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FOX Cuts and Runs on OJ

11/20/2006 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonCommon sense and good taste seem to have prevailed: FOX has decided to pull the plug on both its planned OJ Simpson book and television interview special, "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."


News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said today, "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project. We are sorry for any pain this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson."


No Avatar


Great!!!!!! Fox knew they were in big trouble if they aired it. Will this guy OJ just die or go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2861 days ago


Get real Shakeem.


2861 days ago


I am sooooo happy that they have come to this decision,it is like his confession to the crimes and laughing about it because he got away with it..He really needs to get a real job

2861 days ago

Super Girl    

Thank goodness. Somebody has brains at fox and a little bit of morales.

2861 days ago

coco puff    

The interview will most likely be a pay-for-view event now. OJ will make more money off it.

2861 days ago


Hmmmmmm.."Shakeem" calls TMZ "racist"??? Interesting. Oh and Shakeem, that picture IS of a crazy black man...all TMZ did was print it.

2861 days ago


GREAT! How pathetic is it that OJ felt the need to 'share' with us all? You'd think that after getting away with murder, he'd drift off into the sunset somewhere and finish his life out of the limelight ... but no-o-o-o, not OJ, he just can't get enough publicity. Good move, Fox!

2861 days ago


Hey Shakeem, try READING the press release the book is cancled too. By the way have you ever seen a picture of O.J. where he didn't look crazy??? Oh yeah the one of him wearing his Bruno Maglies shoes. Now O.J. can go back to looking for the real killers.

2861 days ago


Let's not blame OJ. The majority of us know he is a complete idiot. I blame Judith Regan for trying to score what she probably considered a coup. It's not. It was a horrendous thought. It was akin to ripping the scab off a wound.
Murdoch did the right thing.

2861 days ago

Linda Stambaugh    

I wish he could be tried again. We have shown that you really can get away with murder. I feel sorry for the families having to know this, and that his life goes on as usual.

2861 days ago


You are the man Rupert,outstanding decision!!

BTW Fox Sports is the best,keep up the great work!!

2861 days ago

I smell ya    

I am African American and it is not about race. It is about the morals and respect. I was going to stop watching family guy because I could not believe that they were putting a killer....YEAH I SAID KILLER. what SOB would go before the world to talk about how he would kill the mother of his children. To open a sore of pain for them. He needs to crawl in some butt. It was such a bad taste that his own lawyer distance from him. Our judiciary system is not perfect and just because he got a way, does not mean he did not do it. It is a sad day when a criminal tries to make a profit of his crimes

2861 days ago


Good for you Rupert Murdock ... at last something sensible regarding that #$%$# killerwould love to see an interview with "The guy who did the world a favor and sent OJ to hell"...
you go FOX!
too bad they already got the publicity they wanted.

2861 days ago


It's about time Fox does the right thing.

2861 days ago

common sense    

Thank goodness, Fox have come to its' senses. This turd needs to rot in Hell! He deserves nothing better! But of course, all the Blacks, African Americans, Negros, or whatever the poliitically correct term is these days, will come out and scream "RACISM", but what's new?

2861 days ago
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