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My High Speed Chase with OJ

11/15/2006 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson composited with a bloody handOJ Simpson will appear on a FOX special, hypothetically describing how he could have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. First of all, strike the word hypothetically -- he's a killer. Second, I have a theory on how he killed them, and that theory led to a bizarre chase that was anything but low speed.

Rewind to 1994. I was the investigative/legal reporter for KCBS, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. The case consumed my life for nearly two years. Between wall-to-wall live coverage, live shots for other affiliates and everyone in my life wanting the latest dish, I was a one-note guy -- with a theory.

I think what happened on June 12, 1994 is that Simpson was in a rage after Nicole rebuffed and embarrassed him at a restaurant earlier in the evening. I believe Simpson sought revenge with a knife, a cap and gloves, but he didn't intend to slaughter anyone when he left his Rockingham residence sometime around 9:30 that night. I think Simpson planned to slash the tires of Nicole's Ferrari. Nicole would drive around town in her sports car looking hot and it drove Simpson crazy. The tires had been slashed a few weeks before the murder, and Simpson all but admitted to Nicole that he did it.

Simpson was insanely jealous of Nicole, and slashing her tires would temporarily clip her night wings. I think Simpson went to the condo, saw the lights on inside and started peering through the windows. When he realized Nicole was taking a bath and saw candlelight, that's all she wrote. Either he rang the bell or she heard something and confronted him at the front door, and then he nearly cut her head off.

That was my theory. So one Saturday night after dinner, maybe two months after the acquittal, I drove a friend who wanted to see the murder scene. I drove to the alley behind the condo, where the garage was, to explain my theory. As I rolled up, an older black limo was stopped in the alley. I wouldn't have thought much of it -- lots of curious people were always there -- but I noticed the limo driver make eye contact with me through his sideview mirror and then gun the engine.

I was stunned. Just like in the movies, OJ Simpson returned to the scene of the crime. I began following the limo and things got crazy. The driver was weaving through the neighborhood, making turns that made no sense. Simpson hated me, so I can only imagine how pissed off he must have been at his bad luck. The limo got to busy Sunset Blvd. first and crossed to the other side. I was stuck for around 15 seconds. When I crossed, I took a shortcut to Simpson's Rockingham estate. When I arrived, the limo was stopped, the gate was open and I saw the shadow of a man running up the driveway. No doubt in my mind, it was the killer himself.

By the way, in case you take issue with my calling him a killer, he may have been acquitted of murder, but a civil jury sure felt he slaughtered Nicole and Ron, awarding their families more than $30 million. They definitely didn't die running with scissors. He's the guiltiest man I've ever seen. And I saw him that night, in all his guilt.

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doesntseemlike it    

Nobody said don't hate OJ or what he did. We all know he did it. Just stop hating on the people who have opinions different than yours homegirl 101.

2833 days ago


Who said I was against others opinions other than comparing T Kennedy to OJ..and to the poster that said how can you be a christian and hate? i commented my opinion to that..isn't that was an opinionated blog is? Why cant you hate OJ..right I can or you can..or we can love the guy...everyones entitled, I never said they weren't..and I'm not hating why did you think that..i hate all...:.. : )

2833 days ago

For the love of God    

OJ is a cold blooded murderer PAIN AND SIMPLE. The jury knew it as well if in fact you followed the case. The way the case was presented by the prosecution was the reason OJ (alias ASSWIPE Simpson) was able to walk. Cochran, OJ's un-American, truth twisting, really not so smart if you've follwed him Atty, turned the entire murder trial into a trial of racism. Now think about that for a moment. One of the most beloved (at one time) football players was actually now (at the time of the trial) being shit on so bad because he was black. Cochran convinced 12 people to let this peice of human garbage walk free specifically because he was a black man not because he wasn't a murderer. OJ Simpson believes as well as Farrah, who by the way I'm sure is married to Nazeem, that he is free because he is innocent. HE GOT LUCKY!!! The jury for the actual trial has admitted they let a guilty man off and the descision to find him guilty at the civil trial surely proved what most Americans already knew, OJ Simpson is a murderer and actually proud of it. I can't believe that most people have not stopped to understand how incredible OJ Simpsons lack of intelligence must be in order to have committed that kind of a crime for the reasons he did. OJ Simpson is not a smart man and never has been. OJ Simpson is a lucky man and only that. Our judicial system is what it is and until there is a better way the innocent will be punished for crimes they did not commit and the guilty will walk away scott free as has OJ Simpson. There are at least two people other than Ron, Nicole, (god bless the them) and OJ the butcher himself that know exactly what happened. We all know but cannot be used as the proof needed to remove the reasonable doubt that has set many killers free over the history of our judicial system as it is. A day will come for the truth from the mouths and or the hands of those two individuals to share with the world what they know, what OJ Simpson told them. OJ Simpson won't need to tease the world the way he is with this book. His level of comfort, his belief that he is above all others, his small minded way of thinking that so many find an interest in will end abruptly this day. OJ will have his day so please do not confuse "his day" as the day 12 confused people set the poor black man free. OJ Simpson's day will come and though a surprise that day will be to Farrah and Nazeeem the rest of us will be reminded of what we have always known, HE IS A KILLER AS WELL AS A THIEF. Death will someday come for us all as it is a part of life and should not be awarded that easy to OJ Simpson. OJ impson's fate, I can assure you, will be un-imaginable. Don

