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Flava of Ugh!

11/13/2006 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flava Flav and DeelishisHis signature clock oughta show that fame's fifteen minutes are up for reality show couple Flava Flav and the "winner" of "Flavor of Love," Deelishis.

The disastrously-clad duo appeared on the red carpet for BET's Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, looking like they'd dressed for a Pimp and Ho Ball.

While they may have made 'good' television, Deelishis and Flava have seriously bad taste.


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Real As It Gets!!    

I think he is just like everyone of us all! He is doing what he has to do to support his self and kids!! Yeah maybe he cant dress but guess what he had a hit show that I personally and millions of other viewers tuned into regullarly! So Stop Hatin!!!!! All Of You!!!!

2859 days ago


no doubt #38 the show was extremely entertaining I had some good ass laughs..he is a funny dude...., he a player as u can all them tribes of kids from all them differen't baby mama's but on the real I hope Deelishs not with him and its all a front for them to get that paper..she is too cute with them dimples and that outta site body...i hope he not sexing Ms. Deelishis geez she need to wake up he knocked up another woman for goodness sake do u need him that bad...please let this be fake...have a better esteem about yourself Deelishis u can get any man u for that outfit its alright but i think she should've wore one of those thong sleeve short dresses with the deep plung of the upper back out...she got great legs and the bareness of the back with the rump just sitting there like a great steak with the steeltoes omg men in that audience wouldn't be able to stand up if u know what im saying lol

2855 days ago


deelishis and flava flav look extremely awful.yall are right,neither one of them has any taste.she looks like she just stepped out of the 99 cents store and he does too.not to be funny or anything,but deelishis didn't have any taste on the show(neither did flav).everything she wore was a damn mess and you can tell she doesnt have any hair by that thin ass hair line.the only decent dress i saw her with,was the one that flav had gotten for her at the end of the show(the one he picked).that was the best i have seen her on the show because she always dressed like an old lady to me with those old lady dresses that she used to wear.those other girls on the show ws dressed appropiate for there age and the dresses of the others had more syle and fashion to them .deelishis dresses were made for my grandma,at least that's what they look like as long as they are.ha,ha,ha,

2845 days ago


Flava Flav looks like a GIANT Cockroach. He needs to be sprayed with some Raid. How can ANYONE sleep with that ugly ass man. Deelishis is stupid. How is she gonna explain to her daughter that she is with someone like him? I'm sure she gives great head, because she lacks ethics.

Flava has been known to hide his assets and not take care of his children. On top of all that, he's a crack head, but claims to be clean. If you watch him closely on the shows, you can totally tell he is still on crack.

2833 days ago


OMG !!!!!!!!! flava flav looks like Mr. Hankyyyyyyyy , from South Park. LMFAO

2817 days ago

Ms Kris    

I forgot her real name.

Guess her views on life are screwed up since William is having kid #7 with another woman.

2868 days ago


Is anyone shocked at that? He always dresses like a fool! And she was as much a hoe as all the other girls on that show!

2868 days ago


Her name is London Charles.

2868 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

why would anyone want him? he one stupid mf,same as dennis the pin cusion rodman,a loser

2868 days ago

Jason Elias    

They both look ridiculous....

2868 days ago


They do look foolish together in those outfits. Flav should have stuck with Public Enemy and not done that show for publicity for himself. The girl he chose looks like a man in drag.

2868 days ago


I guess Flav's 15 mins (which has been going on for about 20 years) aren't up. He's on TMZ all the time. Of course they dress and act like they do. Otherwise yinz wouldn't take their picture now wouldya??

2868 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

Vote it up.

2868 days ago


I hope this show is over. I couldn't even stand to watch any previews; why would anyone want to sit in a hot tub with him and kiss him? It's making me sick as I'm typing this.

2868 days ago

duh...totally !    

what about the 'rumor' that Flav got some assistant prego, and she's due soon....

can anyone confirm???

#7 w/ what 4th or 5th woman....YIKES !

2868 days ago
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