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Lucy Liu's

Humdrum Lunch

11/17/2006 3:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lucy Liu was spotted yesterday, having lunch with a friend at Wild Oats Cafe in Los Angeles. Had the trained eye of the paparazzi not been around, the usually glamorous actress might have gone completely unrecognized.

We're used to being wowed by the Charlie's Angel. Here, she looks like she's taking a break from housework.


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Ever hear of "freedom of speech???"

If you can't take it... get outta here.

The people that post here, telling other people what to write and what to think, OFFEND ME!!!! What do we care about your opinions about others????? People...Read the instructions above....."Please keep your comments relevant to this blog entry".... Let TMZ decide what is inappropriate......

If you can't take the heat, get outta da kitchen.

How many times will others have to post the same thing that I just posted????? don't you guys "get it?????"

Okay... now forget what I wrote and start slamming ME for sticking up for freedom of speech.

2842 days ago

Mr. T    

Damn she still looks smoking hot. What are you guys complaining about?

2899 days ago


I think she still looks really pretty with her 'normal' clothes and shorter hair..

2899 days ago


And your point? I think she'd look kinda stupid all dressed up like she's going to an awards show just to go to lunch...I'm sure you'd write an article on that one too though LOL She's pretty regardless....

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Looks like any other Panda Express employee without the hair exstenstions and overly done make-up. So what is hot about her? That's right-- D-List sactresses love the 15-minutes of papparazzi fame.

2899 days ago


lucy liu is still pretty. even with little or no makeup, she looks really classy in this pic with her wearing basic blue jeans and a simple black top. and she looks even better on film. even my boyfriend thinks she is one of the hottest actresses out there.

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Sure "k" and so is every other Asian in Chinatown. If she walked by, in a crowd, you could actually point her out,,, I think not,,, she is plain, generic and not that good looking. It is amazing what make-up and photoshop can do for a person. I'm sure you would even look good. Hold it, she is classy looking,,, riiiight, can I get the orange chicken with that order lpease,,, You must be ugly and anyone looks good to your husband, or he is blind and is feeling what she looks like through the TV.

2899 days ago


I thought TMZ removed inappropriate or irrelevant comments. Why is ???????'s racist comments still around? This idiot should go back to whatever country he or she originated from if he or she doesn't like diversity. Please don't give me this crap about one race being superior to another. Unless you are a Native American, you came here from another country just like everybody else. People may differ from one another physically, but hello!, we all wear underwear and wipe our asses with toilet paper, so we're not that different on the inside (except we're not all racist pigs).

2899 days ago


i think it is really sad that unhappy people have to spread their bad vibes onto everyone else. you only end up sounding like a jealous, spiteful, unhappy person yourself...

and tell me something...why make the racist comments? what good does that do? and calling someones boyfriend/husband ugly? it only makes you look like an ignorant idiot who is probably unhappy with the way you look or your own personality.

2899 days ago


is it just me or does she look so pale it seems shes been living in a basement for months. They say nicole richie looks sickly, look at her . it IS amazing what makeup does i mean look at eva longoria eeewie

2899 days ago

no pervs allowed    

I find it fun. I often like to pick on the sheep that have nothing better to do than live their lives through the Hollywood crap fed to them. Unlike the rest of you mindless wonders, who believe in the fanatsy you see on the small and big screen, I have an opinion and being I live in America and am given the right for free speech, I will continue to express myself any way I please. You and the rest of you liberal socialist friends from Hollywood can take your political correctness and hold an award show, with the rest of the plastic tinsle town wanna-be actors out there. So if you don't like it,,,, go cry me a river and we will use the water to help stop the drought in California.

2899 days ago

The Duke    

She is fricking gorgeous no matter what! Make up or not! Hot Hot Hot

2899 days ago


I think she looks FINE - no different from anyone else walking around, she'd look pretty stupid looking all glammed up for no reason.

And she doesn't look any paler than the person's arm in front of her. I think it's just the camera flash making her look so pale.

2899 days ago


racist commments are not necessary,get a life

2899 days ago


what the hell Fu Man Chew? my god are you that bored to just look back at what people said about your stupid racist comment?

2899 days ago
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