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FOX Cuts and Runs on OJ

11/20/2006 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonCommon sense and good taste seem to have prevailed: FOX has decided to pull the plug on both its planned OJ Simpson book and television interview special, "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."


News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said today, "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project. We are sorry for any pain this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson."


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howard green    

Bravo! I don't want to see his murderous face ever again! This travesty would have been the lowest of lows ... that trash bag has no feelings for anyone (his poor kids!) except himself!

2792 days ago


美國人是傻的人民。 不要恨黑人,我們不是所有壞的。

2792 days ago


Why are people commending Rupert Murdoch for "making the right decision"? What?!!! He made a horrible decision to greenlight the projects in the first place! He's simply backpeddling amidst public pressure, and more importantly to him, threat of lost $$. Commendations would have been in order if , upon hearing the concept pitch internally, he had immediately rejected it and fired the misguided minions who proposed it. Come on folks, let's have some higher standards for our public praise.

2792 days ago


O.J. shouldn't be allowed to profit from anything related to the murders. I think he is the murderer and in jail, he's just not behind bars. I just wish he'd just go away forever. I do believe he craves some of the limelight and adoration that he was used to getting years earlier. No murderer should be able to profit from his crime.

2792 days ago


Thank God it's over. Hats off to Murdock for making this awful thing stop. Whether O.J. is guilty or innocent it sickens me that any book or TV show would seriously discuss "If I killed someone this is how I would do it". Is there any new low that our society can stoop to? Sadly, someone will probably find a way.

2792 days ago


OJ Simpson SUCKS big hairy BALLS!!

2792 days ago



2792 days ago


O.J. still got paid and for what his publisher said...she paid a third party (Cayman Island, anyone guess) for the money to go to his children. I.E. O.J couldn't give his children any money so this was a way for him to con it out of the greedy media....I still thie NEWSCorp is going to release it out of the country to make back it's money.

These guy have no honor and that what happen when a few people monopolized the media. All media is being control by 3 people and it's a shame that we let it happen.

2792 days ago

Agent D    

Good. No Money For You OJ!!!!

And the a**holes out there defending this stupid waste of human life, WAKE UP!!!
Just because the jury found him innocent, he still lost the civil trial. HE IS GUILTY!! TIME TO GROW UP!

2792 days ago


Commentor #56 - So all gold diggers should be brutally murdered? Tell me you are smarter than that.

2792 days ago


i believe in the old saying what goes around comes around. it might not be today or tomorrow but someday it will come up to bite him(O.J.) in the ass. i think that he will eventually mess up again. i just think that it is appalling that he would even consider writing this stupid book if he were innocent knowing the pain it would cause the families and his own children.

2792 days ago


This story is far from over- it will be the lead story on all the newsmag TV shows for awhile and I would imagine the story behind this story will be talking head fodder during the all important sweeps period- Would a Special One hour interview Bill O' Reilly interviewing Judith Regan be a ratings grabber? Or will she appear on Larry King first. oops I forgot- he didn't get the news from the internet- one of his staff must have woken him.



2792 days ago


OJ was not found innocent, he was found not guilty. They are not the same thing, please brush up on the law before posting comments that make you look ignorant. You can be completely gulity and still found not guilty based on the evidence presented and jury nulification. The latter being what I feel happened in this case.

2792 days ago


O.J. simpson was aquitted of murder. He was found NOT GUILTY! why is he crazy??! O.J. did not do it! sorry to burst your bubbles but O.J. is an innocent man. wouldn't you hate to austraasized for something you did not do? that is unfair. no one can prove he is guilty. Innocent until PROVEN guilty! the glove did not fit. give the man a break. condolences to the family of nicole and ron still. her spirit lives on in her children.

2792 days ago


Praise the Lord! I'm elated to hear this news. I enjoy watching Fox news and do daily. However after I heard they were going to air the OJ story I was so discussed. I felt out of respect to the families I wasn't going to watch Fox again. I'm so glad to hear they (FOX) came to their senses and decided not to air the interview and made the apology to the families of Nicole and Ron. I’m also happy to see so many Americans feel the same way. Shame on OJ for thinking the American public would stand for something like this!
God Bless

2792 days ago
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