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Tom to O: Cross Me, I Cross You (Off The List)

11/15/2006 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You think Oprah wasn't offended that TomKat didn't invite her to their wedding? Believe that, and you'll believe she doesn't eat Baskin-Robbins at 2 AM to dull the pain. C'mon -- they even invited Brooke Shields, and we all know how Tom feels about her.

Talk Queen Oprah was a notable non-invitee for this weekend's Italian nuptials, and we think we might know why. Almost a year ago to the day last year, O went on "Good Morning America" to hawk her DVD retrospective, and told Diane Sawyer that she thought Tom faked his infamous couch-jumping, fist-pumping, career-disemboweling antics.

"I was not buying -- not buying or not buying," said Oprah at the time. "That's why I kept saying 'you're gone, you're really gone' ... It was wilder than it was appearing to me." Was she unconscious at the time?

Chris Klein and Matt LauerCruise apparently didn't take too kindly to O's skepticism. Oprah, for her part, told "EXTRA," "I don't get invited to everyone's wedding. I don't invite them to everything I do." Meanwhile, we've put together a little photographic roster of other people we don't think will be munching on bacon-wrapped scallops and dancing to Earth, Wind, and Fire covers this weekend at an Italian castle.


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Does anyone know if Rosie was invited? She is always going on about her Tommy this, her Tommy that. Just wondering.

2899 days ago

Allred Tree    

Anyone remember how p.o'd. she was in Paris awhile back when she accused one of the famous designer (handbags, I think it was) stores for not letting her and her "friend" Gayle "Cling-a-Long" King in after the store had closed of RACISM? All of these phonies should get off their high horses and disappear for a long time.

2899 days ago


I think fat Oprah should RETURN TO AFRICA and take all her dumbass money with her and HELP HER PEOPLE THERE. She does nothing to help her people here. She throws a few bucks here and there but mostly everything she does she gets sponsors to do.



p.s. How can I get tickets to your favorite things show? Please advise.

2899 days ago


Oprah is a fag. Pull off her nasty fake hair, wash that sh*t off her face, strip her down and what have you got...A NASTY ASH FACED UGLY FAT ASS CONCEITED BITCH.



2899 days ago


I agree with all you Oprah haters. She is a big fat nothing, white hater racist a**hole.

She has no soul...she can't dance...I saw her dance once, she can't even clap to the beat of a song...and her fat legs and feet...just can't feel the beat.

She should move to Africa asap.

2899 days ago

dazzling d.    

I'm so........ glad tha Miss O was NOT invited to the wedding

She"ll learn the hard way to STOP kissing these people' asses.
She has better things to worry about than Jennifer Aniston and vince, and Brad Pitt, and the list goes on and on and on.

2899 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Eli - lilly (who the hell spells lilly with 2 lls?) all your egos are extremely old and tiring.

Once you earn billions of dollars maybe you will have earned the right to have them. Like that is ever gonna happen - spending all your time having online bitch attacks.

But since that aint gonna happen..all you are is a nasty jealous nobody.

2899 days ago

Concerned person    

Oprah is not a racist. Why are you people so dead against a Black person having more money than you. As for Tom and Katie's wedding who cares? It's not going to last anyway.

2899 days ago


#30 who is Eli?

Oprah is a friggin fat ugly bitch that should not be on television.

I see you won't even sign your name.

You are a loser too.


2899 days ago

Allred Tree    

#28 and #29 SO RIGHT ON! And you can bet she takes an income tax deduction for every charitable thing she does after she has publicized whatever AD NAUSEUM! Why doesn't she like you have suggested move to AFRICA and stay there for the rest of her days. She could produce her shows from there and think of all the jobs she could give people.

2899 days ago


Maybe alot of people don't like Oprah Withfries because she is a fake.

I have money than she does.

I think she should say bye bye to the American people.

2899 days ago

dazzling d.    

#30 you are such a racist! Oprah should go back to the motherland and take You with her. you redneck!

2899 days ago


She eats dog sh*t. I am pretty sure.

Nobody likes the color purple..,.hahahahahahaha.

Oprah is a white people hater. She only helps herself....TO FOOD.


