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Spears Drops K-Fed, Neckline

11/10/2006 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears showed up to Sony Music Studios late last night with her security detail and her, um, two closest friends in tow.

She pulled up in a stretch limo and waited inside the car until security was prepared to open the doors to let her in the building. One member of security can be seen on the phone calling for someone to let them in, warning the paparazzi, "No one stops our feet, OK?!"

Britney emerged from the car wearing an extremely revealing collared shirt, and rushed passed photogs as they yelled, "Britney, you look gorgeous." We concur.

Photogs spotted Britney earlier in the week wearing a gazonga-revealing outfit. Splitting with K-Fed has done wonders for the girl(s).


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omg she's walking into a building!

2871 days ago


TMZ inform me when she takes a sh*t and piss at the same time, that's more interesting! Oh and let me know when she gets her period, I want to track it with mine.

2871 days ago


Brittany needs her family with her .......

TMZ ........Good job you're doing , continue on . Getting interesting every minute of the way.

I pray that Kevin doesnt get his children , plus Shari so concern about Sperm Donor Kevin , why doesnt she get back with him .
Shari is only feeling sorry for Sperm Donor Kevin because he's paying for the children of her's schooling , he should be paying child support too . Keep in mind .....Kevin would get money from Brittany , and then that money would go to shari , that's why she feels so sorry for his ass . IF he doesnt get money , Shari doesnt get money .....Again Kevin sperm donor needs the money for shari to spend.

2871 days ago


The only way this girl can get attention is by showing her ASSets. Can you say Pam Anderson? Britney isn't even "back" yet and I am already sick of her! Uugh.

2871 days ago


I thought I was on the TMZ website, not! Give us a break!

2871 days ago


Kind of like her body guard he seems to know his job. He keeps the girl in motion while being rather surly with the photogs. If I ever needed one, I want to hire him.

2871 days ago


Wow, Britney's learned to wear a bra again!!! She's 'betta off alone".

2871 days ago

duh...totally !    

Ridiculous !!!
Who gives a flying freak she 's walking into a building showing off her big boobs, ugly outfit, and even uglier wig !

get over yourself Brit w/ all the lame publicity !

take some notes from Reese....go home, be with your KIDS !!!!!

IDIOTS ! U and K-Fag SUCK !

2871 days ago

J Doe    

ive figures out why britney thinks she needs an amy of security around her at all times..


2871 days ago

Mike V.    

Brittney is nothing more than a trailer trash HO with saggy titties. Her 15 minutes will be up after her new CD bombs.

2871 days ago


This girl is such a sleazebag, she cant even hold onto her tits, let alone her kids!
She is the one that stole Kevin from his previous family, and now he is the bad guy? I feel bad for him, he is not the one that had child protective services called on him, or endangered his children by letting them flop around in the car on a busy freeway. You can say hes a bad rapper, alot of us chose careers that didnt work out for us, but you cant say sh*t about his parenting skills! Leave him alone people! the next poor guy Britney gets with and marries and has five kids with him, will eventually catch on, that you cant take trailer out of trash, but you can take the trash out of the trailer!

2871 days ago

jeanettte jay    

I would have to say that dumping the scab was a good move. Walking around with a push up bra and milk boobs again out away from her sons is a bit much.
The public will be all over this D and the best thing she could do is button it up and focus on her sons and be a Mom right now. If I had a 1 year old and a 2 month old I would be at home with my kids being a parent. She has been all over the place recently. Who is spending time with those kids? Her parenting was in ? before. The scab is worthless but if he can prove that she is gone all the time and he can be with them things could turn different.
Button it up women you are a Mom now not a cow looking for a milk machine-

2871 days ago


Come on people, give her a break. She's young and free, let her flaunt it. Go Britney!!

2871 days ago


I'm very happy she's filed for D., but there is also a down side that I'm seeing, Britney you need to be home with those kids, you're possibly messing yourself up by not being with your kids, take your kids with you, your second child is a wonderful thing, but who cares, Jayden is just another kid, be seen with them once in awhile, it's only looking bad on you. And cover up your tits, we all knkow what boobs look like, we don't need them in our face, you are cheapening yourself, get some self respect!!!

2871 days ago


Britt needs to wear an old granny bra to hold those milk titties up. In a year or two she's gonna be kicking them when she walks.

2871 days ago
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