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Jolie's Bodyguards Thrown Behind Bars

11/17/2006 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina's bodyguards: Click to watchLooks like Angelina's protectors do their job ... a little too well.

Police in India arrested three of the star's bodyguards today, for allegedly roughing up parents and students at a school where Jolie was filming scenes for "A Mighty Heart." Her guards also caused controversy by reportedly calling the people of Mumbai "bloody Indians" and "bloody Muslims" during the standoff.

Though the ruffians were jailed, they were eventually released on bail and asked not to leave the country for a week, and to report to the local police office every day. If convicted, they could be jailed for up to three years!

Since arriving in India, Angie's bodyguards have had a string of run-ins with locals and paparazzi. An AP photographer alleged he was threatened with a gun, and another photographer was choked by a member of her entourage.

Protection is hard work ... in this case, it could lead to hard time.


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I wish John Lennon had security guards like this, he'd still be alive...Brad & Angelina are pretty smart to have this protection, especially over there in the Middle East!

2805 days ago


i think the paparazzi was responsible for this mess. when the guards opened the gates to let the parents in, the paps rushed in like an uncontrollable hoard. no wonder things got out of hand. i think the paps should have been fined and deported.

2805 days ago


No offense , but, I just don't get "Celebrity Worship". People put all celebs high upon a pedistal. Personally , I would not invade ANYONES privacy ,celeb or not . That's just plain rude !! On top of that, as nasty as it may sound, I wouldn't cross the street to see 99.7 percent of them !! They are people like you or I . No better, not above, not beneath !! Who cares? People really should get a life !!!

2805 days ago


no. 15/ Jody,

i've yet to come across something as strange as india being referred to as the middle east- we are south asia, with is altogether different. it's like placing new york in brazil.

so do get your facts and your geography and your politics right, as your implication is india a very dangerous place.

let me also tell you something: the most popular celebrities in the world (by the sheer number of fans) come from india, and not from anywhere else in the world- you can check this out...and bombay is the home of celebrities, so we are not easily taken with ''some superstar'', no matter from where in the world.

this story is covered in india as well, and i don't think we should lose sight of the focus: the parents who were shoved around and prevented from meeting their kids. that's the real story's not about angelina, if you'll forgive me for saying...

let our law take its course: when i travel to the u.s. i respect your country and the law- please consider the same for my country, when you or angelina jolie visit.



2805 days ago

showers of Blessings    

read the following article to get a good picture. tmz did not give the full detail

Pitt: We respect all religions
S Balakrishnan

MUMBAI: A N Roy has probably seen innumerable celebrities in his high-powered stint but none as rare as this.

On Friday afternoon, the police commissioner played host to Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt, who came to him to plead the cause of his bodyguards arrested that morning for allegedly threatening parents of students of the Anjuman-e-Islam school the previous day.

The fracas, which had taken place on the school grounds during the shooting of A Mighty Heart, turned ugly when the bodyguards reportedly manhandled the parents and called them “bloody Indians”.

Brad, in a white half-sleeved shirt and dark trousers, turned up minus Angelina but with a motley group comprising producer Dede Gardner, actor Irfan Khan, Kailash and Arti Surendranath, activist Avisha Kulkarni and deputy commissioner of zone I, Brijesh Singh.

Brad firmly but politely told Roy that none of his bodyguards had threatened or touched the students or abused Indians or Islam, as alleged in the complaint lodged by some parents with the Azad Maidan police station.

“There were dozens of media cameramen at the school and they would have shot the misbehaviour if it had taken place,” he said.

As a film unit and as individuals we respect all religions and human beings. We are committed to tolerance and human values indeed, this film is being produced because Daniel Pearl was committed to human values.

It is unthinkable that anyone would have uttered the things that are being attributed to them. But if any misunderstanding has been caused, we apologise for it.”

A subtle duel of sorts erupted between the star and the cop when Brad demanded to know whether people could be arrested on a mere complaint and without

giving them an opportunity to get their version across. Roy replied that police are duty-bound to record a complaint and that they were arrested according to the Indian law.

“We will have an inquiry, for which those three arrested will have to be present at the police station daily,” he said. “If our inquiry shows that there is nothing much to the incident, the matter will be closed.”

“So it’s a question of some people’s word against others?” interjected Brad. “No,” said Roy. “We will be making our inquiries with all the persons concerned and then take a call.”

2805 days ago


Helluva Brute Squad you got there, Ms. Jolie.


2805 days ago

Legends Of The Fall    

No 16- lisa- ITA with you.
WHY is no one looking at what razzis do??And stalkers?
Mickey Brett did a good job--and where is the proof he did wrong anyway??
HOW COME NOT ONE VIDEO or PHOTO shows anything bad about the bodyguards??
Wake up, people, this is a dig from pro-terrorist group against the movie...and because Brad and Angelina are in this..everyone has a dig at it..TO MAKE SOME MONEY.

2805 days ago


susanne burton -
- I will check out justjared; however, I have already checked out the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox and read Angelina's pathetic lies on Jared, bless his heart, skews the information to suit his own purposes.

Bottom line - this is Ugly Americanism at its worst. We don't need this kind of publicity in foreign countries. They should have jailed and charged Brad Pitt. Isn't he representing the producers of this film?

2805 days ago


That one bodyguard shown in the picture should have been arrested for choking that photographer a couple of weeks ago. Bodyguards are not above the law. Judging from his previous behavior, I wouldn't be surprised if he really did say those things to the people, but for some reason no one around was able to capture it on camera.

2805 days ago

Gary D.    

That bodyguard will at some point in time, physically attack the wrong person at the wrong time, in the wrong place , and they will drop him as dead as a doornail right on the spot !! Save the "Catching The Bullet In the Teeth" and "The Steven Segall Movie" bullshit for the Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theatre . In real life, you're just worm food !! One day ,he will run into a "Victim" that refuses to be "Victimized" and they will "Un-Bully" him very quickly !

2805 days ago


uhhh, yeah, india ain't in the midddle east... i think i knew that in the 7th grade....

2805 days ago


Body guards, yes. Thugs, No and that is precisely what these guys are to a T ! ! Common street thugs that violate the law to "protect" be it in India or the United States. Pitt & Jolie hired them and I think they should be fined or in some way have to pay a price for what happened......

Hollywierd "stars" think they are above the law the world over.

2805 days ago


I really appreciate the humanitarian work and the love of the world that Angelina has...but lately Im a bit doubtful about the authenticity of her intentions..she's acting like she doesn't need publicity when in fact they keep her ratings high as a celebrity so stay rich and pay for security guards! And she's playing it right lately,
the more she and Brad shove off papparazzo the more famous they
become..and i believe she's looking for it in disguise ! As far as the
boyguard is concerned,why didn't Brangelina camp fire him yet after
all the bad image hegave them.??. I bet he already threaten to kidnap
them if they sack him...(wicked laugh)
One more thing, it seems she cares for her adopted kids Mad & Zahara more than she cares for her own biological baby Shiloh..that poor baby rarely sees the light of day...As for maddox, he's taken everywhere and showered with all the attention. Shiloh only gets a kiss to go back to sleep after mommy Angie gets back from her busy filming schedule !!

2805 days ago


Her bodyguards are disgusting and need to be put in jail. Who the hell gives them the right to go assaulting people! Also, Angelina trys to look like she is so moral then why then is she hiring bodyguards that do this type of thing? It seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me if she is condoning this kind of behaviour and paying them for it then on the other hand looking like she is trying to save the world!

2805 days ago


Go directly to jail, do not pass Go! I heard this guy was arrested on murder charges some time back.

2805 days ago
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