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Victoria Steals TomKat's Thunder

11/18/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham: Click to watchThe end of days is here... well, at least the end of Katie Holmes' days as a free woman.

Today is the day Tom and Katie get married - finally - and the A-list guest-listers are going all out for the lavish ceremony. While guests like Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith and Brooke Shields looked classy and gave their well wishes to the couple as they left their hotel for the wedding, Victoria Beckham turned the paparazzi crush into the "Posh Show."

The former Spice Girl exited the Hassler Hotel with what can only be described as an oversized black plate wedged precariously on her head, posing for photos and turning the entranceway of the hotel into a fashion show.

With other guests like J. Lo, Richard Gere and Jenna Elfman in attendance, it sure sucks for them if they were sitting behind Beckham!

And in case you're wondering -- Cruise and Holmes have tied and knot and are officially husband and wife, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.


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Just heard on the news that they get the castle rent free because of the
attention the town is getting and will benefit from.
TomKat are spending millions on this wedding and for what? It's not even legal.
It's all show.
I agree with some here that the baby is older than they say. I still think there's
something not quite right about the whole pregnancy/baby thing. She was
probably hatched out of a pod on some planet the Scientologist's
are in contact with.
Any bets on how long this union will last?

2866 days ago


Posh did NOT upstage the bride.

This was NOT a wedding, therefore, NO bride.

And I think Posh was wearing the perfect outfit for a evening play.

2866 days ago


I do not understand. Posh is the ugliest person I can think of. She NEVER smiles. She is not the least bit attractive. I just don't understand what the fuss is about her. She is a total has been! Go away Posh Spice.

2866 days ago


Ugly hat, ugly dress, ugly girl. Works for me.

2866 days ago


To #45 lala: If you are so concerned about the war in Iraq then why don't YOU get off of this site and go enlist in the military!!! You stated that "This is not important". It must be a little important to you, why else would you waste your precious time typing a comment?! I think that most people enjoy reading celebrity gossip to take their minds off the war for a little bit. Take your preachings elsewhere!

2866 days ago

Teresa G    

I wish them luck in their marriage. If god won't attend the ceremony, it's not a good sign.

2866 days ago


I completly agree with #11
this is all an act, Suri looks to be about 1yrold, and i really don't believe
either are her parents.
Posh is probably just trying to claim her 5 sec again. she has no other talent to get her own attention.well perhaps for her being too thin

2866 days ago


I think Posh looks great!

2866 days ago

barbara ann    

to all you people who say "who cares",

what exactly do you want tmz to post about if not celebritys and pop culture?

2866 days ago


Posh, Tom Kat...goodbye please, so over it....

2866 days ago


I wasn't too excited about this picture but when the Mc Rib pop up splashed across Victoria's outfit my whole attitude changed. Now I want a Mc Rib sandmich!!

2866 days ago


You call this group A-list? With the exception of a couple of the attendants, I've seen better at a Salvation Army food drive.

2866 days ago


Judging by what Katie's sister Nancy has said to her students, the real, legal ceremony's already taken place, presumably either in Ohio or California.

2866 days ago


Katie looks beautiful. Too bad the marriage won't last.

2866 days ago


I agree with whoever said that Victoria Beckham looks like an anorexic lizard.

2866 days ago
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