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My High Speed Chase with OJ

11/15/2006 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson composited with a bloody handOJ Simpson will appear on a FOX special, hypothetically describing how he could have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. First of all, strike the word hypothetically -- he's a killer. Second, I have a theory on how he killed them, and that theory led to a bizarre chase that was anything but low speed.

Rewind to 1994. I was the investigative/legal reporter for KCBS, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. The case consumed my life for nearly two years. Between wall-to-wall live coverage, live shots for other affiliates and everyone in my life wanting the latest dish, I was a one-note guy -- with a theory.

I think what happened on June 12, 1994 is that Simpson was in a rage after Nicole rebuffed and embarrassed him at a restaurant earlier in the evening. I believe Simpson sought revenge with a knife, a cap and gloves, but he didn't intend to slaughter anyone when he left his Rockingham residence sometime around 9:30 that night. I think Simpson planned to slash the tires of Nicole's Ferrari. Nicole would drive around town in her sports car looking hot and it drove Simpson crazy. The tires had been slashed a few weeks before the murder, and Simpson all but admitted to Nicole that he did it.

Simpson was insanely jealous of Nicole, and slashing her tires would temporarily clip her night wings. I think Simpson went to the condo, saw the lights on inside and started peering through the windows. When he realized Nicole was taking a bath and saw candlelight, that's all she wrote. Either he rang the bell or she heard something and confronted him at the front door, and then he nearly cut her head off.

That was my theory. So one Saturday night after dinner, maybe two months after the acquittal, I drove a friend who wanted to see the murder scene. I drove to the alley behind the condo, where the garage was, to explain my theory. As I rolled up, an older black limo was stopped in the alley. I wouldn't have thought much of it -- lots of curious people were always there -- but I noticed the limo driver make eye contact with me through his sideview mirror and then gun the engine.

I was stunned. Just like in the movies, OJ Simpson returned to the scene of the crime. I began following the limo and things got crazy. The driver was weaving through the neighborhood, making turns that made no sense. Simpson hated me, so I can only imagine how pissed off he must have been at his bad luck. The limo got to busy Sunset Blvd. first and crossed to the other side. I was stuck for around 15 seconds. When I crossed, I took a shortcut to Simpson's Rockingham estate. When I arrived, the limo was stopped, the gate was open and I saw the shadow of a man running up the driveway. No doubt in my mind, it was the killer himself.

By the way, in case you take issue with my calling him a killer, he may have been acquitted of murder, but a civil jury sure felt he slaughtered Nicole and Ron, awarding their families more than $30 million. They definitely didn't die running with scissors. He's the guiltiest man I've ever seen. And I saw him that night, in all his guilt.

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Get a clue Terrel. HE IS GUILTY. He wasn't found guilty but he is GUILTY. He is a murderer. Deal with it. He certainly has.

2867 days ago


He is guilty. Period. You don't flee in a white Bronco with a large sum of money and a gun to your head for no reason. This murderer was fortunate enough to have a jury that would have never convicted a professional athlete, and then celebrated their acquital at a party paid for by his legal staff. You do the math.

2867 days ago


I have been reading about this "book" where OJ describes how he could have done it. It is sickening!!! I cannot believe that any television station or publisher would stoop to such levels for a dime. I remember sitting in my dorm room when the verdict was announced. I am an African American woman and attended a black college. I could not believe how celebratory people were when the verdict was read. It made me NAUSEUS! The man is a damn spousal abuser and murderer. His poor children are now suffering because of the things they witnessed in the house and the aftermath of the murders! He is a disgrace!!!

2867 days ago

Keepin' It Real    

This man is the typical sadistic killer. It was a sad day when he was aquitted in that murder case (although the Civil case did make me smile). And to top it all off, he is so arrogant & egotistical that he now wants to make money off of the whole affair. He ain't worth shootin' as my granny would say.

2867 days ago


OJ might have fooled the justice system, but when the time comes for the lord's judgment his money and fame will suffice for nothing.

2867 days ago


For those of you who want to make this a "race" thing, get over it. He's a murderer and I don't care what color he is. A pig is a pig no matter how you slaughter it.

2867 days ago


I'm with you on that one! I also believe that he is as guilty as they come. But I guess as long as you have money (and maybe know the right people) you can get out of a murder or more. Same thing with Robert Blake...

Drink Apple Juice,
O.J. Kills!

2867 days ago

U Know Who    

Civil trials are a f*cking joke. As I'm sure most people are well aware. Perception is reality in this media obsessed culture.

Goldmans old man is another Mark Klass.

2867 days ago

Laurie Leishman    

No matter what your opinion is and whether or not OJ killed Ron and Nicole, this FOX special is the ultimate in bad taste and shame on OJ for exploiting Ron and Nicole's death for his own benefit yet again.

2867 days ago


Barvo Harvey! To PP: It must be nice to live in a world that is not based in reality, where a person is not judged merely on thier worth and deeds, where everything is skewed based upon the color skin you were born with. Facts are facts, it does not take a genius to put the pieces together and realize he was guilty. I will say the LAPD made an error in judgement by not calling the FBI and the profilers before arresting OJ. They would have wrapped the case up witha bow.

2867 days ago


I had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting OJ last year in Miami, specifically at the bar b/t Ago & Nobu at the Shore Club. In the few minutes that I (& to this day do not know WHY) spoke w/him, nothing came out of his mouth but lies. I accused him of calling my friend 'beautiful' only b/c she had a similar resemblance to Nicole. My last words to him were, 'You sure do have a hard time telling the truth about anything, don't you?' And thankfully, walked away when I came to my senses! Had I not been in a public place, I would not have dared speak to him but I felt justified in responding to him the way I did. Even if it was just for 2 minutes that I could remind him that the public has not & will not forget that he is a murderer!!!

2867 days ago


You'd think an innocent man would try to fade into oblivion for the sake of his children. Their mother was, after all, brutally murdered. Trying to turn a profit (again and again) by exploiting her murder shows that he has no conscience. The man is guilty and he belongs behind bars.

2867 days ago

Bite me    

Hey Terrel or tyrone or Deshaun or tykwan, whatever your name has nothing to do with him being black!! it has everything to do with a guilty man going free.....SO YOU GET OVER IT!!

2867 days ago


Ok, my bad - I didn't read everything. It's a book. Ok, so let's boycott the book. I know that I REFUSE TO PUT MONEY IN THE HANDS OF A MURDERER! You go babydoll - he is a disgrace - to the WHOLE human race.

2867 days ago


OJ is as guilty as Jeffrey Dahmer was for killing people. its pathetic that ANYONE is paying to attention to this loser, has been foot ball player that is an embarassment to the africian american culture.

ps dont support him because he is an africian american ,hate him because he is guilty


2867 days ago
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