There is a slow boat leaving to Africa with a lower stateroom floor. Sorry there are no windows or beds...just chains and shackles. I researved you a pair with chains.

nasty ugly tightwad bitch

Yay Mexico

2899 days ago


Reality check: Oprah has more power and more money than Tom Cruise. Attending his fake alien ceremony which does not amount to a legal marriage (they have not registered for a marriage license in any of the 50 states or in Italy) is beneath her in my opinion. Katie Holmes has been isolated, prevented from advancing her career, and made to look like a fool all for a marriage that will not bear financial fruit if they divorce. Someone should have told her that praying to Xenu to remove Thetans and then asking Scotty to beam you up does not a legal marriage make.

Whatever biases you people have about Oprah, and I see many of you do, face the fact that Tom Cruise went on her show, the Today Show, and in magazines and made an ass of himself. Remember when he told Life & Style %u201CI%u2019ve got Katie tucked away, so no one will get to us until my child is born %u2014 and until I want them to?" He needs to be a man instead of being the little boy he is trying to be when he was younger and accept the fact that he f***ed up. With these antics, Tom Cruise has replaced our previous oddball who is in exile in Bahrain.

Despite Tom Cruise's antics on her show, Oprah invited him to her Legend's Ball (which, by the way, was THE event of the year, not this Star Trek convention he is holding). As I recall, he behaved totally inappropriatly on the red carpet. He was invited to an event to celebrate women who have gone unrecognized despite their work and talents. Cruise thought that it would be a good forum to further pedd;e his faux relationship by picking Katie Holmes up, tossing her in the air, and twirling her around. He did not seem to get that the event was not about him and thought undermining the purpose of the event was just fine. Oprah already showed him loyalty and he disrespected an event that was obviously important to her. Why the hell would she want to go to the wedding of someone who has no respect for her? Despite that, Oprah has proven herself to be the classy person to Tom Cruise's crybaby by sending a gift to them nonetheless.

Tom Cruise is playing with fire by screwing with Oprah. I know a lot of you guys hate her for various reasons, but you cannot deny that she holds sway of millions of women. Tom Cruise is trying to avoid the Harrison Ford trap of playing an action hero when he is too old and no one will believe it anymore, so he is trying to re-establish his credentials as a ladies man. On top of that, he is trying to bathe in the fountain of youth by ensnaring a young woman. His target demographic is the one Oprah has eating out of the palm of her hand, whether you all like it or not. Oprah can make you look bad by not even mentioning your name. She made Brad Pitt look like a trifling cad and never uttered his name. Let's see her do a show about young women who are trapped or brainwashed by older men and whose name will spring to mind.

Tom Cruise's scheme is well known in Hollywood. He targeted four young women in their 20s to date so as to make himself look younger and like a young guy in love. One girl was Jessica Alba (she dismissed the idea out of hand citing the creepines of it all), one was Katie Holmes, and I forget the other two. Katie Holmes took the bait, or swallowed the Kool Aid as the case may be. Their "relationship" has all the earmarks of an abusive one: isolating her from her family and friends; using her as a vessel for his child before committing to her; scrubbing away any remnants of her identity and replacing them with his own, complete with Scientology minister of propaganda. Anyone who would want to attend a wedding like that is living in a moral and ethical Never Neverland.

Speaking of Neverland, Tom Cruise and his cadre of alien advisors have decided that buying Neverland while it is in financial trouble is a good idea. He feels it would be the perfect venue for Scientology retreats. On this point, Tom and I are in total agreement. With all the craziness that has gone on at that place, it is perfect for future Scientology freakshows. I do not know if there has ever been a better match in intergalactic heaven.

For all you people bitching about how Oprah should have been loyal to him what about how he heartlessly condemned Brooke Shields for getting help for herself? He saw fit to humiliate her for a medical condition and crazily declared that he knew what was best for her and her depression. If anyone has records of her solociting his informed medical advice (remember, he knows the history of psychiatry: L. Ron Hubbard was institutionalized for kidnapping his family. Go online and look at his records) or permitting him to comment on the error of her ways. He is such a hypocrite. He will not answer questions about Scientology, but Brooke Shield's personal struggle is fair game? The balls on him! Oprah's criticizing him for jumping on her furniture just does not live up to how he put his two cents into a matter that had nothing

2899 days ago


I've met Oprah. And yes she has a very strong ANTI-white opinion. She came up from the ghetto and is a self-made rich black entertainer and thats it. Quite bitchy actually.

Yes, Tom screwed her and you can bet your ass she'll get the last laugh. Wait and see how long it takes to book Nicole and her rehab new husband on the show!!! GO O!!!!!

2899 days ago
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