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Prince William's Girlfriend

What a Dumbass!

11/16/2006 7:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate_Will SplitWhy would a girl risk the possibility of becoming Queen of England by playing hard to get?

After kicking Prince William to the curb for reportedly having a drunken make-out session with another lass, the future King of England's 4-year girlfriend, Kate Middleton, has apparently come to her senses.

According to British reports, Kate decided to take back her allegedly promiscuous prince after having a serious heart-to-heart with her mum. We're assuming the conversation went something like this: "'ELLO!?! YOU COULD BE THE BLEEDIN' QUEEN, YA TWIT!!!"

Not long after she dumped the royal hump, William and Kate were spotted necking in public again. Why is Kate playing with fire? We understand the moral rationale, but think about all those jewels ... the tiaras ... the castles! It's good to be queen!


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I think Prince william should not marry this early age. Kate is not that pretty and william should have learned from his mom.

2856 days ago


First of all, the article says "reportedly having a drunken make-out session with another lass" and "allegedly promiscuous prince" ever consider (and I know this is absolute taaoo because the WOMAN would never be in the wrong) this would not be the first false accusation made against another person. Many relationshipd break up over presumed guilt. Ana as for Diana and Charles, well he wasn't the only one riding another camel. Oh and as for titles, If a man marries the reigning Monarch they become Price but if a woman marries a reigning Monarch they do indeed become Queen.

2837 days ago


#87 is correct - Any female (royal or not) who marries a King (or a man who will eventually become King) will become Queen after the husband is crowned King. The male will become the Prince consort. The reason for this is because a King outranks a Queen and the royal family (any royal family really) doesn't want a man who marries into the family to outrank his wife who was born into royalty - it's all about primogeniture. That is why Queen Elizabeth's three sons - Charles, Andrew, and Edward would have taken the throne before her daughter (prior to any of them getting married and having kids) even though the daughter Anne was the second born after Charles.

2837 days ago

R U Kidding me?    

Do you honestly think at 25 this girl is worried about becoming queen? So much so that she would put up with this kind of crap? How come we are all so quick to believe the rumours....perhaps the truth is they love each other, and realise that perhaps they should wait until they are really ready to marry. In the meantime, the media will churn up rumour and innuendo to keep us all interested. She seems like a nice girl, she has a college degree ,so she can probably read and write, unlike most of the party girls in America, and is able to go out in public without showing us her underwear (or lack thereof). If only we had 10 Kate's here instead of Paris, Lindsay and Paris...

2835 days ago

Think about it    

That marriage like most others will be full of lies, cheating and sneaking around. It's quite normal in this day and age. What many people fail to know, is that their are not many absolute content marriages out there. It could be the husband or the wife cheating, or, it could be both, thinking that they are fooling the other. It happens all the time. I know of several marriages where the spouses are cheating on each other, but they stay married because of the convenience and also the consequences of a divorce.

2827 days ago

Sara Pulis    

What terrible things to say! For the sake of the argument, let's say that the prince was snogging another girl. WHY would any self-respecting woman in the whole world want to sell her personal happiness and pride down the river just for the chance of being some powerless figurehead's Number 2?

2805 days ago

Sara Pulis    

Update to #78: Queens cannot make Kings, but Kings have QUEEN CONSORTS. Spend a mintue NOT staring at celebrity gossip sites and read a friggin' history book for a change. Elizabeth II's mother was QUEEN ELIZABETH - she isn't numbered because she was not the monarch. Her grandmother was QUEEN MARY. Her great-grandmother was QUEEN ALEXANDRA and so on.

2805 days ago


Look at what happened to Princess Diana, They too said that she would be Queen and now shes dead, and if William is already acting like a cad, then by all means get out Kate, your morals are much better for it than this stupid idiot calling you a twit for your choice.....dont stay in a realtionship just because you can be queen. The writer of this story sounds like Heather Mills and believe me you dont want to be associated with that one legged gimp. To be Queen and unhappy, well you can see that it is the writer of this story that is the DUMBASS

2866 days ago


Ha......infidelity, insanity, runs in that inbred "family."

BTW .....The "Prince William's Girlfriend -- What a Dumbass!" was cleverly written....nice effort to who ever-you-are.

2866 days ago


I hate to say this but i could overlook his philandering if it meant that I would be queen. Smart girl.

2866 days ago


2. Ha......infidelity, insanity, runs in that inbred "family."

BTW .....The "Prince William's Girlfriend -- What a Dumbass!" was cleverly written....nice effort to who ever-you-are.

If you are a MORON it was cleverly written...what are you 10

2866 days ago

j.p. schilling    

All things being equal, one must hand it to the darling Ms. Middleton. I have yet to meet a man who wants to spend his life with a waif of a person who puts up with all of his extracurricular activities. By this I mean a couple of things:

The Prince wants to sow those oats before he ties the knot; however, lovely Ms. Middleton is not the lap dog, "...shut up, she'll be right..." type of person. Seriously, this lady has got some spunk! Personally I feel she ought to go "Royal Sightseeing" for about a month until His Highness does some real sucking up.

Furthermore, someone really needs to school His Highness in chivalry with heavy doses of his Mum's demeanor before she transcended. As I reflect this is very reminiscent of his parents' actions. Someone, anyone, please wake this spoiled kid up!

2866 days ago


who in their right mind would want to be the queen of england...just like, who in their right mind would want to be President of the U.S.

No way, I'll pass.

2866 days ago


#3 marki

I see you have sever insecurity problems -go start trouble with someone else. Don't have time for you.......At least I read the articles...I don't need someone to explain them to me like you do.

Hey Marki's interpreter..............hit him/her on the side of the head. Thanks!

2866 days ago

beth c    

4. I hate to say this but i could overlook his philandering if it meant that I would be queen. Smart girl.

Posted at 5:49PM on Nov 16th 2006 by teddy

Does the name Diana mean anything to you?...She never got to be queen as her dumbass husband was fooling around with the ugliest woman in the world with the morals of rutting pig! Now this pig will never get to be queen cause her dumbass husband is now considering another mistress and she will finally walk..without the jewels once worn by Diana and now lent to her by the real Queen (and I don't mean Elton John). If William wants to be just like Dad then he should consider himself single and not expect Kate to put up with his catting around. Afterall, Diana was his mother for God's sake!

2866 days ago
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