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Ashlee Makes

Paparazzi Screech

11/13/2006 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashlee SimpsonAshlee Simpson's got a nifty way to get those pesky photogs the f**k out of her way -- threaten them with a two ton vehicle!

After partying at Hollywood hotspot Hyde, a bedraggled looking Simpson retreated to her SUV while doing her best not to look directly at any of the cameras snapping away. How nice of her.

Her driver then played a game of chicken with photogs surrounding them, and drove the car right into a couple of lensmen. With the photogs now out of the way, Ashlee and friends made a quick getaway. No one was seriously injured.


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no pervs allowed    

I want to be famous too,,, that way I could get all the free Duff Beer I could drink. I could drink all day and eat donuts. Mmmmmmmm beer and donuts. Maaarge can you get me another beer? D'OH,,,, I'm at work. You're right Patsy, we are just a bunch of people looking for love and fortune in all the wrong places. I guess that is why you don't have a life either and are getting one of those headaches of hate yelling at the rest of us. Don't be a hater Patsy, have a beer and enjoy the internet like the rest of us. It's just to bad Mr. Burns doesn't let us get the porn sites, so we can look at naked pictures of Jessica. Mmmmmm poooorrrrnnn. D'OH,,, I forgot, is she related to me? By the way, does anyone know what it means when the reactor panel says meltdown?

2819 days ago


These Hollywood people make me vomit. They were the ones who wanted to be stars. What did they expect, no one would want to take their pictures, or ask for an autograph.

It you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire and get a 9-5 like most people.

I know the pappazarri are not at my house every day, nor would I try to run anyone over.

You don't like it, too f***in bad. Its the life you choose.

2818 days ago


#5, first I hope you were not injured, and secondly, I hope you get a lawyer and sue the bitches ass.

I love these people who want to be famous but cannot handle the press. This is the career YOU choose. If it was up to me, Ashlee and her sister would both drop off the face of the earth, and while their at it, take their perverted Daddy with them.

These people are nothing but dog sh*t under us ordinary folk.

2818 days ago

Mad Balls    

The league of LA vampires have claimed another soul . luckily she did have a singing voice or they would have taken that too . The Photographers should pretend to be holding camera and make clicking sounds like theor snapping pictures just to jibbed her ....he he he

2818 days ago
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