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Ashley Judd: Naked Hypocrite

11/15/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley JuddAshley Judd is full of it. She was on the radio in Minneapolis last week, and when asked what she thought of being named one of the sexiest woman alive by FHM, she said, "Gross ... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" And this week she's on the cover of Marie Claire -- stark naked!

The article focuses on her work as the Global Ambassador of YouthAIDS. We're not sure why she didn't wear a shirt to work the cause, but it's not gross!

Perhaps Ashley likes being naked on mags for girls, but not for boys?


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Ashley Judd is the most egocentric actress out there. She is a horrible actress and a self centered idiot. She is not as smart as she thinks she is. At every interview she puts off like she has this large vocabulary, but if you actually listen to her she has no idea what she is saying. She uses big words but does not know how to use them. Ashley is in love with herself. She is a hypocrite who is overrated. I have no respect for her. She is only in the spotlight because of her famous family. If it was not for the Judds, she would be a cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly.

2889 days ago


Ashlye is just another idiot actress who is in love with herself. She thinks that she is soo smart well I know for a fact that she is as dumb as a rock and she has no idea what she is saying with those BIG words she likes to use. She was stupid in college and thats why she went into acting because she is an idiot.

2889 days ago


Take it easy on her guys. I know that she came accross as harsh, but in reality, I believe she is merely a feminist (nothing at all wrong with that, even men should be) and is disgusted with FHM's lack of class and their having the ego to be an authority on what is sexy. She is more concerned with important issues like AIDS, feminism, her career, health, etc. I agree with her, the world would be a nicer place if magazines like that didn't exist. It simply perpetuates a male dominated society and objectifies women. I think that any woman or man who supports magazines like those (FHM, Maxim, etc.) is enabling the patriarchy that already exists in our society, period. Women are supposed to be progressing and not regressing.

I am proud of Ashley Judd for taking a stand that most celebrities are afraid to take because it may be an unpopular one! Good for her. She is the combination of beauty and brains which is extremely rare.

2884 days ago

anthony saluto    

i love ashley, i was just noticing her in someone like you and decided to search up to find this. your beautifull, i should love to photograph you anywhere.

2857 days ago

Grace J.    

I think that you people need to know the facts before you start assuming whether or not Ashley is stuck up and obsessed with herself. The woman has a right to an opinion and if she thinks that the world would be better off without that magazine then so be it. FHM targets a differnt audience then that of Marie Claire. Ashley is an actress...and a good one at that...she doesn't have to do anything except act to get a role...that is it. Ashley did not have a "mental illness" , she stuggled from depression...which by the way ,IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, many people struggle with. Good Grief, the woman has a right to don't know her story except for what the media tells you. just here to defend my girl... Im just asking you to find out a little more and be more open minded...Besides the rest of the world doesn't give a flying fart in space what you think...They love the Judds!

2852 days ago


Well Tara, I have to disagree with you. Your analogy is incorrect. For the ONE time you agree with TMZ you couldn't be more wrong. Well, unless you know Ashley personally, do you? I mean if you do then you would know she is a hypocrite. I'm tired of people making faulty accusations on false information. I know everybody is intitled to state their own opinion but atleast don't make it on information you aren't a hundred percent sure it's true. Also she didn't decide to be placed in FHM, so you don't know what would be the outcome if she did make top 10, so can you stop making inferences and start making observations on real evidence?

2852 days ago

josh cardenas    

Ok u guys seriously have got to remember that celebreties are people just like u and me ! i mean i know this has been said so many times before but there only human, rich humans, but still. Ashley has a RIGHT to do what she wants and just stop hating on her. Shes a great actress and we all could just wish we had the same oppurtunites she did and the great body to match.

all i got to say

2852 days ago

Grace J.    

By the way...Ashley is a better role model for young women today as opposed to stars such as PARIS HILTON, LINDSAY LOHAN, NICOLE RICHIE, BRITNEY SPEARS...AND THE ANOREXIC MODELS!

2852 days ago


Face people are just a bunch of know Ashley is smarter and more beautiful than you'll ever's ok shed your tears , you know you suck haters.

BTW....At least she can speak proper english, which is not what I can say for most of you!!!

You haters suck butt cheeK!

2852 days ago


OMG! well let me tell you somethin do u even know Ashley ?? yeah i didnt think so if i was you i wold take this advice and tell you not to be talking about someone you dont know until your sure then you can talk all you want!!! AND ASHLEY IS A WAY BETTER ROLE MODEL!!

2842 days ago


Ok so, I noticed that you guys enjoy tearing out all the bad from this woman. Every single one of you need to seriously grow up. It's not your career, it's not your picture, and most of all, it is not your life. This woman is ten times more successful than any single one of you, so obviously she's doing something right. And let's consider that she did do this cover for her career, so what? I think it is an extremely beautiful and classy picture, no big deal. All she's really trying to do is prove her point. If she was wearing a "AIDS AWARENESS" You probably would not have came to this site and even commented. So exactly, even though this picture, in my opinion, is not provocative, it catches peoples attention, which every single one of you have just proved by coming on here and posting all of your nasty comments. Want to talk about un-classy? Re-read your comments, then, tell me she's not classy.

2840 days ago


TMZ for ONCE i agree with you. Ashley Judd is THE most self-centered hypocrite. She was just mad because she was #77 on FHM's list. If she had made the top 10 I'm sure she wouldn't have been so acidic about it.

2896 days ago


I listened to Ashley on the radio here in the twin cities . Ashley was so rude and disrespectful to both of the local DJ's. And then, to see this cover shot of her holding her breasts... Gross is right!! Shame on you Ashley!!

2896 days ago


Ashley is IN LOVE with Ashley. Always has been...always will be. My take on this is...the day will come, her looks will be gone. She is a pretty mean chick, opinionated, critical...just a royal pain in her sister's ass. No Doubt.

2896 days ago


That whole family have always been full of it. The mother with her smug religious "superiority" is an absolute Dragon Lady--one of the biggest and most transparent phonies around. Wynona and Ashley are also such hypocrites. All the chicks in that family seem whacked...especially given that they have always tried to portray themselves as such "superior" godly and "in touch with themselves" people. No surprise about Ashley Judd--I've also heard that she'll do just about anything to get a film role. Yeah..anything.

2896 days ago
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