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Britney Hangs With Paris, Drops Pants in Public

11/20/2006 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It only took Britney Spears one night of hanging out with Paris Hilton to start running around without her pants.

The newly-liberated pop star enjoyed a wild 'girls night out' in Sin City with Miss Hilton this weekend; dancing, laughing and chain-smoking throughout the night.

The unlikely pair landed at club Tryst in the Wynn hotel, where Britney was spotted getting down and dirty on the dance floor to several Paris Hilton songs. In fact, things got so heated, Britney ditched her pants -- and danced around the club in a pair of fishnet stockings!

Welcome back, Brit.


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I personally am not a Britney Spears fan nor will I ever be...the only reason I am here is to say I am so sick of seeing this chicks face everywhere I go..I don't care what she is doing with her life and if she's screwing up that is her business I am only here to say why does she have to always be on my computer! 50 million dollars is not that money she is not rich enough or is she pretty enough to be on here every damn day!

2899 days ago

george vieto    

From the pride of Kentwood to the latest member of the Vanity 6 club. How the mighty have fallen.

2899 days ago


I was so excited to see Britney divorcing K-Fed, thinking she finally got her head out of her butt and was going to think about what is best for her kids. Too bad she left him to go ho-ing about town with the WORST possible influence ever! Where are her kids at? Especially that poor little two month old! I really was hoping she wasn't going to be one of those noncaring Hollywood moms that leave raising their kids up to the nannies. Looks like I was wrong. Come on Britney, act your age and position! You are a mother now!!!!

2899 days ago


While I am not a fan of Brit's. But in all fairness to moms everywhere, you do need to get out once in a while. Just because you have children does not mean that you have to stay home or tote them around alllllll the time. Once in a while is ok. You need to let loose or lose your mind.
Now if she is doing this nightly, then there is a problem. your children will find this someday on youtube or here and wonder.
But come on, Paris? could she not pick anyone else to hang out with? well two washed-up-soon-to-be-has-beens make a good pair i suppose.

2899 days ago


"JackA**"...The appropriate movie title of Brit's life story. You can't claim to be a "good" mother when you hang out with Paris Hilton. This girl needs to just go far, far away!! Why are people like her allowed to reproduce??

2898 days ago


Britney's mother must be real proud. I know she is an adult now but what kind of goodness did she instill in her daughter?? I would never have let her co the things she did when she was still under her mother's authority but maybe the money was too good for her(mom). Here she was, a young mouseketeer with a somewhat promising career ahead of her at 16 and her parents let her be pushed into sexually suggestive songs and videos. No way would I have allowed that. Did her mother not realize that from 16 on her daughter would be influenced by that?? All of the "devild" temptations were at her feet(money, booze, sex, drugs) and she fell right into the trap and her mother let her do it. I just hope that she snaps out of it for her kids' sake. It's time to be an adult now Britney, if you were single with no kids that's one thing but you wanted these babies, now act like a mother.

2898 days ago


WTF? WHy is BRIt...hangin' out with that she getting advice on how to make a boring ass sex video? BAD CAREER move for sure....WHat is she trying to portray by hanging out with PAris Hilton...that she's a hoe?...I'm glad she's gotten rid of K FED...but....this association is even more disheartening....Poor britney!

2898 days ago


People's comments are kind of backward. Britany went out clubbing with paris. She danced in fish-net stockings and a conservative top(not in the nude). Yes, she is a mother of two, but does that mean she has to start dressing and acting like someone from Little House on the Prairie. Give me a break. K-Fed has been partying it up while Britney was pregnant these past two years and he is still partying it up. I don't see any negative comments around "role model" and custody concerns toward him. And you know what? This isn't high school. Who cares who Britney chooses to hang out with. Doesn't make any difference to me whether she is having coffee with Barbara Bush or mixed drinks with Paris. I'm not even a fan of Britney's music or anything about her entertainment stuff, but I do think that people are being pretty judgemental toward this woman.

Peace out.

2898 days ago


Britney was running around in her pantyhose, my radio was telling this story and the hotel said they couldnt' have that so a waitress and her supposedly traded that's where she got the skirt from.

2898 days ago



2898 days ago


Yes, she's going about it all wrong, but why not? Who is there to push her in the right directions? She's not a Pop Tart anymore, why is she trying? Stupid, destructive and distastful.

While we see pics of Britany tramping it up with the "Whore of Hollywood", we get a chance to see someone doing it right during an unfortunate situation: Reese Witherspoon photos taking her two kids to church last Sunday. I'll bet Reese's kids had blessing and turkey and dressing, not having to push away the Wild Turkey bottles to wake up Momma at 4pm in the afternoon like someone else is acting like.

2897 days ago

Adrianna Geary    

Come on everyone!!!!! She is going through a really hard time. I'm not making excuses for her but I'm sure all of you have done your share of partying when on the rebound with kids or without. One night of partying or getting a little to drunk doesn't mean she is not a good mother. None of you live with her and those kids, so you really can't comment on her parenting skills. You are just going off of what the media says. This doesn't make her a bad person or a bad mother. It was a girls night out. She didn't have her kids with her! As far as I am concerned, you should not call people names like white trash. Alot of those people were not brought up the best way. When constantly putting them down, it doesn't help their self asteem and may very well contribute to their bad situation. Not to say Britney was brought up wrong. Just stating in general. Find something better to do with your time rather than put people down.

2897 days ago

Mike Writes    

Britney, I believe, is 23, right? She's doing what the majority of 23 year-old's are doing. We look at Brit like she's in her 40s because she's a 'star', but in the end, she's still just another woman in her early twenties. I agree, if I was going through a custody battle, I would be wary of how I presented myself in the publis--but if you think that just because she has 2 kids that she should sit at home and stare at them night after night--you obviously don't have kids. If she is using a nanny that's on the up and up--fine. If she's spending quality time with her children on a regular basis--great. Brit is still a girl. Give her a few more years of child rearing and she may get her head on straight. But I agree, Paris is a mess. Maybe not the best choice of companions.

2897 days ago


Great behavior for a mom. Hanging out with a tramp and behaving like one yourself. Britney consistently makes all the 'right' choices doesn't she?

2897 days ago


This is for Adrianna Geary message #378. We have all had 'girls nights out' I am sure. But did any of us remove our pants and dance in stockings with no panties. Going through a hard time doesn't excuse THAT kind of behavior. Do you have a supportive comment for Brittney on that one?

2897 days ago
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