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Rosie and Elisabeth -- Lez Miserable?

11/10/2006 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck"The View" co-hostesses, Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselblech, are usually bumping heads -- but last night, the two couch-sisters were all lovey dovey. Rosie and Elisabeth attended last night's Broadway opening of "Les Miserables" together.

Rosie, with a handycam, was filming her own footage of the event. She took a break to pose for pics with Miss Lizzie. While Elisabeth's smile seemed genuine, Rosie looked slightly 'miserable.'


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elizabeth is a wimp, she whines too much, she speaks to fast, to sensitive and boring...Rosie is very intelligent, which scares people who don't know much

2902 days ago


I have watched The View for many years now, and I gotta say, besides The Barbara (and Joy!), Rosie is the best thing to happen to that show, ever! Well, okay, the best thing that ever happened to the show was Star leaving. Elisabeth should quickly follow. Like Star, she wants to be a know-it-all, and both are sooo anal!

2902 days ago


i like rosie...she speaks her lizbeth is a lil too prissy for me

2902 days ago

mike marata    

I would'nt $#@(*&^+ her with Rosie's penis.

2902 days ago

mike marata    

you know....her sexual preference is her buisiness....if thats what she is into,so be it!!! WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE WHO PEOPLE LOVE...I MEAN...IF ELIZIBETH IS A CHUBBY CHASER...THATS FINE WITH ME!!!!

2902 days ago


Lizabeth is young, inexperienced in life and as a mother but that doesn't stop her from arguing her point of view and has her nose so far up Rosie's butt.
Bring back Meredith PLEASE... Rosie must be the man in her relationship, she spends a lot of time attending concerts and not at home with all the children she adopted.

2902 days ago


A picture of the honest truth. It shows which mouth has the best coming out of it. Elisabeth and Rosie are so different. Rosie is always so loud and tries to drown out all the rest of the ladies. No on the picture you see she is trying to drown us with that awful smile. Go Elisabeth. Keep that cute smile

2902 days ago


Elisabeth is a sweetie and the only one who makes the show somewhat palatable.

2902 days ago

Barbara Young    

WHO really watch "THE VIEW" anymore since "STAR" was ask to leave. ROSIE is a you know what and Eliza belive everything in her little HOME is HAPPY. Barbara is OLD and UGLY. She needs to retire. Who cares what they do on the weekend! NOT ME!

2902 days ago

tim jeffries    

Elizabeth you are so stuck up and so set in your belief's. why are you on the show. you came from were .

2902 days ago

judie salvato    

rosie is disgusting on the view. what the hell did the producers think getting rid of the intelligent star jones-reynolds and having dike night rosie come on. while i know she was coming on to replace merideth viera, she could never measure up to either star or merideth. it is horrible to think has taken this direction. i dont watch the view as i did previous to star and meridith leaving but i do occasionally check in from time to time. i look at about 30 seconds at the hot topics and i then move on to ER on tnt. the view is terrible and needs to be cancelled and i think rosie and elisabth can do that for them.

judie salvato

2902 days ago

Judy Murphy    

Rosie is probably worst host you could have found to replace Meredith and Star Jones. She is a BOISTOROUS OOF that thinks she know everything. She interrupts people while they are talking both guest and host. She has a very loud comment on EVERYTHING. Every movie, play or book, she has a very very loud opinion and acts as if she wrote the material. All she does is argure and it gets very old. I personally don't care that she is GAY but all she does is rub our faces in her love and life of KELLY. The other host don't talk about their signicant other like she does, Barbara needs to take the show back and tone Rosie down or find
a replacement host. One that could "talk" to the guest and not scare them to death,
SHE REALLY IS RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS. I know I don't have to watch your show and that is exactly what i'm doing. I sometimes see parts when I am channel hopping. Always hoping Rosie has changed, as I really enjoyed the show before
the big ole' RUDE hippopotomus tried to tell us how to think. She can't be a good mother and I wonder how she was allowed these children. It has to be "her money". POOR POOR KIDS.......They will be in my prayers !!!!!!

2902 days ago

Mike Gnip    

Back in 85 I attended a Comedy Shop in Baltimore and that was the first time the word Rosie was brought into my life. Sitting there with friends this new comic started to pick on members of the audience, I for one. When I called her a fat dyke from N.Y. management told me to cool it. She had no class then and still has to date. I find her an ugly person inside and out.

Eliz. you are hot....

2901 days ago


elizabeth is ignorant, always raising her voice like a little child to make her point all the while slapping the back of her hand on the palm of her other. to be truthful she is the reason i quit watching the show. and im sure the hell not jealous of that thing, babee you idiot.

2901 days ago

kathy waterman    

I really like the new cast at the view. I think Rosie is a strong and confident person. A show can change cast members and continue to be informative and entertaining as well. We should try to emphsize the positvie in life and disregard the negitive. People tend to verbalize negitivity towards others, when in fact, the comments are caused by another source in their lifes.
There is more than one way to make a cake. This views new cast makes for a deliouse new cake. Variety is the spice of life.
Barbara you have a good cast, i just want you to know that i enjoy the show a bunch.

2900 days ago
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