arse instead , but be prepared to Have a Black president !! Dickheads . Obomo won't win and will just split the vote .

2897 days ago


I think he is overrated.He is good looking but he is so full of himself. I personally would not go out with him or give hime the time of day, not all women are dropping dead to meet him. He is some big kid who doesn't want to grow up. He will never remarry and be the classic old man with some 20 year old on his arm.

2896 days ago
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