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K-Fed: Playing With Pennies

11/11/2006 10:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is apparently already worried about life after Britney, at least money-wise. The soon-to-be cash-strapped rapper was seen buying some briefs at a Wal-Mart in Maryland, and according to one report was staying at a "cheap" motel near Washington, D.C., where he's making appearances on behalf of his album. According to pictures taken by Splash News the FedEx was spotted by a lensman shopping at Wal-Mart.

Meanwhile, the aspiring rapper's last weekend in New York may have been preparation for the single life. Page Six reports that Federline hung out at hotspot Marquee all night, after being nixed from P. Diddy's birthday party, and sat at a corner table until 4 a.m., closing the place down and inviting some female acquaintances back for "a private after-party."

Eva and Beyonce – Lady Lovers?

Pop princess Beyonce Knowles and "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria might well be getting it on – on the big screen, that is, if Sofia Coppola has her way. The two beauties are in talks, says the New York Daily News, to play the lead roles in a film version of "Tipping the Velvet," the graphic Victorian tale of a love affair between a dance hall star (to be played by Knowles) and a fishmonger's daughter (Longoria). "We've had 'Brokeback Mountain,' so the time is right for this divine novel to get the same treatment," said Beyonce last week. And Longoria confirmed that she's angling to do the movie. Coppola has yet to get the green light, but is actively trying to get the movie made.

No Booze on Stage for G'n'R, Says Maine

Rockers Guns 'N' Roses were forced to cancel a performance in Portland, Maine this week, after officials told the band they couldn't booze on stage. According to a spokesman for the Maine Public Safety Department, the band had wanted to drink beer, wine, and Jagermeister on stage, but state laws prohibit it. And as a result, said a band rep, it would have been "impossible for the band to perform their show to the usual high standards that their fans deserve," so Axl Rose and the boys cancelled their gig. Rose, in his own statement, called the rulings "draconian" and said the band would try to play again in the state some other time.

Party Favors: Scarlett and Josh on the Outs? ... Crispin Glover Not Close to Marriage ... Fox's "Justice" Gets Axed

Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Josh Hartnett might be close to calling it quits, says Page Six. "Scarlett is always mad at him," says one source, "and they are always arguing." Another reason for the possible rift might be the fact that Hartnett hasn't been in the country for weeks ... Crispin Glover – and how often do we get to do a Crispin Glover item? – says that he doesn't want to settle down with a woman, now or ever. "I don't know if I'll ever get married," says the former George McFly to "I go out with women that don't want to get married ... Fox's legal drama "Justice" has been given the 86, effective immediately. Fox reps says it's been "pulled" from the schedule, but the show's ratings had been flailing. Meanwhile, ABC's "What About Brian" got picked up for a full season.

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To the "so called racist": Dude...go rent American History X...immediately, you might learn something. Stop the perpetuates itself and burns up ALL of your energy and is a huge waiste of time and resources. As a "non-racist" I don't waiste my time hating on the closed minds anymore...I mostly feel pity instead. There's a whole wide world out there that you're missing. Open your eyes and find it.

2868 days ago

in the know    

#46 You are delusional. Apparently you did not listen to the video of the people coming out of the House of Blues in Chicago. They said his music was not tight , he sounded awful and did not know what to do with himself on stage. What counts is not what you think but what fans think since they buy the tickets and cds. He can be great all he wants but if no one will buy his music then it does not matter, so I hope you have alot of money to help him out. FYI. Shar forgives him because she hopes to cash in on his settlement with Britney. Shar had not been heard from for 10 years until K-fed hooked up with Britney. Now she is sending her children to private school and walking red carpets... Go Figure!

2868 days ago


Dr #49 the critics in the house of blues are just 65 year old jealous failed musicians, not the real musicians, they are simply enraged that Kevin can record a beautiful album and it can be heard by people around the world, all be it with no real musical training and a, fun, free, quick 2 year rise to glory. While they, the critics have been playing and writing duff compositions since they were 3 years old but sadly to no avail and are now just bitter that it has all come to nought!!!!

So okay K-fed cannot perform to the best of his high standards every day, but then everyone has bad days, he is talented and masters the small stages, infront of his 500 real fans with ease, but falls flat to crap infront of the national TV cameras and the constant barrages of hate thrown at him continously by the hateful puplic in their thousands!!

NO one wants to give him a chance to shine which is sad, and one of the main reasons sited for this is because he was bad and walked out on his twice pregnant wife Shar Jackson, now if Shar knew that she was going gain money indirectly from this and boost her career from all the press coverage that this would ultimately garner, she would have pushed Kev to get with Brit... Which forms the basis of your argue-ment Dr #49.

So Shar wanted Kev to get with Brit all along for the money+fame, and then people hate on him for leaving Shar and his first 2 kids by shouting "poor excuse for a father, or trash for ditching your wife for fame" even though Shar approved of this all along,( As did Britney too)??? YEAH LIKE THAT, THE REASON FOR ALL THE HATE " REALLY FIGURES"!!!!!!!

2867 days ago


Just in from Ask Fox

JUSTICE moves (again) to its new timeslot - FRIDAYS at 8pm ET/PT beg.
FRI 12/1/06. ALL-NEW Justice episodes will air for 4 weeks. A decision
on the future of the show will be determined after those 4 airings.

2865 days ago
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