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Pitt Buys Maddox a Helicopter

11/10/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Aw cute. Maddox has a big booboo on his cheek, and daddy Brad stops at a street vendor in Pune, India to buy him a toy copter.

Brad paid 200 rupees ($4.50) for the toy; about half a day's pay for the average Indian.

A kiss from daddy would make us feel better.


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what is it with you people? it's like you haven't seen an adopted son and his father before... yes it's brad pitt and maddox... but it's just a simple picture of a father and son to me (adopted or not).

and fyi... in india, 200 rupees is alot, it can buy one a decent meal. - its like that vendor is going to blow it on starbucks anyway....

and lastly, despite what angelina's history is, i seriously doubt that she's the type of mother that abuses her children.

2872 days ago

Georgia Peach    

To those of you who continuously BASH Jen, get a grip. How do you know she didn't want children? According to her, she did and still does want children. Brad cheated on her and THAT'S what ended their marriage, nothing more and nothng less. To that end, I agree that he makes a wonderful father, and even though I have little respect for the way he ended his marriage to Jen, I do respect his love and devotion to his family, and I certainly do not believe this was a "Photo-Op". He's just a good dad taking his son to buy a toy - probably to get over his little "boo boo".

2872 days ago

Jimmy Hoffa    

I'm baaack..... You know what really puts a knot in my scrotum about this story? Brad Pooh got ripped off!! Yeah! Ripped off! And it's going to cost me $4.50 for a freakin' toy helicopter the next time I'm in India. That piece of sh*t is only worth a $1.15. I don't care how poor the bastard is.
Any way it's hard to keep a dead man down. I crawling back under the goal post. Tah tah.

2872 days ago


I for one just love the way BP and AJ love these 3 little children. The ever so beautiful AJ has grown up, and she now knows what LIFE is all about;as well as BP, he is finally playing the role that he has been wanting to play for so many years. He is now the father that he has wanted to be for soooo long. And I am happy for him, and AJ. He loves children, and its a shame that the SHEMAN CHINNIFER ONLY THOUGHT OF HERSELF to not give this man a child. So, what happened is that he ended up looking elsewhere, and he found someone that wanted to give him a child. I'm sooooo certain that they love each other sooo much, and they don't have to go around all the time smiling, laughing, kissing, hugging, touching, etc. just to show their love. Afterall, they are not teenagers and they are not in their 20's. Besides, whose to say that the IMMENSELY INSECURE CHINNIFER begged BP to behave like this out in public, because of her INSECURITIES. HUH! Who knows, most of the time she could of been HIGH ON HER WEED OR POWDER! And, that is why she would act stupid like that. But now, these are two individuals that have 3 children, and are behaving like mature adults out in public. I'll bet you that BP is EXTREMELY HAPPY that he doesn't have to constantly hug, touch, arms around her, kiss, laugh, and basically act stupid just to show the world that he loves her. These are my feelings! I'll bet when they are alone, though, the heat gets fired up. IMMENSELY! Unlike what he had with the SHEMAN!

2870 days ago
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