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Matt Damon's Beef With "Bagger Vance"

11/14/2006 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt DamonYou think you know what Matt Damon considers his most cringe-worthy moment? No, it wasn't his high profile romance with klepto-thesp Winona Ryder, it was having to utter the line, "I like the way we danced," in Robert Redford's "The Legend of Bagger Vance."

According to Details magazine, the cheeseball line he muttered to Charlize Theron is "still hacking away from inside Damon's skull with a five iron." Not a disaster of Gigli-sized proportion.

One thing he is proud of: convincing "Bourne Supremacy" director Paul Greengrass and Universal Studios to reshoot the ending of the film, using Matt's more spectacular ending, just three weeks before the film's release! The man's got balls!

Matt, known among his peers for avoiding the limelight, believes that too much exposure can turn an otherwise serious actor into a "personality" and lead to not being believable in different roles. Can you say "Bennifer?"

From his stellar reviews in "The Departed," it doesn't look like Matt has anything to worry about.


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Hey, that's the crooked cop from the Departed. He got what he deserved.

2845 days ago


Okay...I'm a guy.

Tom Cruise makes me puke. Matt Damon will usually get me to pay a ticket to see a movie, because he chooses some knockout roles. PLUS...when I see Matt Damon on the screen, I see the freakin' character. When you see Tom Cruise on the always see Xenu. Well, at least, CRUISE.

Seriously, I despise most of these cinema dudes. The new Brad Pitt movie,
'Babel,' changed my mind about THAT dimwit...he really IS "kick-butt," but Cate Blanchette (Galadriel!) is more outstanding than he.

I think a big issue here is...GEE!...we don't have a "guy of the hour" in terms of Hollywood filmdom.?Tom Cruise has TOTALLY lost the whole enchilada...his freakish, cult-ish "needy" image is repellent, and this whole marriage to Katie Holmes smacks of sewer-smell.

Cruise was once indeed a great star, but...anyone who embraces Scientology is asking for serious backlash. Embracing L. Ron Hubbard (no relation to "Mother" of "Cupboard" fame) is virtually the same thing as "making" a religion out of some crappy, B-Grade 50s sci-fi flick. It's like saying that BisQuick Pancake Mix holds ALL the secrets of the universe, and then bowing down to stacks of flap-jacks.

By all that is decent and rational...L. Ron Hubbard was one of the biggest , most talentless psycho-hacks in history...

I would have been more accepting if Tom embraced a religion based upon 'Star Trek.' (REALLY--Star Trek would have been a BETTER "fake" religion!).

I don't care if Tom is gay or not...(Who will EVER know...or ever really give a sh*t?), but his recent movies have not inspired me to buy a ticket. I'm not saying that Tom could not turn it all around, but Matt Damon seems to be a far better actor, with a far more interesting choice of roles that mix action with dramatic stuff that compel the everyday person to possibly buy a cinema ticket. Tom has LOST that. Sad--but true--I mentally "lump him in" with Michael Jackson, i.e. Fine Mega-Star That Became a TWISTED, GROTESQUE FORM OF LIFE.

Yet, Matt Damon is keeping the juju going. I last paid to see him in 'Brothers Grimm," and it was [okay]...but I would be first in line for the third Bourne flick. I trust Damon to "produce" as a screen-star...Cruise gives me (and everyone I know) the heebie-jeebies. Tom still has a chance, but he needs to "re-invent" himself-----for starters, he can drop the Scientology (most jack-assed "religion" on earth) and dig deep into some good comedic or ultra high-action flicks. Otherwise? Nuh-uh.

Also, I don't think people should rag on Ben Affleck too much when comparing him to Matt D. Ben has made some awful pictures, but he really did shine in the recent indie bio-flick as George Reeves ("Superman"). Ben is not as bad an actor as Tom Cruise, and...if he gets the right picture...he might prove it.

But Damon really is a class act and I give him props. His "Bourne" movies totally smash Cruise's "Mission Imp" remakes.

Again: I am a guy, and I paid to see 'Borat,' and I paid to see 'The Prestige,' and I would pay to see a new Damon-Bourne flick. Outside of that, I will "buy" a great variety of films in my home via ppv.

2845 days ago


Matt is freaking hot and totally right to shun the limelight. That is the difference between him and those other over-exposed media whore celebrities. Can't wait for Bourne Supremacy to open.

2844 days ago


correction, "Bourne Ultimatum".

2844 days ago

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