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X-Tina's Man is Her B*tch

11/15/2006 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera got herself a man who knows where all the attention goes -- to her.

Sure, there 'ain't no other man' like Mr. Aguilera, aka Jordan Bratman, but he doesn't get nearly the same amount of press attention shown to his dirrty wife. While Christina set off flashbulbs as she rushed from her New York hotel to a waiting car -- not a single flash was popped when Jordan followed five steps behind.

Ever the willing manservant, Bratman even carried her luggage. Good boy.


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Why does Christinas boyfriend have to be a bitch? I am going to assume it was some dumb guy who TMZ let post that headline. A guy who probably still has hotdog water in a pot from like 3 weeks ago sitting on his stove and thinks burping outloud in public is funny (not just neccessary sometimes). If it was a woman then she is just mad because her boyfriend (not husband) thinks shivalry is the name of Britney's new perfume. Don't be mad because she is getting treated right...idiots.

2763 days ago


Still referring to Christina as "Dirrty"? That is so sad and shows a lack of writing skills, how many times has that been written in the past year, no six months (and that album was a few years ago!!!). TMZ needs to be ashamed and let me be an editor, then this site could at least claim some type of decency (I bet some idiot would say "Well TMZ is not meant to be decent!" with an actual look of seriousness on their face...gross!).

2763 days ago


That's a smart move. I think Christina has it where no photographer takes pictures of her husband Jordan whenever he follows her. It shows that Jordan is a good man by staying with Christina wherever she goes. He doesn't care for the limelight like Christina, and that's fine with him.

2751 days ago


So...when a person doesn't like being hounded by the paparazzi, it makes them someone's bitch? Her husband is very successful in his own right and doesn't need to go spending all of her money to make himself a career or trying to leech off of her publicity.

Britney should be taking notes! Also, kudo's to Christina and Jordan for not turning their marriage into a reality TV series for the world to watch or flaunting it all over the rag mags! Christina and Jordan are successful people that have CLASS!

2738 days ago


Um, that is called being a good husband, DUH!!

2797 days ago


I don't get the media. You have K-Fed who never did anything for Brit but get her pregnant and then you have Jordan who works and is a loving attentive husband who cares a woman's bags. How nice and kind. What is wrong with you to display such negative ideas about a good guy. Shame on you. I was a fan of your website until you displayed such disregard for a relationship that clearly is working, I am shocked.

2797 days ago


yeah i agree thats a gentleman!!! go christina!!!! way to pick a REAL MAN~!!!!!

2797 days ago


Good boy? Because Christina chose a man with his own career who happily stays out of the spotlight makes him less of a man? Not even close! I think she made a great choice. You want to talk losers and the women who choose them...keep talking Britney and Kevin!

2797 days ago


I triple agree this is what you call a man that has respect for his wife you go Christina!!- :) I wish you guys the best!

2797 days ago

J Doe    

has no desire to be in the desire for fame.

unlike fed-x


it was jordan who asked christina out for a drink.....dated for 3 1/2 yrs ,
HE POPPED THE QUESTION, ...unlike britney patheticly did.

2797 days ago

J Doe    

christina has britney beat when it comes to men, and raw talent.
britney makes christina look like EINSTEIN bar none!!!!!!!!!

2797 days ago


I still don't get why the paps are killing themselves to get a grainy, blurry picture of someone "rushing" from a hotel to a car. So the celeb is walking 20 feet! And then she gets into a car!! And speeds away!!! WOW.

Why would her husband care if nobody took his picture? Doing what? Pulling a suitcase? I'm sure he had better things to think about. And he does seem like a gentleman.

2797 days ago


Sounds like he is being a gentlemen and he is her husband! Why do you print stupid stuff like that? Must be a slow news day.

2797 days ago


as much as i may not like christina...the girl can sing, and it is the real thing...unlike britney, who has her voice digitally enhanced just to sound mediocre. britney is as fake as they come, and it is so funny to see how christina is blowing britney out of the water...good for you!!send that b**** back to the trailer. stay strong with your man too...he seems like a nice guy!!

2797 days ago


Wow, for the first time I agree with every post so far. Since when is carrying your wife's luggage worth reporting on?

2797 days ago
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