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Brad & Angie Split!

11/13/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relax! They left India. Angie has apparently wrapped the India portion of the Daniel Pearl movie, "A Mighty Heart."

Brangelina and company made their gorgeous way to the airport in Pune yesterday, with Brad carrying baby Shiloh (who again remained hidden from view) and Angie holding Maddox's hand and carrying Zahara. The family was seen off by very few paparazzi, a far cry from the crush they will undoubtedly face once they return to California.


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If any of you idiots have ever had a baby you would know that the flashing lights of the camera can upset them and cause them fear... And if a couple of hundred flashing at adults can be distressful imagine the damage it could do to the baby. They covered the other kids at first too, til the got used to the lights, as if anyone could.

2897 days ago


it seems that some of you think aj ,bp can do no wrong. so let them go save all the 3rd world countrys they want.why when they add to the family do they not see the children in the us? or is it harder here to just go pick your child ? yes i have children and have adopted one . and they are both loved the same .

2897 days ago


could it be that they shield shiloh because she is still so young?

2897 days ago

Satan Angelina    

I am sick and tired of Brangelina. Why is she called a saint and being compared to Mother Theresa? (that is a huge insult to Mother Theresa). She is nothing but a home wrecker who tries to cover her digusting acts by exploiting the poor. Where was Angelina when Katrina hit the south? She was not helping the US. There are a lot of peole who need help in this country. I think she hates America but had to use the country for a living and to promote herself.
Brad uses his small head in between his legs..obviously! Angelina is very manipulative to Brad, media and the poor to gain popularity. Shame on her and shame on you all for supporting her.

2897 days ago


God you people are sooooooo jealous. brad isn't going back to the has been sitcom actress and is happy with angelina and his family so you settle for bitching about their sunglasses which kid is held more, which kid is covered up more. damn but you are so JEALOUS.

2897 days ago


The reason you always see the kids, is because the kids are always with them, as is the press. Seems like a lot of parents could take a lesson from those two. The baby is awfully young to be exposed to bright lighing, and who knows what disease, so is more protected. Be Logical for a change, and not so critical..

2897 days ago


WOW - all over two celebs and their children.......Let them be!

2897 days ago


Get bent you stupid whiners. You guys can't stand to see a happy family? And who the f@ck cares if they adopt from Africa or America? Don't all children deserve a chance? Why don' you educate yourselves and do some research before you spew hatful words. American babies are easily adopted. Children in other countries are not so lucky. You can't really be so stupid can you? And if your own f@cking government couldn't help the Katrina victims what makes you think it's Angelina and/or Brad's responsibility? Selfish, stuck-up, and STUPID that's why you think that way. I guess I hate you as much as you hate them, but at least I have a good reason to hate you (I've read your posts). You have no good reason to hate them.

2897 days ago


just leave em alone... you want them to throw a blanket over their 4 yr old sons head or a veil like micheal jackson!!! there isn't a decent parent that loves one child more than another. the baby is still an infant and they need to cover her. i think they are great parents and a very giving couple. focus on that for a while!!

2897 days ago


I 100% agree with #1 and #15

2897 days ago

jolie fan    

#45-the only sara-You sound like a very mean person. I`m sure you could find a way to say how you feel without sounding so wicked and cruel. Picking on a baby is quite low. What`s next running over puppy dogs?

2896 days ago


I think the 2 of them are ridiculous. Stay home w/ your kids instead of dragging them to Africa or where ever you feel the need to adopt another baby. The new baby whose name I cant pronounce is probably being taken care of by some nanny in one of their many mansions while they re doing movies, traveling or saving the world. The union of Brad and Angie will never last.

2895 days ago


dam i thought holie had gotton dumped to bad nice dream

2895 days ago


Maybe it is the fact that they DO have a fortune( between the two of them)is the reason that they have adopted these children because they would have never had that kind if life at home. And they let the public see these children so that it can be a reminder to those that easily forget that there are needy children ALL over the world, that two children from two different but poor countries can live ,love and learn from each other regardless of race and income bracket. And maybe they hide their mutual child because they know that she will be recognized all her life because of who her mom and dad are and not truly loved and respected by "the public"- us!, they'll put the other two out there because they want those children to respected and loved for WHO they are AND where they came from!!

2895 days ago


Wow! Read the jealousy in these posts! What did Brad & Angie ever do to these people writing these posts? Obviously, and of course unintentionally, made them jealous, insecure, pathetic little losers. Oh, and by the way, if you jealous pathetic losers had any brains, you would know that the reason they are sheilding Shiloh is because at her tender age, those bright flash bulbs constantly going off could not only hurt her precious eyes, it could also scare the poor little infant half to death. Did any of you jealous losers stop to think how long it took before we saw any good pictures of Maddox? He was shielded just as Shiloh was. If these two remarkable people bother you so much, why the hell are you pursuing everything about them? GROW UP!

2894 days ago
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