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FOX Cuts and Runs on OJ

11/20/2006 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonCommon sense and good taste seem to have prevailed: FOX has decided to pull the plug on both its planned OJ Simpson book and television interview special, "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."


News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said today, "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project. We are sorry for any pain this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson."


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Truth- FYI- I'm gorgeous. But to the point: What Terri said was idiotic. I'm sure, being black and therefore inferior in the brains department, you won't understand what's wrong with making money off of your children's dead mother. (Who O.J. nearly beheaded) And did you ever stop to think that the man you are defending was doing everything he could to be white. HE didn't even want to be black like you. You're just too stupid to realize it. If the black community can find no one other than O.J. to look up to you're in even worse shape than we all think. And yes, we all know blacks are racist, that's why we have always ruled you, rule you now, and will in the future. Read the Bell Curve, ask someone white to help you with the big words.

2831 days ago

The Truth    

Truth- FYI- I'm gorgeous.

Renee, we are all entitled to our own opinions.

2831 days ago


What a perfect picture to use for this post. Shows him for what he is: a sub-human savage.

2830 days ago


OJ...the people have spoken. NO ONE wants to see you, hear you. They want you to just go away and fade into oblivion. Get your ugly ass away from us. TV cameras...HALLO we don't want to see what he's doing. If he's so poor that he's afraid for his kids future...well then i'm sure Nichole's family will be happy to take them off your hands.
I'm surprised that this monster even has people to play golf with him. What is wrong with you people? Are you hanging around him hoping you might get your picture in the paper? This man should be in jail, or exiled to some island in Siberia.
FOX, boy oh boy did you make the right decision.
When the OJ jurors handed down the decision of not guilty, I literally ran to the bathroom and was sick.
He is a sick monster and I don't ever want to see that smug smilie face again.
Rarely do i get so emotional...but OJ, you murdering bastard..ROT IN HELL. That's where you're going when you meet your maker God bless Nichole's children

2830 days ago


One last comment...EVEN OPRAH THINKS HE'S GUILTY. Are you gong to accuse her of being rascist?? Just checking!

2830 days ago


The point you're all missing is if O.J. did not receive any money from this book he wouldn't be able to keep looking for the REAL KILLERS!!! That takes money folks and we know every cent he has is going to that purpose. :o)

2829 days ago

the observer    

Interesting how Fox comes to their senses once they hear the public outrage. What were they thinking when the book was first pitched to them?

Now he has admitted that he was going to give the money to his kids?????In other words f*****k what he owes the Goldmans & the Browns!

OJ is a classic example of a narcissist

2829 days ago


Fox station stinks all the way around... the only reason they took it off was the outcry from the public. The only reason! Remember they are the one's who set the interview up with OJ. Fair and balanced ... right???? lol I hope they lost money on this one. Fox station is the Bush administrations handy little healper. So if you like Fox you gott love Bush? ICK!!!

2828 days ago


I Think That O J has a right to write a book just like the rest of the lawyers from the trial no one stopped people from reading or watching them on tv shows if you do not want to read the book donot buy it if you do not want to see the tv show then don't watch it. He was found not guilty of murder were you there did you see him do it. The Browns and Goldmans need to move on with there life,they can't bring ron and nick back the goldmans more so then the browns the browns can still keep in touch with there grandchildern. It happened it's over move on you can't change it. ck

2824 days ago


Maybe he will just go away. Do you think .

2809 days ago


It took them long enough to come to their senses.

2833 days ago



2833 days ago


Thank Goodness!!!!! OJ is an idiot!!!!

2833 days ago


Thank you Rupert Murdoch for doing the right thing. I applaud your decision.

2833 days ago



This would have been in extremely bad taste. Although I have to admit, I was curious to see what O.J. had to say, only to see what's in that sick mind of his.

The families of the victims have suffered enough. No need to rehash this, and bring them more pain.

2833 days ago
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