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My High Speed Chase with OJ

11/15/2006 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson composited with a bloody handOJ Simpson will appear on a FOX special, hypothetically describing how he could have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. First of all, strike the word hypothetically -- he's a killer. Second, I have a theory on how he killed them, and that theory led to a bizarre chase that was anything but low speed.

Rewind to 1994. I was the investigative/legal reporter for KCBS, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. The case consumed my life for nearly two years. Between wall-to-wall live coverage, live shots for other affiliates and everyone in my life wanting the latest dish, I was a one-note guy -- with a theory.

I think what happened on June 12, 1994 is that Simpson was in a rage after Nicole rebuffed and embarrassed him at a restaurant earlier in the evening. I believe Simpson sought revenge with a knife, a cap and gloves, but he didn't intend to slaughter anyone when he left his Rockingham residence sometime around 9:30 that night. I think Simpson planned to slash the tires of Nicole's Ferrari. Nicole would drive around town in her sports car looking hot and it drove Simpson crazy. The tires had been slashed a few weeks before the murder, and Simpson all but admitted to Nicole that he did it.

Simpson was insanely jealous of Nicole, and slashing her tires would temporarily clip her night wings. I think Simpson went to the condo, saw the lights on inside and started peering through the windows. When he realized Nicole was taking a bath and saw candlelight, that's all she wrote. Either he rang the bell or she heard something and confronted him at the front door, and then he nearly cut her head off.

That was my theory. So one Saturday night after dinner, maybe two months after the acquittal, I drove a friend who wanted to see the murder scene. I drove to the alley behind the condo, where the garage was, to explain my theory. As I rolled up, an older black limo was stopped in the alley. I wouldn't have thought much of it -- lots of curious people were always there -- but I noticed the limo driver make eye contact with me through his sideview mirror and then gun the engine.

I was stunned. Just like in the movies, OJ Simpson returned to the scene of the crime. I began following the limo and things got crazy. The driver was weaving through the neighborhood, making turns that made no sense. Simpson hated me, so I can only imagine how pissed off he must have been at his bad luck. The limo got to busy Sunset Blvd. first and crossed to the other side. I was stuck for around 15 seconds. When I crossed, I took a shortcut to Simpson's Rockingham estate. When I arrived, the limo was stopped, the gate was open and I saw the shadow of a man running up the driveway. No doubt in my mind, it was the killer himself.

By the way, in case you take issue with my calling him a killer, he may have been acquitted of murder, but a civil jury sure felt he slaughtered Nicole and Ron, awarding their families more than $30 million. They definitely didn't die running with scissors. He's the guiltiest man I've ever seen. And I saw him that night, in all his guilt.

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rich little    

Someone tell the LA cops to find the real killers and leave OJ alone, he's just a lonely man who got a raw deal, he was found not guilty by the jury, that's it!!!

2856 days ago


He is so guilty, it makes me sick. He had to put on gloves in court, well try to put on gloves with a pair of plastic gloves on first. Of course they did not fit. Anyone can play that game the jury was so star struck with his status that is why they did not convict him. Let it be anyone else and he would fry. He is a very disturbed man and I won't watch any thing he is in, commercials, movies or him playing golf while looking for the killer. Hope all his mirrors are broke in his house because he is looking at the killer.

2855 days ago

Michael C.    

It's a shame that we have no faith in the legal system. Does it really matter now, that the verdict has been rendered? What does outrage change? And lets just suppose that O.J. was found guilty and executed. Now, some 10 years later we find out that he did not do it., what would we be discussing now? Would those who scorned the verdict be silenced? The tragic truth and bottomline is that there three people know the truth; OJ, Nicole and Ron. Death has silenced two them and whether is OJ innocent or guilty we should not divide ourselves over something we can not change. Instead we must hold ourselves acccountable for our own conduct so if we are called upon to judge someone else, we can seek the truth without hidden biases.

2854 days ago

checkin' in    

Please remember, people: O.J, was aquitted in criminal court. The law doesn't apply the same procedures in Civil Court. If there are those still convinced that O.J. is guilty of killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, take it up with the courts. The fact that O.J. hasn't paid any monies to the respective families is a sign of him not being responsible for the murders. White America thinks he did it....Would White America concede to the criminal verdict if he were a White man that killed a Black woman?......It's been ten years since the murders. With the DNA technology that is in place across the CSI's in this country, do you all really believe that he guilyty? My hypothesis is that O.J. probably knew that there was a hit out on his wife.............Afterall, she was a ho' that had an expensive Cocaine habit (if not habits from other substances), and she was a loose woman. She reportedly slept with other celebrities in the sports and entertainment world, as well as the local crowd, including Mark Furman and others on the LAPD force. Just tell me why, after the documented years of abuse did she not divorce/leave him if things were that bad on the home front?.......Justice has been served. For those of you that believe O.J. committed the murders, talk to your local Judges and Congressman.........and remember Emmett Till.

