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Jacko Tells 40 Kids -- "Start Givin'"

11/16/2006 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Call him the King of Flop.

Michael Jackson made his much-hyped return to the stage last night, and it turned out to be anything but thrilling. The singer appeared at the World Music Awards in London to accept the Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million albums worldwide -- but based on this evidence, he might be lucky to sell even one more from this point. The world's most squirm-inducing human being was rumored to be performing "Thriller" with British pop star Chris Brown, but ended up coming out for just a few perfunctory (and not terribly in-tune) bars of "We Are The World." With his ghostly complexion and voice even reedier and shriller than usual, Jacko strolled down the stage with a swarm of children, and then just stopped singing completely, so he could hug the young ones.

Jacko's one moment of total abandon came when he threw his jacket into the crowd. No word on whether members of the crowd successfully avoided it.


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Why are they letting this pervert anywhere near children?

2837 days ago


I'm tired of the MJ bashing. Let's quit judging as we all have made mistakes in life. I'm not saying he is not guilty but rather this should be left to a higher authority now. His music is challenging + unique; it will stand the test of time. The public likes to bring people down for their own selfish pride ......this as been repeated throughout history.

2837 days ago


My point exactly. The public gets off on this. This article just helps papers and web advertising.

2837 days ago


I agree I grew up watching the guy break music barriers and wish some of that still existed. But what the heck isn't he like 50 now? I think what we see today is a direct result of what happens with fame & money. I think anyone else put into the same shoes would have also ended up the same way or close to it. Hasn't he been an entertainer since he was 5...45 years? If I were him I would forget about the public eye and just make music.

2837 days ago


What is with the tmz staff hating and puting the most negative spin on everything MJ does I don't get it , have a friend who was at the awards yes literally there and she said it especially MJ was the best totally awsome was her exact words so just stop the hating, report the story without the tabloid bull sh*t. Thank You!

2837 days ago


I think his transformation into Liz Taylor is complete.

2837 days ago

Mad Balls    

Two of the freakest moments on Tv --Micheal jacksons return and K-fed on trya . These guys act like they are in high-school . How lame . Just terrible unrehearsed , badly sang sh*t . Just awful . defend him all you want and make excuses , the guy believes his own PR . He still doesn't see anything wrong with sleeping with 10 year olds . sick . His music has been lame for years . Both MJ and K-fed were laughable and hard to turn away ---Really bad to the point of being almost good . Micheal needs a face and k-fed needs a brain . Maybe they should go see the Wizard ? Tom Cruise . Dickheads .

2837 days ago

Mad Balls    

Oh and the last time MJ asked some kid to " Give in " it cost him 4 million plus court fees . Dickheads .

2837 days ago


Who the F*** do you think you all are!!!!
Shut the f*** up!
I can not believe that TMZ would said "The world's most squirm-inducing human being" That is absolutely shocking!
He IS and always will be the most talented artist of all time.
Michael has given so much of his love to charity and god the list goes on..

I am and always will be the most devoted Michael Jackson Fan.
And I will defend him from bullsh*t like this!

And lastly, dont even bother replying to this, because I really couldn't give a f*** what you all think.

2837 days ago

Mad Balls    

And the correct version is -- and now his transformation into elephant man is complete . Dickhead .

2837 days ago

Mad Balls    

Oh and Lanz . Dickhead .

2837 days ago


The newspapers are all reporting that he was BOOED off the stage and went shuffling off. The newspapers said he started singing and sucked at the high notes so he stopped and started this nonsensical rambling and the people started booing and stomping their feet until he left the stage. RIP, the King of FLOP!

He is a SICK SICK man/ woman.
He needs to be locked up! He is repuslive. He is a child molester, he is a freak of nature. He is NOT normal in any way. He seriously needs to be locked up in an insane asylum.
His kids need to be taken away from him!! The fact that this repulsive man walks free and the children he molested will forever be traumatized, makes me want to hurt him badly. He is finished!! the perv is finished, he even can do decent music because of his sick mind!!! and for all this people saying that he still loved isn't true!!!! the rest of the world aren't supporting him NOT ANYMORE!!
Jacko will rot in hell for molesting all those children!

2836 days ago


I'm just waiting for his single to help the tsunami, no, wait, it was the single for Hurricane Katrina.......

'nuf said

2836 days ago


At this rate, his new album should be ready in, say, 2025. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2836 days ago
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