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My High Speed Chase with OJ

11/15/2006 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson composited with a bloody handOJ Simpson will appear on a FOX special, hypothetically describing how he could have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. First of all, strike the word hypothetically -- he's a killer. Second, I have a theory on how he killed them, and that theory led to a bizarre chase that was anything but low speed.

Rewind to 1994. I was the investigative/legal reporter for KCBS, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. The case consumed my life for nearly two years. Between wall-to-wall live coverage, live shots for other affiliates and everyone in my life wanting the latest dish, I was a one-note guy -- with a theory.

I think what happened on June 12, 1994 is that Simpson was in a rage after Nicole rebuffed and embarrassed him at a restaurant earlier in the evening. I believe Simpson sought revenge with a knife, a cap and gloves, but he didn't intend to slaughter anyone when he left his Rockingham residence sometime around 9:30 that night. I think Simpson planned to slash the tires of Nicole's Ferrari. Nicole would drive around town in her sports car looking hot and it drove Simpson crazy. The tires had been slashed a few weeks before the murder, and Simpson all but admitted to Nicole that he did it.

Simpson was insanely jealous of Nicole, and slashing her tires would temporarily clip her night wings. I think Simpson went to the condo, saw the lights on inside and started peering through the windows. When he realized Nicole was taking a bath and saw candlelight, that's all she wrote. Either he rang the bell or she heard something and confronted him at the front door, and then he nearly cut her head off.

That was my theory. So one Saturday night after dinner, maybe two months after the acquittal, I drove a friend who wanted to see the murder scene. I drove to the alley behind the condo, where the garage was, to explain my theory. As I rolled up, an older black limo was stopped in the alley. I wouldn't have thought much of it -- lots of curious people were always there -- but I noticed the limo driver make eye contact with me through his sideview mirror and then gun the engine.

I was stunned. Just like in the movies, OJ Simpson returned to the scene of the crime. I began following the limo and things got crazy. The driver was weaving through the neighborhood, making turns that made no sense. Simpson hated me, so I can only imagine how pissed off he must have been at his bad luck. The limo got to busy Sunset Blvd. first and crossed to the other side. I was stuck for around 15 seconds. When I crossed, I took a shortcut to Simpson's Rockingham estate. When I arrived, the limo was stopped, the gate was open and I saw the shadow of a man running up the driveway. No doubt in my mind, it was the killer himself.

By the way, in case you take issue with my calling him a killer, he may have been acquitted of murder, but a civil jury sure felt he slaughtered Nicole and Ron, awarding their families more than $30 million. They definitely didn't die running with scissors. He's the guiltiest man I've ever seen. And I saw him that night, in all his guilt.

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What a sick bastard, what about his KIDS why would he say these thing knowing that it was their MOTHER?? I pray for these children..

2713 days ago


I watched the trial and convinced OJ killed those poor people. For him to come out with such a book or TV special shows what a SELF ABSORBED PIG he is. And to those who piched the idea and produced it...shame on you!!!!
He needs the attention no matter who it hurts...the victums families and HIS VERY OWN CHILDREN!!! I Wonder... at the end of this "special" if he'll give us an update on his pursuit to find the real killers!

2713 days ago


OJ would make a nice hood ornament. Bling, bling, bitch. ;)

2713 days ago

El Barto    

So OJ gets a book and a television special...gah, the media has sunk to a new low. I wish he had some scrap of decency left and go away and not show his face in public again.

2713 days ago


Well, leave it to Faux News to air this piece of sh*t on television. Why can't they leave this alone? The families have suffered enough listening to this man's lies.

I wonder if O.J. is getting paid for this gig. It makes me want to puke!!!!

2713 days ago


Damn Harvey!!

That must of been one HELL of a day!!!!

2713 days ago


The media hasn't sunk...they're still at the level they've always been. The media will happily provide at whatever level we'll buy. It is we, the consuming American public that continues to sink. I'm afraid we're nowhere close to the levels we're willing to sink to. But I am confident that OJ and scumsuckers like him will be waiting when we get there.

2713 days ago

coco puff    

Interesting how the show is airing at Thanksgiving. Is OJ gonna show us how to carve up the white meat? As for as Nicole goes, my father said she got what she deserved for marrying a nigger. Let this be a warning to all the ladies out there.

2713 days ago



2713 days ago

K-Fed Fan    

wow CLARENCE can we say RACIST! you are one of those personalities that always pulls the racist card when in fact you yourself are nothing but a racist biggot! You also will have to face GOD one day don't forget!

2713 days ago


So OJ is writing a book about how he would've killed them!?? Hmmmm, wonder what his kids think about that!? This guy.....does he even consider his children AT ALL in any life decisions he's making! He committed the murders..he didn't commit the murders...we've already gone thru all that.....BUT WHAT ABOUT HIS KIDS!!! IT'S BLOWING MY MIND THAT HE FEELS ITS OK TO DISCUSS HOW HE WOULD'VE KILLED THEIR MOTHER!!!! If OJ wasn't an A$$ before, HE CERTAINLY HAS PROVEN THAT HE IS NOW!

2713 days ago

U Know Who    

#42 - Yes VERY Similar to the Senator who walked away from a drowning dead girl in his car. To go discuss what just happened with his attorneys.

Not on FOX News (the LEAST biased news outlet available on network TV btw)- FOX Network TV even worse , during prime time kinda like the Michale Jackson train wreck! People love that sh*t.....

2713 days ago


This is a case where lawmakers would find limits of man made laws.

2713 days ago


Watched the entire Simpson trial. Felt the jury was unduly criticized for their acquittal of OJ. When watched in its entirety I could see why they found reasonable doubt. Useless DNA evidence. A timeline, backed up only by "the plainif wale of a barking dog" that did not work very well anyway, a bloody glove found behind his estate guest house that miraculously showed up because he supposidly jumped the back wall while testimony said he walked through the front gate, The glove did not fit him anyway. Wasn't close...was either very small man or womens size. I know "it must have shrunk"....and of course he was angry and jealous so he appeared to be guilty. Sounds like reasonable doubt. No ????

2713 days ago


Funny how FOX is gonna air this crap during ratings sweeps. I might watch just to see what corporate nutsuckers are willing to sponsor it. No sponsors, no OJ. FOX sucks, and I won't be watching them. I have kids, and there's no way I could watch this sh*t and then try to teach them right from wrong, and good from bad.

2713 days ago
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