2852 days ago


o.j. simpson should be in jail right now. when that man dies, he's going to hell. For Shure

2850 days ago


Thank you, Harvey, for sharing this story. And for posting it here to help get the word out so that show never aired and the book did not officially come out. I hope the Goldman lawyers are able to track down the money trail or at least go after Judith Regan who conspired to hide the money from the Goldmans and Nicole's family and children, who were awarded the settlement. I'm not sure I'm convinced that it was not premeditated as I recall there were some incriminating supplies in his car (was it tarp or something odd?). And certainly, Nicole is on tape saying to 911 that he was going to kill her and get away with it. There had been a documented history of physical abuse. This is a man who had everything and managed to screw it up. The last chapter is not written yet. It will have to do with his children.

2842 days ago


He is a DISGUSTING human being...I wish he would just shut his mouth...The worst of it is his poor kids having to endure this mess all over again! He should just fade into obscurity where he belongs....he love's the attention...why give it to him???

2841 days ago

Jim Hall    

Blacks love him...he got over on the man.

2836 days ago


There is a special corner in hell reserved for this animal. His day will come.........

2833 days ago


The Juice is a stud. and he didnt kill anyone, he is a private citizen and a gentleman. i remember the rush to judgement you made then, idiot, and why were you stalking him? Grow up loser and leave O.J. alone

2832 days ago

get over it    

the oj trial was never a serious murder trial it was just the people working on the case trying to make money and stretch their 15 minutes of fame as much as they could.. look at johnny cochran, he's not one of if not THE most sought of lawyer for african americans with money.. and thats all thanks to oj being a disgusting murderous pig. EVERYONE knows he did it.. its just a matter of them admitting it or not. Those who wont admit it, just want to be able to say "Its "THE MAN" trying to prevent another brother from prospering!" People were afraid to convict oj of murder because he's black and the black community wouldve gone ape $h!* over it, and THAT is why a murder REGARDLESS OF COLOR is walking free, bragging and taunting the families and friends of HIS VICTIMS today. What kind of society do we live in where you can get away with something like that? And what kind of society to we live in where we are afraid to convict people of horrendous crimes because we're afraid people will take it personally based on the color of his skin?!?!

2831 days ago


Everyone here is saying that he did. SO all of you must have been there when he did to know that for a fact. He was tried by a jury of his peers and they said otherwise. They got all the info all the pics..heard that case day in and day out...and still said he was innocent...I wonder why.,..maybe because he the heck one man going to kill two people with one knife at the same time??? Why wasn't wany one else suspected? Why aren't the cops trying to find more proof...that man did nothing the media planted it in your heads that he did it..grow up and think for yourself LOSERS

2829 days ago


If I remember right there were over 600 pieces of DNA evidence offered at trial, 1/2 of those were subject to question because a detective (not Furman) returned to Simpson's house with a sealed vial of blood. Sealed! Not leaking, not tampered with, not open, sealed according to the lab techs that tested it.

So wipe out 300 DNS samples, aren't 300 good DNA confirmed tests good enough for a coviction?

It it were the average person on trial they would still being sunlight only after it was pumped into their cell!

Oh yeah, and the gloves didn't fit, maybe because Simpson was wearing oversized floppy latex gloves in court and then tried to fit his sretched out hand and fingers in the black skin tight gloves he was seen wearing at a football game?

I don't care what color Simpson is, he's guilty as hell and should rot there!

2828 days ago


This should have been a slam-dunk guilty verdict. DNA evidence is far better than an eye witness. F. Lee Bailey said, "I would rather have a good attorney than be innocent". Pretty chilling. This case did more to set back race relations than anything since the assassination of Martin Luther King. A sad commentary on our country.

2828 days ago


If OJ wasn't the murderer of Nicole Brown and Goldman then why haven't the murderer been found by now, its been over 10 yrs, what the hell? That's because the murderer is walking around a free man! What the hell?

2828 days ago
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