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Demi Sings for "Bobby"

11/16/2006 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore sings a version of the Richard Berry classic, "Louie Louie," in former flame Emilio Estevez's highly anticipated political drama, "Bobby."

Not known for her vocal abilities, listening to her sing this track might surprise you. And yes, TMZ has confirmed, it's really Demi singing. Cool!
Click to hear Demi Moore sing


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patty cake    

Demi is one of the nastiest people in the business. She is rude, late and talentless. I had to work with her twice and she was a 1rst class bitch to everyone on set. The producer was constantly apologizing for her. She was an embarrassment.
This movie, Bobby sucks. I went to an Academy screening and people walked out. Emilio Estevez should stick to the Mighty Ducks. Demi is a plastic surgery junkie and should stay home and play mommy to her boy toy . I'm glad she barely works...the crews in Hollywood thank the producers and casting agents.

2886 days ago


I'm amazed how vicious people can be in trashing Demi Moore. I just saw this movie, and I thought it was brilliant. Demi was fine. Anyone that walked out of this movie is an idiot. One of the central themes of this movie is the fact that we all live very different lives, but if we can find a way to live together without killing each other, then we can all live together.

2880 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

Happy Birthday Mr. President.

2899 days ago


What a washed up old rag piece of white trailer trash. Look at the worts on her chin, the bones and veins popping out of her neck and shoulders...she is a cradle robber. Sick, sick, sick, self-centered piece of home made buttlogs.

2899 days ago


Yes, she does have a pretty singing voice. Why does her speaking voice always sound hoarse, like she's got a cold?

2899 days ago


Maybe she bought the new voice along with her $200,000 plastic surgery spree a few years back when she was desperate to get attention in "Charlie's Angels."

2899 days ago


Hey Marianne,

Green isn't a good color on you. Can you say Jealous? We should all be so lucky to look like her. She is gorgeous. She spent ALOT of $ to get that way, but to say she is trash is ridiculous.

2899 days ago


Damn, she is a great advertisement for Botox.

2899 days ago

The Duke    

Actually, that was pretty damn impressive coming from Demi Moore. I like. And to Marianne or whoever was baggin' on her, um, when you sing you use your vocal cords, hence your veins and arteries do tend to stick out in the neck area. Duh....

I think she looks her age personally, and is still lookin' great. Keep it up, Demi and see you in Sun Valley when the mountains are ready with fresh powder. Hmmm, that didn't sound right, but oh well. Cheers all. - The Duke

2899 days ago


No that didnt sound good at all. Why would anyone think it did. She sounds like a man. big deal. And yes you all are right about all the boob jobs and tummy tucks and face lifts botox liposuction

By the way you all KNOW that Britney got a new big boob job right? None of you are naive enough to believe they are real right? She seems happy showing them off. oh yea she got a tummy tuck too

I guess Paris will be next. She'll probably get triple DDDs so she can stand out. She will have a melt down if she doesnt stand out
tramps all of them

2899 days ago

Punk B*tch    

That Marianne is one pissy p***y.

2899 days ago


Demi looks and sounds fabulous!! As for Maryanne, "Do you eat with that mouth"? Tsk! Tsk!

2899 days ago



You say she is trash? Look at what you wrote about me, someone you don't know. Enough said.

2899 days ago


That Marianne must have just been released from the local mental ward. She is as low as anyone gets..pathetic, loser lol..the type that knocks everyone else who is prettier, smarter and richer than she is. Green is also the color of the wicked witch of the or without the broomstick. Her (his) mother must also be a mental case to produce such an offspring.

2899 days ago


Demi YAWN!

2899 days ago
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