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Rosie and Elisabeth -- Lez Miserable?

11/10/2006 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck"The View" co-hostesses, Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselblech, are usually bumping heads -- but last night, the two couch-sisters were all lovey dovey. Rosie and Elisabeth attended last night's Broadway opening of "Les Miserables" together.

Rosie, with a handycam, was filming her own footage of the event. She took a break to pose for pics with Miss Lizzie. While Elisabeth's smile seemed genuine, Rosie looked slightly 'miserable.'


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Looks like Rosie took a knee to her nose.

2882 days ago


Rosie always looks like she needs some Ex-Lax.

2882 days ago


Has anyone else noticed Rosie NEVER smiles genuinely? She just shows her teeth.

2882 days ago

Lenn K    

It's funny how people want Elizabeth off the show. If she left there wouldn't be another point of view. Whether you like it or not it help's to get a different point of view other than the same people condemning the same people. I think it would be funny to have equal people with different view points instead of One Loud Mouth trying to destroy anyone with a different thought. One thing about Rosie is gayness her only point of view.

2882 days ago


Why does your site put down Elizabeth--how pointed (Hassel-"blech") and biased. She is clearly politically outnumbered on the View and she handles it with class and respect--notice how the other three get mean and heated and spiteful while she keeps her cool. Should conservatives not be allowed to voice their opinion as well?

2882 days ago


To #3: meow. I see the residents from the same trailer park posted on this article today: #9 Godfrey, #11 Richard, #12 Babee and of course, #18 Lenn. You're the one who focuses on her being gay, LENN. Rosie represents one side of the View. This show is SUPPOSED to be represented by Repubs and Democrats. Elizabeth is a poor choice to represent Republicans. She's mousy and spits out things her mommy probably told her. She can't think for herself. Instead of finding fault with Rosie, campaign for a more intelligent representative for the republican view.

2882 days ago

Lenn K    

Jennifer, is that you. My God if the word gay comes in you come on like a policedog to reply. If you're gay don't take it so personal and If you're not don't take it so personal. Rosie does not represent one side of the discussion, she represent the only side of the discussion. She yell if you disagree. Elizabeth my be mousy, but she is who she is and if they wanted a stronger point of view they could have hired someone else. It's three to one and we all know this. Also would you say that Rosie spits out the things her mother told her. By the I'm not a republican.

2882 days ago


Don't Hate! Elisabeth is cool in my book. To the Rosie lovers - What's the real Rosie - jovial everywoman or angry dyke?

2882 days ago


Who's the third, Lenn? Rosie and Joy tend to agree, I thought Barbara and Elizabeth were the republicans. Barbara, in my opinion, is pretty reserved and Elizabeth, as apparently we both agree, is mousy. Your last line was a stereotype and insulting. I was interested in seeing how Rosie would get along with O'Reilly, and I thought she was polite, he stated his opinions, she stated some of hers - no shouting over each other. One day when Elizabeth and Joy got into it, Rosie was the calming influence. So yes, Rosie is loud and yes she is gay, but that's not all there is to her. I think she's very knowledgeable about current events, as we all should be. And I couldn't care less whether you're a republican or democrat.

2882 days ago

Lenn K    

So Jennifer isn't that last line the line you used to talk about Elizabeth mommy? Aren't you the one who always bring up the Demos and Repubs? Remember I don't have any friends and I'm all alone. The problem with Rosie is gayness is her main theme, and if you don't see that you're blind or deaf. As far as Barbara is concern you can see her left-wing bend and there nothing wrong with that. The problem we have is if a person doesn't agree with gay marriage there branded a nazi or hater. What's wrong with a different opinion than the left-wing opinion. You said, one day Rosie was a calming influence, well that probably was the only day,

2882 days ago

Confessions of a Paparazzi    

That is ridiculous. I was there and they walked arm and arm together down the street, they didn't even come in a car. They were chatting and laughing and when they walked on the Red Carpet, they posed, Rosie filmed, and then she was the one interviewed by the media. The darn musical is 3 hours long, if Rosie didn't want to spend time with Lizbeth, this would have been one play they wouldn't have to

2882 days ago


Who says The View has to be political? It wasn't always until ElizaBITCH joined the group. Yeah, it had a liberal slant so what? FOX news and even MSNBC are filled with a conservative or right-wing slant e.g. Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews, Bill O'Reilly, Neil Cavuto, John Gibson, Sean Hannity's not like the right wing's point of view is lacking. Elizabeth is dumb, inarticulate and intolerant. She's the one that can't take an opinion different from her own. She goes off crying or pouting like she did after the elections. Give this cross-eyed bleached blond bigot her own show on FOX News or the 700 hundred club.

2882 days ago

karen pearce    


2882 days ago

Ms Dawn Dawn    

Tolerance is a word that requires that no party agree. In other words, “You agree to disagree & treat each other with respect that all humans deserve regardless of their opinion.” Everyone has an opinion & everyone’s opinion is right regardless of what it is. “Opinion” is not solely based on fact; it is based on belief as well. Rosie (as well as a lot of other people) can’t seem to find her dictionary; and thus, defines tolerance as “if you don’t agree with me then you’re an idiot.” Name calling is childish & serves no purpose, but to harm. Judging from this picture, the only one who looks to be tolerant is Elizabeth. Rosie just looks put-off. But then again, cameras lie & the name of the game in the “BIZ” is publicity. Bravo to them! They got us talking about it.

2882 days ago


Ya know I'm glad that Rosie is back! She is great and Elizabeth is just young and really can't keep up with the long timers such a Rosie and Joy, Barbara Yo Go Rosie!!

2882 days ago
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