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"Don't Tara Reid Me!"

11/16/2006 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Girls Gone Wild" producer Joe Francis was hanging outside of Hyde last night -- by choice. You may remember when Tara Reid found herself on that sidewalk against her will -- Joe remembers too.

He was joking with the club's staff, and made Tara the butt of his joke, while inventing a new verb.


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Joe Francis is an ass!

2860 days ago


actually, that would be a verb not an adjective you mensa members you!

2860 days ago


I couldn't care less about Tara..........But I hate to see people get kicked around when they are down. He is a freaking millionaire and has nothing better to do then to joke about some class E near celeb. The man has no class - I know - I am stating the obvious.

2860 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

You need to hammer on his site, give him a huge hosting bill.

2860 days ago

Black Sheep    

Joe Francis is such a scumbag. I hope someday he gets up the butt. And not by choice.

2860 days ago


Oh my f'ing word. This guy is how old?? He needs to grow up. Doesn't he have anything else better to do. Obvisouly not-so this must be what he does when he isn't out being a perv film shooting minors to show they're boobs for a few lousy bucks.
I guess he's trying to act and look like a real douche bag like Brandon Davis. Umm wasn't Joe outside the nightclub when Tara couldn't get in and actually acted like he cared?? What a moron!!

2860 days ago


he's gross. ive been out to to clubs and i would not be impressed with his ugly ass. looks like a girly tony danza to me.

2860 days ago


I wish more women would beat the crap out of him like that one chick he was trying to film.

He is a disgusting a**hole. Even if Tara is stupid, he's just reprehensible.

2860 days ago

duh...totally !    

Joe Francis is one of the biggest scumbags out there !

pathetic piece of garbage

2860 days ago

Go Away    

He did get it up the butt against his will so we'll all have to think of another miserable thing to wish upon him.... Real knee slapper there Joe. Did you think of that joke all by your self? F***in' dork...

2860 days ago


This guy is a total asswipe sleazeball.

2859 days ago


What a dorky looking Jew. (I thought he looks like a Jew so I Yahooed his ass and I was right) I can't believe Hyde would let ugly bastards get in. Or, it must've been a slow night --they put up with nerds or nerds come in slow. There wasn't that many people lining up. I bet the staff were thinking, "you're lucky it's a slow night you c**t face."

2859 days ago


This guy's an a**hole. I totally hope he burns in hell. I'm pretty sure he will.

2859 days ago


I guess desperate times result in desperate measures.What an ass,this guy is really lacking attention.I have no idea why he would joke about Tara not getting Hyde because I'm sure as hell certain he's not more famous than her.Another example of someone who needs attention and using someone else to get it.Get a life a**hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2859 days ago

Hello Kitty    

What an Ass !

While Tara has no one to blame for her drinking, and lack of work these days.. she is trying to clean herself up a bit.

I can't believe that I felt sorry for him when he came home to a home invasion, and had compromising photos of him taken with his pants down with a sex aid laid over hiss butt.

2859 days ago

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