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Is Tori Spelling Low Rent?

11/16/2006 3:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Tori Spelling and her man-wife, Dean McDermott, will have to find a way to come up with nearly $5000 a month rent for their 2 bedroom + den, 3 bath apartment.

As TMZ previously reported, pregnant Tori is moving into a rental building in a not-so-exclusive section of Brentwood.

While 5 large isn't getting her a shack, Tori is used to living large in her late father Aaron Spelling's 123-room Beverly Hills mega-mansion. Talk about downsizing.

Couple this with a bitter feud with mama Candy, and it looks like Tori could really use some pickles and ice cream from The Peach Pit. 9021-Oh!


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Maybe it's me, but parents do not "owe" their children anything at this age.....nor do they "have" to leave them anything. Having said that, in this case they are ALL riding on the success of someone else.....Also, no matter how hard Tori and her newest dependent try and generate interest in their marriage, and pregnancy, it just doesn't seem to be interesting......oogling over baby furniture with that couple is dullsville.......and if they are looking to make rent money by selling photos of their child, who wants to see that? Not the best gene pool for brains or looks.

2838 days ago

Jean Coughlin    

This young woman was on a television show for 10 years at least part of that time she lived with mommy and daddy dearest. Did she not put a dime away? Did she not invest in a home? If she had, she'd have had quite a cash cow by the yr. 2005.

She saw her dad once in the last 8 months of his life. She resented her parents for only spending a million on her first wedding in a marriage that lasted about a year. She was in Canada when dad died...not at his bedside (her mother and brother were there). Should she be rewarded for her behavior? I'll save my sympathy for someone who didn't star in "Mother May I Sleep With Danger?"

2811 days ago


God, this whole thing is so sick. Yes, I think that everyone knows that Candy is a selfish, spoiled bitch. Unfortunately, I think that description also fits her daughter. What we have here are two women who are so incredibly like each other that they can't stand one another. Tori says she hates her Mom 'cause she cheated on her dad. Hello? Can we say hypocrite? Maybe I should break this down for her, since I think that may be too big of a word for Tori. Tori, when you sleep with a married man, then encourage him to leave his wife, son and brand-new baby YOU ARE ALSO A SLUT HOMEWRECKER. Yes, one should always love their children, and what Candy is doing is wrong. But Tori has more money than most of us will ever have and I will not be shedding any tears for someone so selfish and vapid. Stop renting places you can't afford, buy a modest house, have your loser of a husband get a job and GROW THE HELL UP! And Dean, don't think the ENTIRE country doesn't know that you married Ms. Spelling hoping to cash in on Daddy Warbucks. Has anyone else noticed that since Tori has started really showing & since it's become obvious they'll have to actually work, Dean is AWOL an awful lot (his favorite past time used to be posing for papparazzi while smiling like a buffoon with Tori) and that Tori's often alone and looking miserable? This is a sad situation, but considering the players, I just can't even manage a single tear. I can, however, manage a few for that jerk's ex-wife).

2811 days ago



2865 days ago


I will tell you one thing--The fact that that weasel-faced father (worth $500 million!) did not provide a suitable, legal legacy for his children is one of the most disgusting sins that could possibly come from a man who was apparently ...disgusting.

Yes, people make fun of Tori Spelling, but any mega-rich bastard like Aaron Spelling, who would leave his children out in the cold, when possessing such a fortune, should be in the 9th Pit of Hell by now. Who the hell would leave everything to ANYONE named "Candy?" Sure, she deserved something (she had to screw that insect, after all), but a flesh-and-blood daughter is worth four times the wife.

When people wonder why Tori Spelling tries to generate such a media circus around herself, the answer is apparent: her father left her with a genetic face like something from "My Not-So-Pretty Pony" and then expected her to "make it" in Hollywood on her LOOKS?

Please, Tori has done the best with what she has been given, physically...and she can certainly be called "attractive," at least. But, for that skank (Daddy) to leave his own children a relative bag of PEANUTS is grotesque. "Candy" is just lucky that she was able to wheedle her way from whatever strip-joint she once worked into the bed of a rich TV-Mogul.

But anyone (especially in La La) with obscene wealth who short-changes his own KIDS in favor of a trashy, greedy trophy-wife (whose name might as well have been "Sugar"), should be slow-roasting with Lucifer.

Tori's not perfect, but cursed with THAT bloodline, the girl deserved a little more than $800,000 from her ferret-faced daddy's $500 million dollar fortune. Moreover, Tori is a LOT less trashy than the Hilton-Richie-Reid triumvirate.

"Candy" Spelling. GAWD...I once knew a hooker with more class.

2865 days ago



2865 days ago


Ya and Candy the flipping witch of the century. What an idiot!! This fight is for what you say, the love of money Candy. This is your daughter, is ANYTHING more important than your kids DESPITE how you feel this is just DAMN mean. You have billions of dollars and you cant make amends. You are trully a mean ass bitch and deserve nothing and deserve to live like Tori. This is bullsh*t and I wish you the VERY worst Candy Spelling. Get your sh*t together and be an adult and recognize your daughter. NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD serves as an excuse to treat your daughter like this. BULL SH*T AND SHAME ON YOU CANDY< you selfish bitch

2865 days ago

Some dude    

Anyone that thinks that this broad is in any financial trouble is a complete moron.
This chick could sneeze diamonds while accidentally sharting $100.00 bills.
I don’t care what happens with her mother, what happens with her late fathers estate, or what happens in general at all.
She will always have a ridiculously stupid amount of money available to her in comparison with any of us working stiffs.

Well done as usual America, we've made someone who in no way deserves it into another cash cow who is a cash cow for the sake of being a cash cow.

I really hate this country sometimes.

2865 days ago



2865 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Are we supposed to run her a benefit?

2865 days ago


No...the point is that she shouldn't NEED a benefit...if obscenely rich folk had their legal affairs in some decent semblance of order.

2865 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

#5 5 large referes to $5000 dollars. I can't believe her mother is treating her this way, no matter what your kids do they are still your kids. I would still love my daughter even if she went out & killed someone in cold blood. Your family is your family to the bitter end. How sad that Candy forgot that.

2865 days ago


What is happening between mother and daughter is indeed sad. As a mom, I can understand the frustration with shelling out that kind of money for her first wedding (no matter how much money you have) and then have your daughter be ungrateful about it. Tori has made enough money in the past off of working on her dad's show that she should have been able to afford to purchase her own place and then with what she did make from his estate, she should have been able to live with that amount. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like she did that. Also as a mom, my love for my kids will never disappear. Disappointed, frustrated and sometimes angry with them, but never disown them.

2865 days ago

Charisma Rules    

Candy Spelling sure is appearing to be a greedy hateful bitch who was jealous of Aaron Spelling's love for his daughter and is getting the ultimate revenge by turning on her own daughter. How sick does a person have to be to feel INSANELY jealous of her own husband's love for their own daughter?

Sick, evil woman - I pity you, Candy Spelling. Reach out to your daughter, mend fences, forgive real and perceived wrongs, share that larger-than-anyone-could-ever-need fortune with your daughter and soon-to-be-born grandchild.

2865 days ago


Candy Spelling is sooo bizarre.
Tori and her brother should declare her non compos mentis.
Hey, what about her brother?
Is he gay? Where is he on this "feud"???

I admire Tori for trying to live independently. Why in the world wouldn't her mother WANT TO SHARE!?!?!?!

2865 days ago
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