2833 days ago


Posted at 11:13AM on Nov 19th 2006 by For the love of God

Nice post...agree completely...peace

2832 days ago

L Anne    

I was stuck 10 cars behind O.J.'s Bronco on the San Diego Freeway in '94. It took me over 3 hours to get home that night, since OJ was thoughtful enough to do this during rush hour traffic from West LA to the San Fernando Valley.

This crime was discussed and argued on a daily basis--by everyone, everywhere, you went in L.A--And after hearing the testimonies of those speaking to Johnny Cochran on the stand--very few had doubts that OJ had killed them. And to
"Terrel" and everyone else here online, who thinks it was all about race--just remember, just because Mark Fuhrman was a "racist cop"--does not have anything to do with whether OJ was found guilty or not. There are racists and bigots of all nationalities all over the world--and if African Americans were treated badly in L.A.--OJ was not a part of that--he had never lived a hard life because he was black. He married a white woman, hung out on trendy Rodeo, and San Vicente Blvd.-- he lived a very gifted life, and had almost always lots and lots of fans and friends--and many gave him $$ and "toys" just to be able to hang out with him. What's typical (or hard) about that?
L.A. had already seen what could happened, when the result of the Rodney King trial started the L.A. riots. Yes-Rodney King was treated very badly by the LA Police--but let's not forget what a piece of work he really was--and continued to be long after the trial. He was arrested for soliciting protitutes, gambling and drug use--But he did have his 15 minutes of fame-

"Can't we all just get along/"

2832 days ago

Brendett Miles    


2831 days ago


I want to know why it took Fox so long to pull the show/book. Where was thier good taste for the (most likely) MONTHS it took to plan the whole thing. After running the promos on tv they realize it is bad idea? I like some Fox shows (House, Standoff) but really now. Dumb@$$es.

2831 days ago


Shame on you O.J., and those who think he is not guilty!! Shame on you! Stick to the truth, and be real. You know, and we all know he is guilty 100%. The glove did not fit because he was wearing another glove when he tried it on. Hello, wake up, and smell the roses, or coffee or what-ever. O.J. is a gross slob, fat, and not to mention, so ugly. Oh, sorry I'm getting carried away here. But you get the message. GUILTY. NO BOOK in my house. NO Association with any network that airs, or sells O.J. material. O.J. will do anything for a buck. He has no respect for his children. How could he ever live with himself? I'm going to a more positive place, and no more O.J. for my thoughts, not worth the taking me to that level of being.

2831 days ago


What I want to know is: How are his children - they are the other victims of his can he look them in the eyes after all this - how can they look at him? Thank God the American public has more since than the media....I hope he rots in hell for all the victims he has created and left behind.......If the courts can allow a murderer to not pay for his crimes (either by jail or money)...then our court system needs to be completely overhauled...when will we wake up?

2831 days ago


I must admit I thought OJ was innocent. But he keep doing stupid things. I can't believe he would open up old memories of that deadly night in 1994. I know for sure that's a real killer talking. you might be able to wash your hands day after day. but when you murder someone those hands will never become clean. OJ, guilt is talking.....

2831 days ago


FYI. The hit was on Ron Goldman not Nicole. They followed him to her house. Nicole opened the door and saw too much. Ron was a cocaine supplier for the upscale Brentwood "ladies". He needed money to open a restuarant and was dealing with the wrong people. The cover-up is still on!
They knew that race would become the issue instead of truth!
Harvey, it sounds like you're suffering from an acute case of penis envy.
This is just another "legal lynching".
Case closed.

1463 days ago
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