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TomKat Wedding:

Mission Accomplished!

11/19/2006 6:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Katie Holmes is now Mrs. Tom Cruise! The stars tied the knot at a spectacular star-studded wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at Odescalchi Castle in Rome. The couple, who got engaged in June of 2005 (just two months after publicly announcing their relationship), was dressed from head to toe in Giorgio Armani. Baby Suri was also clad in designer wear.

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Just a few of the 14,000 locals managed to catch a brief glimpse of some of the famous guests on their way into the castle, but the entire town got quite a treat when the sky was light up with red, white and green fireworks at the end of the evening. Even though there has been significant doubt cast upon the authenticity of their relationship from day one, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the happy newlyweds. Cheers!


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OMG, I never noticed how short his arms were.
Could someone please tell me why he's famous?

2892 days ago


and check out the hemline of his pants...SHORT..cause of his lifts. He is standing on a box and she is standing in a hole. nuff said...and Katie's hairline with the short bangs is to make her forehead not look like a billboard sign...she should have worn bangs...I could have done a better job with her looks pretty much like nothing...Tom could have at least washed the semen out of his hair...I mean come on Tom

2892 days ago


They where married before Saturday in the United States at a civil ceremony. That Saturday shit was just for show. Italy doesnt recognize scientology, so it couldn't be legal. Let Tom go on his gay way with David. Maybe Katie and Victoria will hook up.

2892 days ago


do you think beckham gave him a cum shot right before the big i do's?

2892 days ago


he's famous as eye candy because there isn't much talent there ... never seen excrement piled that high except on a farm

2892 days ago


#9: She couldn't wear bangs, Jess. TOM already wore bangs. He didn't want the attention taken off of himself.

Actually, I've been looking at this "mini-bangs" thing, and maybe what it is is that she had her hair pulled back taut, and it wasn't smoothed down in front enough. Especially if one starts to perspire, the hairline gets "wispy." Maybe Katie didn't know to "never let em see you sweat." I'd be sweating if I knew I was going to spend the rest of my...err...the next 20...err...maybe 2 years with him, too.

2892 days ago

the wise old owl    

Finially. The bogus marraige arranged for IMAGE sake only is over. They all went to Rome on Tom's dime. Ate food, drank and partied. ( even though the True ceremony took place weeks before in L. A. I smell a massive P.R. campaign ? ) Dahhh....... Do ya think Tom wanted a little PRESS ????

Now they can all go home and Tom and Katie can go on " living seperate " lies ...Whoops I mean LIVES . . I am no more convinced they are a couple than I was BEFORE they got married. What a Joke. The only ones they are fooling...........are each other.

It won't be long before TMZ breaks a story on Tom being found with " some guy ".............Geez. Let's get a reality check here. They used everyone of those" guests " to make this sham look more convincing. I 'm just LMAO over the biggest HOAX that has been completed for the phisical year of 2006. Only a nit wit would believe that these two have any kind of " deep love affair ".

2892 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Attn: #4: It's easy to figure out. He's standing on an orange crate, and she's standing in a ditch. Aren't those Scientologists brilliant to come up with that little piece of business? (Rhetorical question.)

2892 days ago


He justs creeps me out. I can't imagine anyone finding him sexy in any way. As for Katie, she's richer than I can ever hope to be, very pretty and seems genuinely nice. So why do I feel sorry for HER?

2892 days ago


OMG....can we just get past this? Let's leave them alone so that they can enjoy their honeymoon! AFTER ALL, they have to have some kind of joy before they prep for their high-profiled divorce.

Laura Wasser - just wait. As soon as you're done with Britney & Kevin, Kate & Chris, clear your calendar for Tom & Katie.....

2892 days ago


Nobody's perpect the guy made some mistake but that doesn't make him a bad person. You guys treat him like a criminal.... I wish them well....

2892 days ago

coco puff    

The wise old owl is a lesbian c**t! Who really gives a sh*t what you write, are someone who needs attention?

2892 days ago


There's another reason why he invited soo many celebrity guests. It's a bait and switch tactic. He's catering to them so that they will in turn come to his defense when TMZ or someone else reports that Tom was found in bed with another man. He's using them (celebrities). That's what you do as a $cientologist. You lure them (people) in and lavish them with gifts and promises, but what you really want is something back, something to use against them in the future. Celebrities will feel obligated to laud TomKat.
Just watch, all these celebrities who thought they'd just take advantage of the free vacation will HAVE TO say good things about Tom. Just wait and see for the avalanche of bullshit about to spew out of their mouths!

You heard it here first!

2892 days ago


"wise old owl" you are 100% correct.

If there WERE a civil ceremony, TMZ would have reported it ALREADY, you dumbasses.

2892 days ago


her dress is GORGEOUS lovely. wow. but um, is it just me or do they remind you of Trey and Charlotte on sex and the city? You know, the perfect wedding...lots of $$...picture of perfection...but the chemisty is lacking?

2892 days ago
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