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Ashley Judd: Naked Hypocrite

11/15/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley JuddAshley Judd is full of it. She was on the radio in Minneapolis last week, and when asked what she thought of being named one of the sexiest woman alive by FHM, she said, "Gross ... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" And this week she's on the cover of Marie Claire -- stark naked!

The article focuses on her work as the Global Ambassador of YouthAIDS. We're not sure why she didn't wear a shirt to work the cause, but it's not gross!

Perhaps Ashley likes being naked on mags for girls, but not for boys?


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Sorry, there's a HUGE difference between FHM and MARIE CLAIRE! Everyone here is just venting their own preconceived notions of her and using this against her. But I can tell you, I wouldn't be caught with an FHM sub but I do read Marie Claire. I leave it to the pea brains to misunderstand why.

2866 days ago


The woman is georgeous..shallow and stuck up but absolutely beautiful!

2866 days ago


I agree with btw. the author of this piece on AJ is ignorant about the dynamics of sexism. FHM is for the edification of its male audience and their value of women on a purely sexual level. Marie Clair’s demographic are women and to appear naked in this case is to use one’s body as a metaphor for the level of truthful disclosure about her issues with depression. In this case her nudity is empowering to women. Other examples would be Demi Moore, Lisa Bonet, and even mainstay Britney Spears…all women who have appeared nude on other covers and all of whom have never stooped to the primordial depths of FHM. I love the salacious lasciviousness of TMZ. Seriously, I do. Was even front row center when the Britney/FedEx story broke. LOVE IT! I have probably read more than have seen AJ movies. But in this instance, the author is corny and way off the mark about AJ. As for all of you who think as the author does, pick up the latest issue of “Bitch” magazine to get a good sense of how smart chicks call out the BS in pop culture and deepen your analysis of how misogyny plays out and stop being such DICKS!

2866 days ago


Ashley Judd much similar to Jodi Foster are intelligent women. Any movies these two ladies make will always be good. As for nudity, there seems to be total chaos and confusion among the mentally retarded. The type of posing in Men's magazines are spread eagle, skank poses whereas Marie Claire reveals femine exposure while covering private areas. There is a huge difference.

2866 days ago

spinning is great    

C'mon, TMZ, get real. There is no comparison to being on the cover of FHM, a magazine dedicated to men's sexual fantasies, and being topless while baring nothing on the cover of Marie Claire, a magazine dedicated to women's empowerment and confidence. *rolling my eyes*

2866 days ago


You're right people. there's a HUGE difference between titillating shots in FHM and titillating shots on the cover of MC!! And I can see how groping your own boobs on MC does help the charity in a wholesome way too.....

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Do you morons even read what you're writing?

2866 days ago

Catherine Buckley    

Um-- this entry is bizarre-- on your end. as much of a fan as I am of TMZ, this entry is so whiny... Ashley's an activist-- she's on the cover (naked) using what she's got to promote awareness about something greater than *just* her sex appeal, HIV. Duh.

2866 days ago


Ashley is on the over of Marie Claire, a magazine with a cause, about Women's issues around the world. On the cover she is not showing any body parts exposed. We love her at she is a beautiful, gifted, talented, LADY!

2866 days ago


What is this NEED for celebrities to bare thier bodies on magazine covers? I'm sick of women walking the red carpets in dresses that barely cover their breasts and rear ends. I am not a prude, but if these women wish to be respected, it's time to show a little class instead of a little a$$. Sorry, guys, but why don't you go back to using your imagination?

2866 days ago


Everyone knows you have to be naked to change the world. Duh.

2866 days ago

Christine Judy    

Um.........sorry, I don't know't judge her.

2866 days ago


I always liked her & Wynona & so I don't have a problem with this picture.

2866 days ago


Ashley Judd is the bomb!! I agree with her...and she is covered and sexy...not trampy like the FHM tramps

2866 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

It isn't even the real French Marie Claire. It' s the faux English version.

2866 days ago


FHM shows no naked women. Exactly what high-browed purpose is the MC cover trying to convey to you mensa's? Nothing but cheap sensationalism to try and sell mags. Just like everybody else. No wonder you defend the hypocrites.

PS: And we'd have to care to try and understand .....

2866 days ago
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