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Ashley Judd: Naked Hypocrite

11/15/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley JuddAshley Judd is full of it. She was on the radio in Minneapolis last week, and when asked what she thought of being named one of the sexiest woman alive by FHM, she said, "Gross ... wouldn't the world be a nicer place if that magazine didn't exist?" And this week she's on the cover of Marie Claire -- stark naked!

The article focuses on her work as the Global Ambassador of YouthAIDS. We're not sure why she didn't wear a shirt to work the cause, but it's not gross!

Perhaps Ashley likes being naked on mags for girls, but not for boys?


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Your last comment in the article sounds like juvenile lesbian-baiting and is unwarranted.

2866 days ago

just me    

She always thought she was better than anyone... never cared for her. Or her mother for that matter.

2866 days ago

Don A    

What's wrong with beer, or with masturbation?

2866 days ago

Don A    

Yeah, Marie Claire...real highbrow stuff.

2866 days ago


She's naked for a different purpose here, people. How stupid are you?

2866 days ago


I disgree with you completely. FHM is definitely a lad's magazine. The intent is to tittilate. Her cover on Marie Claire looks strong and confident and classic. As for her being a hypocrite because she is "naked", she is showing LESS than FHM covers do. It is the TONE of FHM that is so offensive to women. It's definitely juvenile material.

How disappointing that TMZ staff is so incapable of nuance...

2866 days ago

Stars are Blind, as is Justice    

Wow!!!!! I cannot tell you guys enough how happy I am to read these posts talking about what a BITCH Ashley Judd is. I have first hand experience and thought for the most part people wouldn't believe me. Living in Southern California, I've had the opportunity through different events to meet a variety of celebrities (not that I'm friends with any of them, it's just a hobby to get pictures and autographs, etc.) My experience with Ms. Bitch, I mean Ms. Judd was as follows; as some of you may know she is married to Dario Franchetti, a race car driver. So a few years ago, at the California Speedway, my family and I had pit passes, etc., We had heard that Ashley was in their motorhome, just chilling out. But, a passerby, did warn us she wasn't very nice. However, my brothers girlfriend at the time, was seriously a huge fan of hers. So, we decided (for her sake) we would just wait out in the area of the motorhome, in case she came out. Keep in mind, this is a public area, with all kinds of people around, as long as you had pit passes. We could have easily just walked up and knocked on the door. However, we are decent people and didn't want to invade her personal space. We seriously waited for an hour and 20 minutes. The door finally opened, my brothers girlfriend got this huge smile on her face, so my brother politely walks up and says, Hi Ashley, can my girlfriend get a picture with you. She harshley says, ''ABSOLUTELY NOT" , my brother was so utterly stunned, he just said ok and walked away. I then, said excuse me, Ms. Judd, we have been politely waiting out here for you for an hour and a half, without bothering you or knocking on your door, she wisked her head around like a witch, and said, ''AND, I'M SUPPOSE TO GIVE YOU ACCOLADES FOR THAT" . I said, oh come on Ashely, she is one of your biggest fans and has been waiting out here a long time. She then, said, I said absolutely not. I was completely blown away, my brothers 21 year old girlfriend was about to cry and my brother couldn't stop calling her a female part. I myself was so stunned at her behavior, I should have said, well, I guess it's true, you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but can't take the trailer park out of the girl. God, how I should have said that. For someone with such humble beginnings, I just can't believe what a BITCH she was. I have met various celebrities and NONE of them have come close to being the a**hole that Ashley Judd is. For example, James Woods is one of my favorites, much better actor than her, etc. and that man had more class and compassion in his pinky than she does in her welfare behind. Her mother and sister don't appear to be that way, so I don't get it. But, I have been steaming over that incident for years and this blog really makes me feel a whole lot better and to the poster that said she threw her phonebook at the tv when she was on the view, I laughed so hard, because I actually tivo the View and watched that and just wanted to puke when I heard her talking about people who come up to her, etc., blah, blah and then Rosie said she has seen her be polite to people. Well, Rosie dear, you haven't seen the second side to Miss Ashely. She's Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde apparently to you. Although I think she's just a bitch non-stop. I know I've used the word BITCH alot, but dang, it couldn't fit anybody more appropriately. And, I really hope that BITCH has a publicist that sees this. Because, honey the opinion of the public does matter. I have not and will not ever watch an Ashley Judd movie ever again. We have boycotted her ever since that sunshiney day, with Ms. Thang. When you're a public figure and get paid basically to be famous, deal with it BITCH. We're not making millions of dollars like you, so would it kill you to be a little nice occasionally, to the people that help pay your salary??? Without fans, who will buy your records or buy your movie tickets???? If you don't feel like dealing with people like me in public, stay the fu**home, bitch!!!

2866 days ago


To Don A.

Absolutely nothing!

2866 days ago


>>Stars are Blind

How rude of you and your brother. She wasn't at a celebrity event. She was at the race track with her family in her RV. And you expected her to be happy to have her privacy invaded. No way, you're at fault here. Back off, they don't owe you anything.

2866 days ago


Who really cares?!!! I agree with the comment by #13. Also seeing as how I have never met her and conclude that no one else probably has I wouldn't jump to conclusions about her character. I
It really just makes everyone else here seem petty and jealous, things which you are probably quick to conclude about her.

2866 days ago


Ashley, go make another bad movie or attend a U. of Kentucky basketball game. These are two things you do very well.

2866 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Pretty, smart, and doesn't feel the need to dumb it down for a bunch of morons.

I like her!

2866 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

ym - make us get lost.

what you can't? waaaaaaaaaaaa

2866 days ago

Stars are Blind, as is Justice    

To "Say What", you apparently jumped the gun and didn't realize the whole situation. The location of where we were at, was a public celebrity event, where they all come out and party with their sponsors and she was coming out for that. We did not envade her RV space, as I indicated earlier, so if you're going to give a negative comment to my post, please have enough intelligence and common courtesy to read the whole thing, Unless, you were just too stupid to grasp it. But, what should I expect, from someone defending the biggest BITCH in Hollywood?

2866 days ago

george vieto    

If you've got it flaunt it.

2866 days ago
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