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Victoria Steals TomKat's Thunder

11/18/2006 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham: Click to watchThe end of days is here... well, at least the end of Katie Holmes' days as a free woman.

Today is the day Tom and Katie get married - finally - and the A-list guest-listers are going all out for the lavish ceremony. While guests like Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith and Brooke Shields looked classy and gave their well wishes to the couple as they left their hotel for the wedding, Victoria Beckham turned the paparazzi crush into the "Posh Show."

The former Spice Girl exited the Hassler Hotel with what can only be described as an oversized black plate wedged precariously on her head, posing for photos and turning the entranceway of the hotel into a fashion show.

With other guests like J. Lo, Richard Gere and Jenna Elfman in attendance, it sure sucks for them if they were sitting behind Beckham!

And in case you're wondering -- Cruise and Holmes have tied and knot and are officially husband and wife, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.


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Allred Tree    

HE does that bend over kiss or whatever you call it just like he did when he would grab Rosie O'Donnell when he would appear on her talk show. This Katie Holmes is nothing but a WENCH!

2834 days ago


Posh needs to lighten up on the bronzer or at least learn to apply it correctly. She looks like a d*mn statue of a matchstick. You can see the line end at her wrist.

2834 days ago


First, to #45 Lala - If I thought about the war 24/7 I guess I'd be as bitter as you! There is nothing wrong with taking some time to read and discuss other issues that you may not consider important. Most people consider their wedding day important - why should they be any different just because they are in the spot light? I am not putting this wedding in the same "importance" category as the war, just saying that AOL offers so many topics to be discussed - there is nothing wrong with doing so!

Second, to the people who keep insisting they are not legally married, please stop! A number of people mentioned how TomKat had this taken care of BEFORE going to Rome! Get over it already! If you hate them or think they're playing roles for Tom's image, fine, but please get the facts straight first!

Okay, regarding Victoria - I really didn't see it as stealing Katie's thunder because she seems like she is oblivious to those kind of things - I don't think it's intentional, it's just her way? I do think she looked a bit silly though - and yes, I am aware that hats are a big deal but they should still be tasteful and event appropriate!

2834 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

iI think Posh is pretty

2834 days ago

Grandma of Four    

Now let me see......T and K took care of the legal aspects of their marriage BEFORE they left I have that correct?????? What I am wondering is WHY haven't we seen the legal filings posted on the Internet?????? Lord knows there have been enough media types watching all the comings and goings for weeks!!!!!!! Every paper filed on all the other celebs certainly show up 5 minutes after they are filed!!!!!! Will be interesting to see what pops up tomorrow when the court houses in the LA area open up bright and early!

2834 days ago


Posh always steal the show in the america,why wouldn't you ask yourselves if you got any skeleton in your closet and the americans are stupidest people on earth even the so-called celebrities that are either drunks,drug-addicts,homosexuals and what have you.You better shut your mouths because it fucking stinks like rubbish.

2834 days ago


She can't steal anything-----------SHE LOOKS RIDICULOUS! Not very attractive

2834 days ago


Congratulations Tom, Katie & Baby Suri! No matter what has gone on in the past, what crazy things Tom has's obvious they are truly in love and for the sake of their baby and for them, I hope they last forever! God Bless your Family!

2834 days ago


Hey Nosa

Sounds like you are really jealous of us..(America)'s not our fault that your country won't put fluoride in your water....just because you don't want to smile, or better yet, Shouldn't...doesn't mean you have to "HATE" on us because we can! Now go brush your teeth and behave!

2834 days ago


I'm with #14. The hat is a flying saucer tribute to Scientology. What a joke.

2834 days ago

Heaven Nose    

That hat reminds me of Pink Floyd. You know, dark side of the moon.
Great album!

'Hey, Every A-hole Voting Elected Nerds, Not Ogres Silly Essholes.'

2834 days ago


#93 Queen of had me laughing so hard I farted and peed. .....HILARIOUS............What a nice break form starring at my programs all night ahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

2834 days ago


Who ever mentioned Iraq, did so because thats the answer Timberlake gave when asked about Britneys divorce...except Justin was not on a gossip blog.........LOL..Dont come to TMZ and think you are holier than thou. Its a great hobby and these two put themselves in the public eye.......At least have your friends write it for you then we would believe you were actually going to sign up for the war.

If one is getting on their 3rd marriage, I should think they woudld want to keep it under wraps , be protective, keep your wondeful feelings to youself, revelling in that special secret .....since of course they would realise how fragile love can be at this point in thier life...All of a sudden we have this child actress telling entertainment reporters how soooooooooin love she is with this soooooooooooo wonderfulous midget...!Was it the sex (Tom must have picked up some tricks form his gay pornstar paramour), the money or the mind control....something wierd going on, maybe the wise old owl has answers, but it sure smells wierd..Whatever the explanation for this will come out sooner or later..we may have to wait 10 yrs though...

Hilarious....poor Mrs Beckham...Now I have to go repsond to my attackers on the Maddox blog...they are ready to kill me for my opinions and I cant help sticking it to them...

2834 days ago


I agree with Gina...this is HOLLYWOOD RIGHT?! It's usually always a show of some sort. And Victoria Beckham carries herself live the DIVA she is. They were on her turf over there in Europe.

2834 days ago

Gossip GIrls    

Come see the hot new gossip site

2834 days ago
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