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Pitt Buys Maddox a Helicopter

11/10/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Aw cute. Maddox has a big booboo on his cheek, and daddy Brad stops at a street vendor in Pune, India to buy him a toy copter.

Brad paid 200 rupees ($4.50) for the toy; about half a day's pay for the average Indian.

A kiss from daddy would make us feel better.


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Mad Balls    

Sorry list this time ...Angelina is an American Saint as far as I am concerned ...and Brad is Major cool ....if you want to lalf till your hate bone hurts read my afterthoughts at "Britney Wigs out " K-feds halloween blog on TMZ stupid it will lower your brain output to Anna Nichole Smith size !! Really give it a read !!

2901 days ago


to all the brangelina haters. get a life. they don't care what you think. they didn't chose to be in the media. the media choose them. if you are so sick of them, don't read or look at any magazines that has their picture. when i am sick of someone or dislike them, i wouldn't waste my time to talk about them. So, if you reply or comment about their life, that means you care; otherwise, you would have kept quite. they didn't do anything to hurt you personally. when they do, then you can speak up and say whatever you want about. in the meantime, move on and get a life. i am sure brad & angie have move on.

2901 days ago


thanks for your input borat.

don't ruin our celebrity worship,
can't you see he is the best dad in the world.

2901 days ago


I love any man that's a good father to his children. I look at this little boy and it's no wonder why she wanted to adopt him and give him a better life. I just had a baby but once he gets a little older, we'll be looking into adoption for the next one. I have tons of love to give and if there is a child out there that needs me, I'm on my way!

2901 days ago


Actually, Angelina adopted Maddox by herself. Thornton wasn't interested in adopting so he was never Madd's father. I, too, was struck by what a looker Madd is becoming. Sooo adorable! Just like his dad. I have to say, when I saw this picture, I wanted both of them!! (I'll take the other kids as well. Angie can have visitation rights.) :o)

2901 days ago


Jennifer Aniston could have had this life to, but she chose her career.

2901 days ago


Weird thing for a wife to do, adopt a child and then expect her husband to follow. Children especially adopted ones should be a joint decision, unlike an unexpected pregnancy, adopting a child adds another dynamic to a family. Why risk possible rejection? I can't blame BBT, to have an adopted child sprung on him, even if they briefly talked about it before she went and did it, if he did not agree to it and go with her, then he was definetly not into it. She must have thought if I just pick a kid and bring him home BB will get into it. I think the same thing happened with Z, I think Brad was hard pressed for it to work out and did not want to rock the boat, because what man who at the time was not legally divorced, and did not have a kid of his own, nor were there plans to marry, choose adoption as the first thing he wants to do with his new partner. I'm glad she adopted both kids, love their family always glad to see pictures, but it seems like some emotional strongarming was at play...he loves me more. Brad seems like a nice guy and damned if he would want to be the jerk that caused a kid to miss out on a home and besides he has great chemistry with Z especially, and Mad. It all worked out for the best though, they were all meant to be a family.

2901 days ago


Where do you get your delusional rants from? You’re off base on so many points it’s not even funny. But maybe that was your point to spew ignorant lies to stir things up. Even though we all know the turth. No one had anything "sprung" on them except maybe Brad on Angie bones. Who wouldn't want to be there??

2901 days ago


Wow, appears that LETTIE needs to take her own advice and get herself an education!

2901 days ago


you go angie, you got brad wraped tight around your ****. well you know what i mean!

2901 days ago


Actually, Angelina adopted Maddox with the FULL KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT of her then husband Billy Bob. Only, after she brought Maddox home and BBT did not engage with the child, chose to go touring with his band instead of being with his child that she realised that they had grown apart. When Angelina divorce BBT, she obtained FULL CUSTODY of Maddox, no contest from BBT. BBT it seems could not open his heart to an adopted child.

Pokeman, I agree that those who find the BAMZS boring should stop looking. But, not only do they look, they actually take the trouble to comment. And then not only do they comment but they take the trouble to confirm the comment when TMZ sends the email requiring them to do so. So, they are either REAAAAALLLLY BORED with their lives or they are more interested then they would like to be and are in denial about it. I do find these people totally hilarious. hahahahahaha

2901 days ago


Moments like this are what being a father is all about. Brad's one hot daddy. Maddox is one super cute kid.

2901 days ago

Lite it    

I think it's wonderful for anyone to be able to spend time with their kids. How many kids are out there without any family figures?So anyone with the need to criticize should go out and make a difference in a childs' life.

2901 days ago


Brad always wanted to be a "daddy" Its no secret that hes a doting good one.
Those who bicker (Jen's Fans) are just narrow minded and a**holes.
Jen doesnt want kids else she would have had them By NOW. Jen only wants to be a big Movie Star its ALL about her always has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2900 days ago


I hear A. Jolie is pregnant again. Should shut up all the "this won't last long" yappers. Now they're getting on with their life no matter what the celebrity "bloggers" have to say. LOL Be happy or be crabby. It's your choice. I say have em now while you're still young. Does Jennifer have children, oh that's right she doesn't want any right now. How old is she anyway??

2900 days ago
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